Her Life

Our Marie

She was born to Theresa Jack Beveridge and Robert Beveridge on 1st November 1943  followed several years later by brother Robert. She was a hard working young girl who looked after her brother as her parents worked. She grew up in a large extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. She worked hard all her life and had friends who also cared deeply about her. She looked after her mother for over 20 years and also her brother when he could no longer look after himself. Her mother passed away last year followed shortly by her brother. She had only started to enjoy her life, going out and about with me and met an old friend George who she was begining to renew a friendship with. Then suddenly it was all taken away from her and in the words of the song SHE WAS GONE TOO SOON.  Sleep tight my lovely cousin. xxx