Let the memory of Marissa be with us forever
  • 66 years old
  • Born on December 17, 1945 .
  • Passed away on August 14, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Marissa Goodman, 66, born on December 17, 1945 and passed away on August 14, 2012. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Richard Perry on 22nd November 2018
"Happy Thanksgiving Mom" I miss you today. I remember our sweet Thanksgivings where you would just cook all day. All kinds of stuff. You always watched the parades and I wish I knew back then how hard it must have been for you to be away from your parents. Im glad I was always there for you. I know there was so much love between us that we'll always be together but I sure miss your voice, your hugs and kisses and your encouragements. Last month Hurricane Michael destroyed Panama city but not OUR sweet beach. Our Thanksgiving on the beach in 2009 will forever be some of my most precious memories of our time together. I wish we could go back. It seemed finally for one month life was perfect for us back then. Im so happy you are my mom even today your precious words find and encourage me along this dificult journey in life. I really do hear you when you say "dont be an asshole Jack" lol When I find myself getting upset over things I hear you say that and it lets me know not to sweat the small stuff. You really were such an amazing and loving person while here. You loved everyone and everything even the small forgotten discarded items in thrift stores. I cant wait to see your smile again mom and Im sorry for my anger at times regarding difficult memories. Our life was very tough but you taught me everything I needed to make it through. So today Im thankful your my mom..still today and forever. You live in my heart and "thank you mom for all your love" So many dont have that. We had 42 years neenee.
Posted by Richard Perry on 16th August 2018
Hola, Its been 6 years mom and I guess it will always seem like yesterday we were on your porch. Looking back I'm glad I got to live with you while building my house in 2004. Spending that year together was pretty cool even though Larry was a grump. It was nice to have that time as an adult with you and your vacations here to see me at the beach were priceless times. In so glad to have those memories. I still haven't been able to "get rid" of what little I have. Probably never will. I can still smell your perfume on some things in the trunks I have. I called your number 741-7272 it's still available. No one has answered since you've "moved". You know I miss you terribly. Life as I'm getting older has storms that are tough to weather at Times but I always hear your advice..it still echoes in my mind as life continues. You used to say "Rich...I'm tired" and I understand that now. I am tired too. The world seems to have lost a lot of its shinniness in the last few years. Hard to watch the news anymore. No phone calls or cards from anyone. I guess the older we get the farther away from innocence we become and when life loses it's innocence it becomes to eventually mean less and less. But I try and stay happy. I keep going to school. Keep trying to better myself even if there is no one really to share my accomplishments with at Times. That's what I miss so much about you. You were always proud of me. Looking back I really think you were a lot of the reason behind my trying to succeed. It meant something then. Now money and possesions really have just stopped mattering much. Anyway. I can't wait to see you again mom...and Thank you for everything mom!! Just stay with me as my guardian angel and we'll get there. Love you always. Your son
Posted by Richard Perry on 24th May 2018
You came through today! I love you Mom!
Posted by Richard Perry on 13th May 2018
P.s.s When I get a home...I'm going to put up some pictures.
Posted by Richard Perry on 13th May 2018
"Happy Mother's Day Nee Nee!!!" Wish I could jokingly call you at a ridiculously early hour to be "first one to wish you a wonderful day" I miss our weird and silly humor. Tony would be taking you out to Joe's Crabshack and us, well some breakfast and Texas Tea. I sure miss you everyday mom.. I still hear your advice and wisdom throughout my difficult days and situations. I still see you slowly waving goodbye in my rearview...and waiting till I'm out of sight to go in. I miss you so much and I'm so thankful for the time God allowed us. 42 yrs was enough time to know I was very loved.and you were always and will always be my best friend in this world. Through my ups and downs..you were always there. To listen and to give me love something I have never found in another. Thank you mom for being there. I know I have changes to make So I'll start today by being more forgiving more patient and more loving and closer to God. I'm sure the years til we meet again will be short. I just hope so can bring some honor to God with what days I have here. Till we meet again! All my love and a big hug and kiss! P.s. Should I go traveling? I need a sign.
Posted by Richard Perry on 1st April 2018
Happy Easter Mom!!! And April fools day..both on the same...how bout that. Well today marks a very special week. I decided on Palm Sunday not to imbibe anymore and not just for a short time but maybe for good and today is day 7. I plan on really working on my diet as well. No real reason for all this other than I'm getting older and just want good health for my old age. Plus I want to be around for Carole. So I figured why not. I've been looking at houses too so settling down is stating to sound like the thing to do now that I've lived and pretty much done everything. I was thinking Windemere Florida to retire or maybe Stowe, Vermont for the snow and beautiful seasons but it might just be the beach life for me and Carole and maybe a vacation home in a colder climate in the mountains. Kinda best of both worlds..but who knows. Life is going well. Quiet. Peaceful. No drama...just how I like it. Well as usual I miss you and love you very much and when I decide on a home I'll put your pictures up. For good. Iove you, can't wait to see you sgain, your son Richard.
Posted by Richard Perry on 24th January 2018
Guess what? )))IT'S MY BIRTHDAY((( That's right. Today I'm 47...and still retarded. Just wanted to say "Thank you" for all the sacrifices you had to make with us 3 boys. You were 26 when I was born and back then broke but you knew how to survive and thrive. From thrift stores to garage sales I think we hit them all in the state of Texas. You were and still are an amazing mom..because of your amazing and resilient spirit. Your love even clearly came through in so many ways THAT THERE WAS NO DOUBT...you crossed over and are still here. Your life became the greatest example for all is boys. Especially me. You taught me how to survive no matter what and through anything with no fear. Just keep going. I thank you for that and of course for all your love. Life isn't easy. Its never what we planned it to be. Our dreams fade as reality sets in but I keep dreaming. I'll always be a dreamer because without dreams life would be sad. As I begin to plow through the years without your voice and living advice..your cards..your treasures and gifts you so freely gave along the way that were always so encouraging. Its now that I really see how much love you had for me..because so still feel it, everyday. I kept your cards and letters and I love to read them every now and again because your encouragement has proven timeless. So thank you mom for this life. I hope to get better at it as I go. I know this year is going to be one to remember. 2017...was tough..but it's all over with. Time to enjoy the spoils of my new career and outlook on life. As always..I love you very much and I miss you even more. And if I am your heaven don't worry...things are getting better. Love...your 47 year old son...Richard! ))))YEAH NEEEEEEEEEENEEEEEEEEEEEEE(((((((((
Posted by Richard Perry on 2nd January 2018
"Happy NEW YEAR NIG" Sorry I'm late I passed my exam on December 30th in Alabama. So I'm officially retiring from surgery this year...forever. I'm very excited about this new year and I'm going to start cleaning house a bit. I know you would want that for me. Holding on to the past seems sill since I have so many memories and photos plus you seem with more than ever. So life is getting better by the second. This is going to be an amazing year mom, thanks for all your help along the way too many coincidences. As always I love you and remember you everyday. Love me..
Posted by Richard Perry on 25th December 2017
)))MERRY CHRISTMAS(((( home girrrrl.. Well another year coming to an end and an interesting year it was..but I'm ready for this new year and I'm officially retiring from surgery December 30th. Yep..I'm done operating and moving into a new roll that will take me into my old age just fine and with a lot of travel! So I'm very excited about this new year and what's to come. As always I miss you and your sweet cards luckily Carole's family and extended fsmily love me to death and I get lots of cards from all over nowadays so it's nice..but I sure miss yours. Never could get Chris or Tony to give me your journals. I remember what you said..and you sure we're right. But just know I love you..and enjoy the heavens...I'll be seeing you before you know it!
Posted by Richard Perry on 17th December 2017
"Happy Birthday Nee Nee!!" Hola neegro...well it Chritmas time once again and as usual the holidays are hectic. My new job is awesome and I'm almost completely debt free so everything is going well. By now I would be receiving a card from you and I sure miss your sweet cards and letters always full of encouragement and guidance but you taught us all so well how to survive anything life throws our way, hard lessons but good ones. I really miss your voice and hugs though both still echo, thi walk in life isn't the same for me since you decided to go on vacation. Funny thing I may be the only one who noticed your hospital bag you packed had Hawaii written on it and the nail polish you chose that day was "pink clouds" I found the bottle on your dining room table. That was what was so amazing about you..your bravery and ability to overcome anything. You showed us boys how to do the same and I'm forever greatful for all the sacrifices you made to love us and keep us all togethet no matter what. You were a bad ass mom that I miss everyday. So have a glass of Texas Tea mom you certainly do deserve it! Love always..Rich
Posted by Richard Perry on 23rd November 2017
"Happy Thanksgiving Mom" I sure wish we were on the beach like in 2009 having Thanksgiving. I still miss you very much and will always cherish the memories of that year. All is going okay I'm changing jobs again to get lined up for a traveling position. I'm working on another cerification. Traveling sounds like fun. Me and Carole still haven't gotten married but one day. I haven't heard from Chris in several years now. Tony every now and again. Its very painful but God keeps me with His love and I'm thankful for that. I love you mom..I can't wait to see you again. This world is becoming a horrible place and I'm tired.... Happy Turkey day "neeneeeeee" and don't worry I ate enough for you today too...lol Leaving you a flower!! Big kiss and a warm hug!
Posted by Richard Perry on 12th August 2017
It's been 5 years today and still seems like just yesterday we were hanging out on your porch with little "gizzy" and our Texas Tea just talking about life and laughing. I sure miss your company and your wonderful hugs and late night cooking before bed. Especially your little fried egg sandwiches. Life has just not been the same without your voice to reassure me in life's journey but the lessons you taught me are with me everyday in so much that I do. I hear your voice all the time when making decisions about life. Our love still endures the gap between us and even today your love still comforts me in life. I love you mom...and I miss you. Thank you..for all the love you have given me. I know it's enough to last my lifetime and that's all a son could ever ask for. So until we meet again...big hug and kiss. Your loving son.
Posted by Richard Perry on 4th July 2017
Happy 4th of July mom! I miss you everyday still and on holidays especially. I know you're still with me and not a day goes by I don't notice little guardian angel gestures. Thank you for looking out for us. I love and miss you very much. Rich.
Posted by Richard Perry on 14th May 2017
"Happy Mother's day"
Posted by Richard Perry on 31st January 2017
Im 46!! Well my birthday was nice I got cards from all of Carole s family even her 94 y.o. grandma sent me a card and gift and Carole had a butter cream rasberry 4 layer cake for me!! Anyway I just had a dream with you walking through your old neighborhood and looking at your house then seeing you across the street and hugging you..so real. So naturally I woke missing you. I still miss you everyday mom and honestly I cant wait to be reunited. As you remember life is such a struggle sometimes I miss your letters and encouragement and advice. Luckily I saved so many of them I can still read your loving guidance during tough times of lonliness and change but I still cant wait to see you again. Can you believe that Its been almost 5 years? I called your number 817 741 7272...for the first time it rang without a "not in service" message after all these years your number is finally taken it seems. I miss you mom...so much.
Posted by Richard Perry on 1st January 2017
"Happy New Year Mom!!!" Well its 2017. Me and Carole had a wonderful evening just shopping and exploring Pensacola. We had an amazing italian dinner and even a glass of wine so cheers to you neenee. I miss you and just sending you hugs and kisses. Hopefully this will be a magical new year and wonderful things will happen
Posted by Richard Perry on 26th December 2016
Merry Christmas mom.. Missing you. No calls or text for me this year. Seems to get quieter every year. Wish I was with you.
Posted by Richard Perry on 17th December 2016
"Happy Birthday Mom!!" Just thinking about you today on your birthday. Tony would've taken you to the Crab Shack today and I know how much you always loved it there. I think of you everyday and I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Leaving the super market this morning I bought a lottery ticket and walking to the car a ladybug landed on my hand. It was a sweet little yellow one. That's supposed to mean good luck. That's what my friend said about it. Let's hope so. Life seems to be getting better now that I'm away from Panama City. I miss everyone back home but I guess life is just busy that way. Anyway...I love you mom very much and know that you're with me everyday. Christmas is coming!!
Posted by Richard Perry on 26th November 2016
Happy Thanksgiving Mom!! I have a new job to be thankful for and Carole and corny. No internet but know I love you and miss you everyday. Went by our old favorite beach on Bristol and got a cup of sand to put by your picture here at the new place. Hopefully working I can get a home soon. Help me at my new job neenee...I'm gonna need it. Big kiss
Posted by Richard Perry on 14th November 2016
I'm in Pensacola beach beach!! I made it I'm sure with a lot of your help and help from my guardian angels. From narrowly missing a wreck with all my stuff in a moving truck, to a miraculous job offer that has had so many possible reasons to fail me getting hired, I've made it. The place here is perfect over looking a little pond. It's quiet and peaceful just in time for the holidays. I know your hand is still at work in my life mom, there are just too many little miracles. I even won 500.00 on the radio that helped pay rent..and just in time. God is good to me and I thank HIM everyday for HIS sacrifice that I know I'm not worthy of. It's truly beautiful here. I'm driving over 140 miles a day to work right now but if this new job goes through this will be my last week of that. I pray for Chris and his family and for Tony and his as well. I have not forgotten what you said. I love you mom everyday and Thank YOU very much for the miracles. Now let's hope I can just return to surgical work with God's help and Grace. Love you mom!!!
Posted by Richard Perry on 11th September 2016
Hola gg. Dave passed away September 6th 2016 at noon. I didn't have a chance to say "goodbye" but Tony was there. I found out Larry passed also and one of Chris's step children as well all on the same day. Take good care of them mom, love and miss you everyday. Your son
Posted by Richard Perry on 15th August 2016
Well mom I went to the beach yesterday morning to our favorite little spot where we had Thanksgiving on the beach. I know you loved that day. I did too. Spent the rest of the day with Carole and shared stories with her about you. Its been 4 years since you crossed over but it still feels like yesterday we were enjoying wine on the front porch. I miss being able to hear your voice, but I know your still beside me. I hope everything is fine in your world, I know one day we'll see eachother again. Thank you mom..I love you.
Posted by Richard Perry on 8th May 2016
"Happy Mothers Day!!!" Me and Carole went to your favorite part of the beach and sent a card with 15 mothers day balloons, as we watched them disappear I can still feel you right beside me. I love and miss you everyday Mom and your always in my heart and on my thoughts. So have a happy mothers day in heaven and tell J.C. we said hi...lol We'll be together again someday until then just know I think of you everyday and I love you!!!!!!
Posted by Richard Perry on 25th January 2016
Im going to be adding photos and videos as soon as Im ready to go through them, Love you mom!!!! Miss your hugs and kisses so much..
Posted by Richard Perry on 25th January 2016
Thinking of you on my birthday. I turned 45 yesterday and Carole and I spent and incredible time at the Grand Hotel in the Sandestin golf and beach resort. I played the song you gave me and am so thankful for this beautiful life you've given me. My plans this year are to read the entire bible and work on being closer to God our father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Carole and I will be planning our wedding in Disney and we've considered moving to Destin, so this will be an exiting year. You'd laugh as Ive been unemployed since Dec by choice. Im enjoying life just as you would wish. I love you mom and your still right here with me "nee nee" See ya on Valentines day!!!! Love, your son Richard
Posted by Richard Perry on 17th December 2015
"Happy Birthday Nee Nee!!!" I see your pretty face everyday and miss you so much. Today your 70 and I'll be taking your card and balloons to the beach to our favorite spot. Your always here with me still. I love you so much Mom.........your loving son, Rich

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