Marilyn Ann Irwin



We started our lives together sharing our mother's womb and with much anticipation we arrived February 13, 1951.  Mom and Dad brought us home to a house now bustling with four girls.  Marjorie, Susan, Marilyn and me.

We loved playing outside and of course there had to be pretend horses in our make-believe.  Dad finally brought home a retired Army and roping horse name Chester.  We rode him all over the country-side.  Mussel Slough, cotton and alfalfa fields, and walnut groves gave us room to gallop on top of ol Chester together.   We later raised a pony named Fritz, a beautiful mare, Rusty, and later her colt, Moon Spinner.   

Later, Marilyn raised and trained a variety of quarter horses.  She was the quintessential “horse whisperer”.  I would watch her work with her horses and knew she had a special love and bond with them all.  

But the best gifts that came into her life were the births of her two sons.  Jed Henry Irwin was born February 3, 1979 and Travis Roy Irwin came along February 13, 1981, her birthday. 

Marilyn, was a Christian.  She surrendered her life at a Christian Family Camp in Idlewild Pines the summer of 1970.  We loved sharing the Word, listening to sermons on the radio, and discussing the love and miraculous work that Jesus was doing in our lives.  

We loved raising our kids together and had great times at the family cabin near Oakhurst, CA.  

I miss you Marilyn,

Your twin for life, 

Janet Adams