This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Marie Annette Minoletti Cavanaugh 69 years old , born on January 8, 1950 in a small town of Vallejo, California and passed away on January 28, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will remember and love her forever. She Lived 8 years in Lawrenceburg, Indiana until she passed. Be sure to read Marie's Life chapters. :)

Posted by Lisa Hunt on February 26, 2019
Love you Mom forever and will never forget you. <3 <3 <3

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Posted by Lisa Hunt on February 26, 2019
Love you Mom forever and will never forget you. <3 <3 <3
her Life

Growing Up

Marie was born on January 08, 1950 in Vallejo, California to Richard Robert Minoletti, Jr. and Carolyn Pauline Meeth. She grew up with her sister, Kristine Anne Minoletti Kempton of Vallejo, CA. and brother Michael J. Minoletti of San Francisco, CA.. She attended St. Basil School, 1230 Nebraska St., Vallejo, CA. After school she would go to her grand mothers house for fresh home made  pies and other good food. She just loved seeing her grandparents. They had fruit trees in the backyard and she would climb the trees. Marie dated in high school, "I remember her telling me a story when her young date would come to pick her up and take her out against her mother and fathers permission and would later on get in trouble." Later on she would graduate high school and marry her high school sweetheart Mark Cavanaugh.

To know more about Marie Annette Minoletti Cavanaugh, see the next chapter of her life.

Marriage And Children

Marie Annette Minoletti married Mark A. Cavanaugh on October 19, 1970 in Vallejo, California. They had three children together. There first child was girl, Bridgett A. Cavanaugh then another girl, Lisa A. Cavanaugh and finally but not least was a boy, Joseph A. Cavanaugh. They would move later on in life to Texas where they would eventually grow apart and become divorced. "She told me Lisa Hunt that her husband Mark A. Cavanaugh just one day went to the store and when she came out of the store, he had taken the children and left her there stranded. Now I don't know what is true or not since mom was suffering with schizophrenia and denied she had it and refused help." With that there marriage ended and Marie moved back to Vallejo, California grieving the loss of her three children. Marie would eventually have children out of wedlock. A boy, Paul Jeffrey Cavanaugh who end up being taken away from Marie in 2000 to live with his father Sammy O'Neil Dent with no visitations. And Paul would change his name later on in life to Paul O'Neil Dent. And at last Marie had her last child and baby of the family Lisa Helen Cavanaugh. Only child to not know who her father is -_-. Marie raised Paul and Lisa the best she could being a single parent with schizophrenia. She was in and out of shelters but we had each other, food, and roof over our heads. Marie and Lisa Hunt would be the duo until her daughter gets married. Marie would be finally alone.

To know the ending about Marie Annette Minoletti Cavanaugh life, see the last chapter.

Final Years

Marie Cavanaugh was living in Vallejo, California when Lisa Helen Cavanaugh and Adrian Hunt came to pick her up and bring her back home to Lawrenceburg, Indiana to live. Living in Lawrenceburg, Indiana would become very lonely for Marie after her daughters marriage to Adrian Hunt. Her daughter would have to live over the road and time to time she would get visits from Lisa two times a year. "I'm Lisa Hunt I'm writing this memorial for my mom Marie Cavanaugh and would like to say Marie was a very lonely soul in the end which I regret so MUCH. But in life we all have to pay bills and I couldn't be there for her when she really needed me. Mom refused to be put in a home or get a nurse to help her. So in the end I could have been there with her at home to make sure she was taken care of, but I have a husband and job and that's to be a good wife and I know my mom understood this. Marie told me this "to do as your husband says", and that's what I did and I know that I shortened her life. I love my mom with all my heart she was my life and soul. I know she's in a better place she's in heaven :') Love <3 you mom"

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