Posted by Carol Caruso on June 14, 2021
Marjorie was just one of the kindest sweetest women, she was such a generous giver anytime she would give you her energy and her time. She helped so many people and the way that she threw her self into her work learning Navajo because of the need shows what a beautiful heart she had. She left a very beautiful legacy to her children. We will miss her very much until we see her again
Posted by Melissa Smith on June 11, 2021
Wow. my beautiful Aunt, have known you for 60 years and I feel like that was to short. You were so loved by your family. I remember how your siblings would say my sister Louise or name you and mom when talking and have huge smile and the look of love. Mom wanted to see you so bad, but covid changed our plans. i also got the privilege of taking care of your parents, so i know how they loved you You were strong, courageous adventurer who loved nature, the earth, our God and me. I always felt you in my corner and knew you were one of my strengths. I miss my texts and i miss the way my moms eyes shined when she talked about her sister. I know we will see each other again in that field of wildflowers.
Posted by Evelin McClanahan on June 11, 2021
Margie was one of the sweetest person we had the privilege to call a sister, friend & family. She was someone you could count on. There was many times I needed a ride for service for one reason or another and she would pick me up. She loved people with all her heart and Her love for Jehovah was a great example. Her love for the Navajo field was amazing. I would often tell her, “How do you do it Margie?” And I would tell Her “I wish I had your energy.” She was Self-sacrificing in so many was. I loved seeing her at and meetings and getting a hug from her. Can’t wait for the day we get to hug her again. Her love for her little guy Skittles was so cute and she always had stories about him.
Posted by Laquetta Kennedy on June 8, 2021
Even though my husband and I only had a short period of time to get to know our dear sister, Marg, we were so grateful for this privilege. She truly was an example of determined faith in Jehovah...not even allowing her failing health stop her from caring about others, attending her meetings or engaging in her ministry. And she was so kind and patient in teaching me some phrases in Navajo. We'll never forget her generosity, humor and love. We will truly miss her, but thanks to Jehovah...not for too much longer!!
Posted by David Vassio on June 5, 2021
Margie will be missed. I remember meeting her for the first time and we appreciated the way she made us feel welcomed to our new congregation. She took an interest in us and showed us what a true friend and fellow worshipper of Jehovah one should be. We tell ourselves she is resting and is in Jehovah's memory, which is true, to feel better still her absence no doubt will be felt by those closest to her and for that we pray that Jehovah gives you the strength to remember her for how she lived, loved and served others all to the glory and honor of her heavenly father Jehovah.
Posted by LYDIA VASSIO on June 5, 2021
Marge was the most beautiful example of a christian woman for me. I know she was truly loved by everyone and was soo selfless. I have such beautiful memories of her not only in service but at meetings and even in get togethers. What a gem! I know she is in Jehovahs memory ❤
Posted by Leda Moreland on June 4, 2021
Margie was was a kind and loving sister. She worked very hard to learn the Navajo language so she could share the good news from the Bible with the Dine people. We miss her and look forward to seeing her again soon.
Posted by Cecil Mounce on June 4, 2021
Although I only met Margie a few times, I know from having associated with her family that she was a dear sister, devoted to Jehovah. I can say with certainty that she will be in Paradise, and I hope to see her there.
Just around the corner...
Posted by Kenneth Cooper on June 4, 2021
I was very happy to have known Majorie ( Grand Ma) . Who can forget that warm smile (I know I want) and neither will Jehovah (Heb. 6:10). Her service to Jehovah was her joy and loved every time she had the opportunity to witness to anyone she came in contact with. She will be missed.
Posted by Cameo Ames on June 3, 2021
It was a privilege to meet Margie and witness her faith and courage during her last few weeks. She had such a sweet and welcoming smile that was very contagious! Seeing her at the meetings on zoom, even though she was unwell, made me reflect on my own relationship with Jehovah and determination to serve him to the end. It was inspiring and heartwarming to see. Although I only got to know her for a few short months, her legacy of putting Jehovah first is something I will carry with me. I only wish I could have met her sooner, and look forward to meeting again in “The Real Life” that is just ahead of us. I pray that Jehovah continue to comfort and strengthen those of you that are her family and close friends until you are reunited together. What a beautiful day that will be.
Posted by Suzen Hickey on June 3, 2021
Marjie...we’ll miss you every day until we see you again. I miss your positive attitude and your get up and go. You gave so much of yourself for others...studying with older disabled sisters, taking different ones to the assemblies, conventions, and meetings, always ready to support the service arrangements. When I needed someone to go out with me in service, you made yourself available. And your greatest joy was your family...your children and grandchildren. Ayóó’’áníínísh’ní—
Posted by Sarah payne on June 3, 2021
Our dear sweet Margiebaah was the bravest most loyal older sister I’ve ever known. The name says it all. The warrior Margie, and a fighter she was. She really was an example for me to fallow. While she was in her 70 she was so adventurous for Jehovah. Navajo is no easy language, but she leaped in to it with both feet. Why? Because she loved Jehovah, loved all the friends, and loved the people she could reach with her new skills. I’ll always remember and learn from how brave she was and what a loyal servant she was. Even in her last year of not feeling well she spent all her energy on Jehovah, her return visits and encouraging each of us. Our family often got texts and letters from her checking to see how we all were doing. She lived by the truth that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. She lived , died and will wake up a happy person because of her perfectly established relationship with her father Jehovah. Her dear family showed the same quality, being right there by her side making sure she had the care she needed and was comfortable. They were right by her side through the fight. She couldn’t have been in a better place than with her cherished loved ones. Thank you for taking care of our Margiebaah
Posted by Amber Ingram on June 3, 2021
I would like to share something I read awhile ago.  It’s entitled:
       The rose bud is like a child
            Young and Fresh
       When it blooms with adversity
         It has reached its teens
    The thorns are thick and has no mercy
         When it reaches maturity
    It blooms in its own unique personality 
         And has plenty of security
In its full bloom it puts off its most gorgeous
  Display of beauty and a delightful aroma
     And now it’s reached the adult life
      We like the roses reach adult life
      In a ray of beauty that is its own
            As the flowers die
           And the pedals dries
        It reminds us of our older ones
        Even though wrinkled and gray
      They were once like a beautiful rose
                    Author Amber Rivera

  That’s how we want to remember our Grandma Like a Beautiful Rose that she was who brought a lot of sweetness and on occasion maybe a few thorns into our lives. So remember take the time to enjoy life and smell the flowers. As did Marjorie Louise.
Posted by Amber Ingram on June 3, 2021
  My Grandma was known as a tough ole’ bird. She was a strong individual who overcame any hurdle and trial that came her way. She had a strong body - strong mind - strong heart full of faith and hope. Her strength and courage came from her strong Faith in HER God; Jehovah. Only hope I can have a measure of her strength, courage, hope and faith. Some days — on my good days I couldn’t even keep up with her. Just thinking of her schedule and how she kept up with it - just would wear me out.
     Even though we are going to miss her we know she’ll always be part of who we are, and part of our story. Even though she may be gone we will always have our memories of her in our Heart. For you see your loved ones are never forgotten, for you carry your loved ones in your Heart - with you always.
      Thinking of all the blessings and doors that opened to her for putting Jehovah first in her life. Just think; of all the wonderful adventures, and travels she got to enjoy, reminds us she had a full and happy life. As busy as she was though she always took time to enjoy life with her friends and family.
     Our hope and wish is that someday soon -after the storm clouds have settled-
that when we think of Grandma - which she was known by all - when we think of Marjorie - Louise that in time it won’t hurt. How we can’t wait until our hearts are not empty and filled with rejoicing when our loved ones are brought from the grave and back in our arms, and with their families; on earth under Gods Kingdom. For all those who lost their loved ones. There we read in the book of life - with the many others who have fallen asleep in death - we read Marjorie Louise Falkenberg for being faithful and loyal servant to Jehovah God.
Posted by Amber Ingram on June 3, 2021
 Just wanted to Thank All the hands that had a part in making my Grandma the beautiful person (flower) she became.
  Thank you to the many hands that helped her to be comfortable the last few weeks she was with us, Roadrunner Hospice care, especially her nurse Jamie. Thank You Thank You
   Her niece Melissa Smith who helped so much. Even though only distance kept you away, we would of been so lost without you and your loving care.
     Tim, Sandy Rivera, and Dan Lightner
  You all should be commended. The attention and care you gave your Mom. She no doubt was in good hands. Making sure she was comfortable, and giving of your time and energy did not go unnoticed. At times it took all 4 of us to get her taken care of. But you did it. All your work was greatly appreciated.
     Thank you to all of you dear Friends who kept the family in your prayers. Thank you for all the wonderful, encouraging cards and text messages. They helped tremendously, gliding us through dark times, and helped us to keep going.
              Thank You All
Posted by Delia brusuelas on June 2, 2021
Marjorie was one of the sweetest, kindest, mildest sisters I have ever met.
I love the pictures and music, it’s a true reminder of the promises ahead that we look forward to. May Jehovah the God of comfort give you the serenity you need until you see her again and are able to be in each others arms again. It’s around the corner.
Posted by Belinda Gallegos on June 2, 2021
Shadi Margie, ayóó'ánosh'ni.
T'áá ákogi ádaanííłii hool'áágóó kéyah bíí
dadooleeł, áádóó ákwii hool'áágóó
kéédahat'į́į doo. Ps. 37:29
See you again Shadi!!!
Posted by Kenneth Davis on June 2, 2021
To the family : we are so sorry for your loss sister Margie was a very nice sister
Faithful to Jehovah. She was a very busy
In the preaching work always helping
Others to know about Jehovah and we know her in our trip to New Mexico 
She was in the Navajo congregation helping people in Navajo tongue .She is going to be miss for sorry
Soon we are welcome back in the new world . John 5:28,29.. Ken n isabel Davis .
Posted by Daniel Lightner on June 1, 2021
My mom loved every one. Even in my darkest day she would comfort and support me. I know she loved learning Navajo and took great pride in speaking it to anyone that would want to hear about her message of faith. I am so blessed to have my sister in my life to help me with her passing. Our family was blessed with my mom being in our life and will continue our lives being a model of her.
Posted by Tim Rivera on May 31, 2021
She was a loving mother and grandmother She put herself out to help others in need,

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