Let her light continue to shine, by loving as she did and bringing joy to everyone she knew.
  • 81 years old
  • Born on April 18, 1934 in San Luis Obispo, California, United States.
  • Passed away on June 27, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Marilyn Kuntz, 81, born on April 18, 1934 and passed away on June 27, 2015. We will miss and love her forever. A gentle spirit who never failed to love and accept all who she met. 

Posted by Marilyn Kuntz-Simpson on 30th June 2018
Mama, On 6/27/18 I found it so hard to write on this site...I didn't want to remember you leaving us that day, now three years ago...It seems like it was just yesterday. Now, when I remember you I remember your mischievous spirit and the laugh at some naughty joke one of my brothers or our kids would tell. I remember your gentleness when someone needed a hug, whether in person or on the phone. You gave so much to make sure others felt at ease, felt loved and important...never focusing on you. But, look what happened! By being you, YOU became more memorable, and left behind your love and inspiring ways. I miss you Mama, each and every day. I miss YOU, your laugh, our talks and our moments when we just sat together and no words needed to be said. Thank you for leaving me your love and always making me feel like I was special to you and truthfully, that was ALL i needed! Give God a hug for me...I am so grateful to Him for giving me my beautiful Mom! I LOVE YOU!
Posted by Dan Kuntz on 10th May 2018
Mom. Your day is around the corner. Everything Susie said is exactly on target. Your gentle touch, kindness and wisdom are deeply missed. Most of all your unconditional love. Everyday we think of you. I know you are in everlasting peace and that you show us signs to make sure we know you are always with us. I love you always. Danny
Posted by Marilyn Kuntz-Simpson on 10th May 2018
Precious Mom, never a day goes by that I don't recall a special moment with you, shed a tear or a smile and always look forward to the day when I can hug you again. On your birthday, Mother's Day, your and Dad's anniversary, our birthdays, and each and every day of our lives you still play a special role.You never believed you were smart or talented, pretty or good enough...well on these points you were sorely mistaken...YOU were ALL those things and MUCH MUCH MORE to so many. As I shout to the heavens....I love you Mommy and miss you so very deeply! Happy Mother's Day! I was so blessed to be your daughter. Thank you for loving me and all of us as you did and continue to do. XOXOXO
Posted by Nora Kuntz on 18th April 2018
I miss your smile, charm, sense of humor....I miss everything about you. Happy birthday! Love and hugs. ❤️❤️
Posted by Dan Kuntz on 18th April 2018
Mom. I think of you, love you and miss you every single day. You are never forgotten.
Posted by Karla Estrada on 7th July 2017
Tribute from Pat Estrada: Marilyn was more than a friend, the finest person I every knew. She was someone I could trust and she was honorable. She was like a favorite sister. She was caring, thoughtful, warm, funny and smart to name a few of her endless qualities. It was a pleasure and honor knowing her. We miss her tremendously.
Posted by Dan Kuntz on 27th June 2017
Two years ago God decided it was his turn to have you by his side. Your family and many, many loved ones miss you every single day. You made the world a better place because you always looked for the good in every person. You taught us all the definition of true sincere love. Your insights were filled with life lessons that surround us all and guide us. We love you always and hurt without you to hug and hold, but we also know God has embraced you and that you are embracing us from heaven within our hearts and souls forever.
Posted by George Kuntz on 27th June 2017
This is a great tribute. It is difficult to look at this page even after 2 years. There is not a day that goes by where I do not think of one of how pure, sincere, honest, unconditional loving, thoughtful, caring person my mother was to her children and every person she met. She was a true light in everyone's life she met. I love her and miss her dearly. God bless and Rest In Peace. XO
Posted by Marilyn Kuntz-Simpson on 27th June 2017
Hi Mom, Thinking of you all day today, I still feel you at my side every day. What a tremendous gift your life was for so many. You taught us the most important things in life. You taught us how to love and to care. I love you Mom
Posted by Nora Kuntz on 27th June 2017
Two years ago, you left us. Two years, already. We love and miss you so much. XO
Posted by Nora Kuntz on 28th June 2016
One year ago today, we lost you...a true angel. The void you left is immeasurable, the sadness is endless. But, the happy memories of you, and the incredible mark you left in our heart and soul is enduring. May you continue to be a guardian angel to your family; we feel you, always. And may you continue to rest in paradise.
Posted by RT Simpson on 27th June 2016
Remembering you today, and always, Grandma Marilyn. We miss you and will never forget all the good times and great memories we shared!
Posted by Marilyn Kuntz-Simpson on 8th May 2016
Dearest Mom, Really miss you, especially today. Happy Morher's Day! I'm sure you are enjoying heaven and are still caring for each of us from afar. I am eternally grateful for your unconditional love, wisdom and inspiration. My brothers and I were the most fortunate of children. I love you now and forever! ❌⭕️
Posted by Patty Winters on 2nd August 2015
Marilyn was in the miniature group I was a member of in Scottsdale years ago. She was just the sweetest person. I still have quite a collection of the tiny dolls she used to make, she was so talented. RIP dearest lady, I'll miss you.
Posted by Mary Olson on 29th July 2015
Dr. Kuntz, Dan, Nora, George, Susie and Tom, I'm so sorry for your loss. I just heard the news today and my heart goes out to all of you. Mrs. Kuntz was such a loving, sweet and kind soul. I remember her delicious empanadas and big hugs! Her loving spirit is alive in all of you. I pray the deep love you have for each other is a comfort to you now. In friendship, Mary Olson
Posted by RT Simpson on 16th July 2015
Though gone from this world, Grandma Marilyn will forever live in our hearts. She was always there with a warm smile and something good to eat , whether you were hungry or not. Seldom do you know someone who always found the good in people, and I am indeed quite fortunate to have known her. While I could tease her about some of her favorite things, Grandma Marilyn could take it and dish it right back.. and we'd both have a good chuckle. I miss her dearly, but am comforted to know that she is at peace and enjoying all the many things that brought her joy. Heartfelt condolences to Doc, Susie, Dan, George, Thomas, Aunt Ginny and the entire family.
Posted by Dennis Weiland on 13th July 2015
This message is for Dr. Dan. Sorry to read about Marilyn's death. She was a wonderful lady. I hope your faith and children keep you well. If you want to meet for lunch sometime, let me know. I want to catch up with you and share our adventures. Dennis E. Weiland MD
Posted by Jeanne Olcott on 12th July 2015
Susie, Although I was probably in grade school the last time I saw you I think of your Mom every time I see beautiful piñatas at a party. I remember how impressed I was because she made one for your birthday, and how I was certain we should save it and not break it. In my eyes she was always so glamorous. I love the photo you posted of you and your Mom with a cake - you are exactly the way I picture your Mom in my mind. Please know she will live on in you and in the hearts and minds of not only your family, but people like me who's lives she touched along the way. Jeanne (Dziadul) Olcott
Posted by Tom Mihalchick on 12th July 2015
Dan, so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. I remember her as a loving, caring mother who loved her family deeply.
Posted by Rick Brown on 10th July 2015
Susie, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom was always such a nice person to me, so filled with love for everyone. I know how close you and her were, I know the person you are today is because of her. I feel blessed to have known her, I feel sadness at her passing and I feel joy that her wonderful daughter has been such a life long friend. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
Posted by Julia Jameson on 9th July 2015
Dear "Tia". Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for your guidance, love and support. You will live in my heart forever. You an Nana are now my angels and I know you are looking after all of us. Your example will inspire me to continue my journey on this earth until we meet again. Until then I pray for the loved ones you left behind,may they find peace and comfort in knowing you are now together with God.
Posted by Marilyn Kuntz-Simpson on 9th July 2015
Wherever we are we know you are with us Mom. You gave your children the greatest gift of all...your unconditional love. We ALL feel this and know no one can take this from us. Such a comfort to us. xoxoxo Miss you my best friend and confidant. Loving you always.
Posted by Jean Martin on 4th July 2015
Marilyn will always be in my heart as a dear dear friend. She had such love, compassion, kindness, and gentleness. We would visit every other week on the phone all about San Luis Obispo her and my hometown where I have lived all my life. We were born at the same time in the same hospital in April 1934. I look forward to seeing her again with the Lord in our hearts in Heaven forever. God bless her family.
Posted by Eileen Duffy on 4th July 2015
I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know Marilyn; a truly remarkable person. She had it all and shared it all with everyone who came in contact with her. She was an angel on earth and now is an angel in heaven.
Posted by Nora Kuntz on 4th July 2015
It's impossible to believe she's left us and impossible to ever express how much she meant to her family and friends; she is truly irreplaceable. She had the heart and soul of an angel. We will love and miss her forever.

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