Pioneer Week at Lincoln Elementary, 1990

Shared by Janet Adams on December 5, 2014

Marilyn loaded up her prize horses and brought them to Lincoln Elementary in Kingsburg, California.  She shared her love of horses and rode both. CJ who is standing behind Marilyn was a cutting horse.  She saddled him up and had one of the 4th grade students become a cow.  CJ was given the signal and that student would try to move left and right but CJ was on it.  Marilyn had a special gift and insight to her horses.  She was a "horse whisperer".  The students had a grand time! 

Shared by Janet Adams on December 5, 2014

Dear Marilyn,  (I found this email I sent to you in 2011)
I am here to say, I love you.
You are going home soon - Home to your Savior, who loves you and gave His life for you.  I am so fortunate to be your identical twin sister.  The joy of you partnering with me to come from the same seed has been wonderful.  We had loving parents and a wonderful life together!
From the beginning, February 13, 1951,

we were best playmates
we loved playing and our imaginations were at their best creating stories of the wildwest and horses together
the mountain cabin provided hours of family fun and timeless memories
we shared a million horseback rides together
we shared a room, bunks, toys, and a love of laughter
we shared friends
we shared our love for God and Jesus
we shared biblestudies and church
we shared the love of cooking
we shared on how to be thrifty when times were tough

Psalm 95:6-9

 6 Come, let us bow down in worship,
       let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;

 7 for he is our God
       and we are the people of his pasture,
       the flock under his care.

December 4, 2014

I know you are with Jesus and I have wonderful memories of our life together.  I was able to spend a few hours with Janna Moats in Portland, OR this spring and we had so many stories of the three of us.  She is an amazing lady!  Jed and Tracy are pregnant and will have a new baby this spring 2015.  Wow, you have 4 grandchildren.  They are loved. 

Love Janet

Shared by Lisa Claus on December 13, 2011

I wrote this once before, Marilyn, but I don't see it here, so I will try again.  I looked foward to every weekend of my childhood, hoping to ride in the car with my daddy to go see Janet and Marilyn in Handford.  I CRIED all the way home to Tulare, which I am certain thrilled my dad,  Uncle Herman.  My favorite holiday of the year was Thanksgiving, shared with "the twins" at their  mountain dabin.  Marilyn, remember al the STUFF we planned?  And, Marilyn, you and I would sneak out of the cabin OH so early!  You always pushed my chubby self to climb that mountain, or hang on to that horse!  I jumped streams and walked for miles if I could be with my favorite cousins.  Baking,  painting the kitchen, (oh your mom was patient!), playing BUSINESS, and riding horses! Real horses, or stick horses, I was thrille to be with you!  Baking, dolls,Sunday School... forever in my memories. I will Love you forever, Dear Cousin!

Shared by Lisa Claus on December 13, 2011

Janet remembers being identical twins with Marilyn.  I never had any trouble telling them apart.  Both have the same wonderous eyes, but after that... well, I could see the differnce!  One thing Marilyn and Janet might not know... I always whispered to my mom, Aunt Esther, which of the girls was wearing what!


Shared by Marjorie Eldevik on November 21, 2011

The fog surrounded the little house

Out on the country road, coldly

Welcoming the tiny babes and their

Blessed mother.


The warmly lined cradles beckoned,

Awaiting the promised homecoming

Of Marilyn and Janet who found their rest

Near the dear mother.


The joyful family marveled at the pair,

Silently pondering the miracles

Sleeping before them- God's gracious gifts.

The sweet mother knew.


Marilyn, descendent of Mary, held out

Her grasping hand as life took its grip,

Leading her forward to joys and sorrows.

The loving mother feared.


Life was gladness, burdened, and fleeting

As a foggy, winding road ripped at life's thread

But did not sever it.  Marilyn reached for heaven.

The grieving mother begged.


The Lord, one sunny, fall day, lovingly, quietly

Took the little hand in His and

Held it to His heart, as the country roads faded.

The waiting mother rejoiced.


I have so many memories of the first day with Marilyn and all the childhood years when I, the big sister, was given the responsibilities of that rank. I was so proud to be Marilyn's sister.  Because, as an adult, I lived so far from her our time together was infrequent but my love for her was with me every day.  I miss her but know she is with Mom and Dad now and they all rejoice together in the presence of the Lord.


From Duane Kerr

Shared by Janet Adams on November 7, 2011

Dear Family,

Thanks for letting me know that Marilyn decided it was time to "head out." Surprising flood of memories came pouring into my mind - how kind of your Mom & Dad (and all you kids) to adopt a couple of Viet Nam heathens, it probably kept us sane and out of the Brigg. The "Schumacher family chronicles" will live on for many years and will be passed down around campfires and Christmas dinner tables for generations to come. 


How I remember my sister Marilyn

Shared by Susan Kennedy on October 31, 2011

The day Marilyn arrived into this world along with her sister Janet was begun in the doctors office with my mother's water breaking in the office hallway. I was only four and didn't have a clue of what was happening. I remember seeing my mom placed on a guerney and into the ambulance on her way to the hospital which was only a few 100 yard from where the doctors office was. Mrs. Winterberg, our neighbor was holding my hand as I waved goodbye to momma.

I was so excited to see my two little sisters after a few days. Marilyn was a little butterball. So cute! During her years as a toddler she was so afraid of dogs. Screamed her head off when our dear dog got anywhere close. Hard to believe that is the way her introduction to pets started out. Her fits turned into love for any animal that crossed her path.

While Marilyn was in grade school she roomed with me. We were into getting the family into reading books so we created a family library in our room. Even had check out cards in every book. We soon found out our library was a dud as no books were checked out.

Marilyn was a fanatic about horses. Had all the horsey figurines she could get her hand on. From there on it  was going to be the real thing. She rode our old horse with Janet even though their feet were too short for the stirrups. That was not a problem for her.

As Janet said in her story, Marilyn's sons were a big part in her life. She only got to enjoy them for a very short time. They are very special men now and I kown she would be very proud of them.

Nearly 20 years have gone bye since her accident. Life can come to an end so quickly. Love everyday you live and live like it is the last. Don't take for granite your loved ones. I miss Marilyn so much. We never got to say goodbye. I will get to say hello again when it is my time to reach Heaven. We will see and re-unite again.

I love you Marilyn and will watch out for your boys. Until then... see you later little sister.





From Connie Adnoff

Shared by Janet Adams on October 31, 2011

Oh Janet....those photos are so precious...thank you for sharing with us...praise God for our glorious hope of eternity with Him and each other! Only He can redeem the "lost" years in a heartbeat...We love you!


From Karen Sarquis

Shared by Janet Adams on October 31, 2011


These pictures sparked such great memories of times the Sarquis and Schumacher families spent first dog Rusty from your Beagle pup, horseback riding at the ranch on Chester, times at Bootjack playing games, hiking, and riding horses--sprained ankles, too. You and your sister's smiles are what I will always picture and how you and your family were always so welcoming and inclusive of our family. I remember how my dad so looked forward to seeing Gerald, and mom loving the shared time with Pat. My heart goes out to you and your sisters for your loss, but I'm grateful you will finally know Marilyn is at peace--because now you, too, can rest. My love to you, Marjorie, Susan and families.

From Wendy Turkatte

Shared by Janet Adams on October 31, 2011

Dear Janet, Thanks so much for sending me the news along with these beautiful photos accompanied by the perfect song. My heart is deeply touched. I'm so grateful for the very sweet times I had with you, Marilyn and your family, as we were growing up. I have many wonderful memories of you both, from our times at the cabin and Yosemite as kids. I'm grateful that Marilyn is finally free. Sending my love to you, Susan and Marjorie.


From Jon Sarquis

Shared by Janet Adams on October 31, 2011

My love to you and your family. My sympathies are deep...but my hope is that you now have some closure and Marilyn I know is at peace. What a beautiful family and what beautiful joyous times we all have had together. Just remember Marilyn's precious!

My foundest memory of Marilyn was her laugh. She was so chipper and so caring and loved animals. She helped me with my first ride on one of your horses when I was just 4 years old.   I pray for your peace at this time and the comfort God's Word shares when one of our loved ones passes on. John 5:28,29 speaks of a resurrection; a real comforting hope. 

Yes, We Changed Rooms

Shared by Janet Adams on October 31, 2011

We were identical twins.  I did not see myself having any resemblance to Marilyn and our friends at elementary school could tell us apart.  But the teachers were clueless.  Finally, we had the nerve to pretend to be the other and changed rooms. We were in 7th grade and sure enough all the classmates wondered why I was sitting in Marilyn's desk.  The teacher was wondering about all the commotion. Marilyn had the same story in my classroom.  We switched and the teachers laughed when we shared the secret.

Even in college we had a class together but never sat next to each other. During roll the professor stated, " You both have the same last name and resemble one another. Are you related?' I turned around and looked at Marilyn seated a few rows back and then we both looked at the professor and stated we never knew each other.  She believed us!   

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