Shared by Carol Smart on April 5, 2012

My beautifull girl as a baby


I love you




Shared by Carol Smart on February 5, 2012

This picture was taken just after we wer told marina had  Leukaemia

she loved all animals and was kind and loving, the world is a much worseMarina place without her in it.


I love you 




Shared by Lee Rice on January 28, 2012




The best sister ever

Who's presence we always miss

The angels were truly honoured

By your early innocent kiss


Years that pass just soften

But could never take away

The memory of the time we shared

Twenty years in just one day


We feel you watching down on us

From that other, better place

Some times are unforgettable

All the years you can't replace


We're so grateful for the short time

That with you we got to spend

In all these years of searching

I've never found a better friend


I write this now, I know you hear

This verse I send to you

No need for post or messengers

My heart will get this through




Lee Rice











Shared by Carol Smart on January 20, 2012

Marina was a masive cliff fan from the age of about 5, she would cover her walls in pictures, collected anything and everything she could find to do with him.

As she got older we started going to his concerts all over the country, he did a stage show in London called Time we went 9 times to see this and as we lived in wales was not an easy trip to do.

Then as she became a teenager one day she said to me that she realy loved cliff I said to her I know.

When she became ill I contacted cliff to tell him his number one fan was ill, then one day out of the blue he phoned her up, I answered the phone cliff said I believe my number one fan is ill would she like a chat, they chated like old friends for ages, at the end of the call she said to him he had made her life.

Then a month before she died we got to meet him at the N.E.C in Birmingham it was amazing she was so ill yet from somewhere got the strength she needed to meet her man.

4 weeks later she died.



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