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My knowledge of Aunt Louise

Shared by Melissa Smith on June 12, 2021
Marjorie Louise Bronson was born December 30th 1940 to John Thomas Bronson and Marjorie Eloise Wheeler Bronson.  She is the oldest of four siblings,which as followed in birth order Martha Jean Bronson, John Thomas Bronson and James Allen Bronson.  She grew up in rural Sedalia Missouri living her childhood in the country and city of Pettis County.  During her life they did live in Wichita Kansas, Denver Colorado and in St Louis because of her dads job with being a draftsman for mechanical engineering mainly for planes.  Her childhood was seen as normal in those days, may be seen as old fashioned in modern times.  The four often did outdoor activities like helping with chores, taking care of animals and growing the food on their table from farm to table.  They have a rich inheritance of special memories captured in photographs taken by their grandpa Ira Thomas Bronson.  He became famous with a picture he had taken of Louise and Martha as little girls crossing a bridge which won him awards from kodak and poloroid companies.  Ira was also known for his love of music in which he played the violin in symphonies.  Ira was married to his love Ethel Marie Armstrong.  Their union produced two children John Thomas (Louises dad) and Muriel Ethelwin.  Muriel became a nun for the Dominican order until her death in October 2014, just 10 months after her brother.  Ethels parents to my knowledge, was her mom owned and drove the first vehicle in Sedalia which was rare being a female and having an automobile.  Their is a photograpgh of her in this vehicle.  Iras  parents my knowledge is that his dad was a confederate doctor in the army during the civil war and their home in rural missouri became a safe house for runaway slaves.  I am not sure but was told he was not a willing participant in the army. He set up his practice in downtown sedalia in what is now known as Bothwell Hotel which used to be a one stop shop for healthcare, housing a pharmacy, doctors office and a few sick, recuperating rooms.  John Bronson, Louises dad was known in our family for his art and drafting of wooden replicas of items.  One being a boat, airplane and a stage circus with movable parts.  His creations some were sold to pay for his college education.  His draftsmnship and mechanical engineering had him designing things in which he contributed to the doors that dropped bombs from planes.  Grandpa commented tat everything was top secret in those days so when the bombs dropped from the planes on Hiroshima they had no idea that was what they were constructing till after the fact.
Louise went to Sunnydale rural school in Pettis county and graduated from Smith Cotton High School.  She lo ed nature, animals to flowers she found beauty in Gods creation.  Her dream was to wake up in a field of wildflowers  Her jobs frowing up was being a waitress, working in a ice cream shop called
Tullis Hall.  to be continued....

Shared by Loretta Newman on June 9, 2021
I viewed Margie as my mentor in the truth because she put into practice the importance of meeting attendance and going out in field service. She took the initiative to form a service group and drove through all types of weather, even driving through a washed out road to get to our Bible studies. We enjoyed our long service days on the Rez. With Margie, Ruthevelyn and I, we were known as the Three Musketeers.
There were so many things that would have been impossible for us to do but Margie always made it happen. Like taking us to Canada for the preaching campaign in 2017. She took great lengths to get the message of hope to all people because she looked for the good in others and saw their potential.
Love, kindness, and concern for others radiated from Máajiibah because she imitated Jehovah and Jesus.
I eagerly look forward to the time when we will ‘get to work’ with our sweet Máajiibah in the new world
Shared by Loretta Newman on June 9, 2021
When I think of our dear sweet Máajiibah, she was the most kind and caring person I ever knew. She displayed all the fine qualities that Galatians 5:22,23 identifies as a Christian. Here are a few examples:
When my mother needed full-time care, I told Margie that I’d have to quit my job to care for both of my parents. Without any hesitation she offered to care for them 2 days a week. (Lois Bond also offered to help) This they did for almost 2 years. Since my mother couldn’t get out in the ministry anymore, Margie would bring her typewriter and help my mother type letters to be placed where no on was home. That brought a big smile to my mother’s face.
Margie truly loved and had deep respect for the Navajo people. Even though Navajo is a difficult language, her main goal was to learn to read it efficiently so that people could respond to the ‘good news of God’s kingdom’. Her patience and love warmed the hearts of many.
Kinship is very important to the Navajo people, so when they meet someone they ask was clan they belong to. It would seem almost impossible to establish kinship with a non-native, right. But Máajiibah did, One time at a nursing home in Bloomfield Margie finished her Bible study first so she joined me.  I introduced her to Kee and she said Yá’át’ééh shiyáázh. (He was in his 60’s) And he responded Yá’át’ééh Mama, just like a little boy addressing his mother. From that time onward he called her Mama.

Shared by Gloria Harris on June 8, 2021
  • Margie was a friend indeed and a friend in need! She was one of the most reliable people I’ve ever known’ we cleaned offices together and camped together at Mancos. She’s an experienced fisherman and never complains even if she has to sleep in the  top bunk! If her dog Skittles could write he’d say “that Margie was the best human I ever met! I loved her so much I literally jumped into her arms I just loved her to pieces cuz she never yelled at me and always took me on wonderful walks. We all miss Margie and can’t wait to see her again
Shared by Jane Phillips on June 6, 2021
Rivera family, I enjoyed Marjorie's company in the field ministry so much. I learned so much from her that when I'm thinking about one of my calls i often times visualize her way of manner and how she presented the information and would try to do it the same way. I look forward to seeing her again along your side.

Marjorie Fair

Shared by Dawn Reinhardt on June 4, 2021
As long as I can remember knowing Marjorie she always has a smile and never an unkind word. She is a fun girl and I have a very clear memory of her always hugging me and giving me that great head tilt sort of smile she is famous for. She loves being involved and she shows her love for the Truth just that way. Can’t wait to see her!
Shared by Hannah Osborn on June 3, 2021
 Shimá Margie was such a wonderful and amazing person, it would be impossible the say all the good things about her in just a few sentences. I don't think there was anything she was bad at, and whatever she did she willingly worked hard at it, even when the rest of us were worn out she could keep going. That was especially true when she was sharing her hope in her dear friend Jiihóvah. She was always filled with so much joy. I can't wait to hear her sweet laugh again. See you soon Shimá 
Shared by Tim Rivera on June 2, 2021
Good morning Sandy,
How are you & your family today? I was anticipating this ~
It is a touching memorial for us to see indeed.
Yes, a beautiful & loyal servant in Jah’s eyes.
What’s amazing for me after Pioneering along side with mom for awhile, is that she is Still teaching all of us. 
It’s her quiet & mild being, that we reflect on, that made her a sister we admired for her stamina in pleasing Jah-First & formost .
She did leave her example for me to become as she said, trust & leave matters in Jah’s hands after doing our best, He will take care of our situation.
Grateful to have known a quiet but effective sister in the ministry.

I truly know, I will see her again ❣️
Thank you , for being all what she said. 
Warmest love today into forever ~

Please keep in touch now & then.
Shared by Tim Rivera on June 2, 2021
Melissa Smith
My beautiful Aunt Louise I miss you so much. It seemed like we talked every day and now their is a void without you. I pray peace is with you and comfort comes to us. Loves you bunches
Shared by Tim Rivera on June 2, 2021
From Sandra

This is a beautiful tribute to the name Marjorie made with Jehovah and man. Her quiet mild selfless example was a beacon. I have always been so very much in ah in her learning Navajo.  So look forward to seeing her again.
Shared by Tim Rivera on June 2, 2021
From Lisa Pino

Good morning Amber,
We are truly sorry to hear about your grandma. We didn’t know she passed away. I will let my dad know. Thank you for the link, it will be nice to see her again, young like she was in some of those photos. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.
Shared by Sandy Rivera on June 2, 2021
From  Mark and Dawn

Dear friends, we loved Marjorie very much she was a kind and wonderful woman who loved Jehovah and all of us. We look forward to seeing her again in paradise .
Shared by Tim Rivera on June 1, 2021
Margie was a devoted servant to her God and father Jehovah. She served in the Navajo field And was known as Máagiibah .She went as far as Canada spreading the good news to the natives there.
       Margie raised two children - a Son Daniel Lightner, and his Family of Aztec and Albuquerque.  Also a Daughter Sandy Rivera and her family of LaJara and Farmington.
        Margie will be missed by one and all until our paths cross again John 5:2 and 29

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