Let the memory of Marjorie be with us forever.
  • Born on October 31, 1939 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Marjorie Gaskell . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Bette Boulware on 22nd March 2019
Dear Marge: You've been in our lives for not quite 2 years, but what an impression you have made on our hearts in that short time. You have the most beautiful smile and sparkling eyes and you have always been so warm and welcoming to us both. We just love listening to you and Ken talk about the many experiences you've shared throughout your years together and where life has led you. We know too how much your children and grandchildren mean to you both. You have so many friends here at the Oasis and we all think of you often and hold you tightly in our prayers. In this difficult time when we don't understand "why?" and can make no sense of things, we're told to lean not on our own understanding ... but remember that He is faithful to all His promises. We love you dear friend and we will continue to pray for you and for Ken ... Always, Bette & Brad Boulware
Posted by Kathy Burke on 16th March 2019
Dear Marge, What a smile!! Every time I think of you, it's your smile that brings me such joy! Bob and I will treasure all the times we've spent together golfing, Hand & Foot and for me, going to dinner and the theater. We always had so much fun! We've shared a laugh or two (raccoon, if you get my drift) at all the events which brought us into each other's path. After reading some of the messages to you, which reflected how so many were touched by you in this life, I can only add that I too am among those many. Much LOVE to you!
Posted by Theresa Currier on 14th March 2019
Dearest Marge & Ken, words of comfort are difficult. I just want you to know Marge, I love you dearly, you have been such an inspiration to me and always with a bright shining smile! I think of you each day and pray for a miracle and wish for you peace of mind & soul. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure...you will always be a treasure to me. May Gods love shine on you. Sending big hugs, Terry Currier
Posted by Judith Timko on 13th March 2019
Dearest Marge, Barbara and I LOVE enjoying time with you and Ken on the golf course or playing Hand & Foot, although you better us at both, your direct English sense of humor and lovely giggle delights and brightens any room. I’ve had the pleasure of snapping photos of you and Ken at many Oasis Events, sharing these beautiful photos with your family and friends in the Gallery from the Evening of Elegance, Wine Club and Golf Group is a joy. I have always told you…”You look like a movie star”, these photos prove it. Thank you for sharing your life and memories with us. Our heart filled Prayers are with you, Ken, and your family. Forever friends, Judith & Barbara
Posted by Melba Olson on 12th March 2019
Sending positive vibes and wonderful thoughts to you and your family. May you continue to be loved by all and make warm and loving memories.
Posted by Charlene Scholey on 12th March 2019
Dear Marge, I have tried for days to find the right words t o tell of the sadness and despair that Walter and I feel when we think of your diagnosis. Still I can only say I'm so ,so sorry. The last time we saw you at the Christmas party you were looking so beautiful and we made plans to get together. You smile was radiant and your eyes were sparkling. Your warmth and graciousness were always with you. I am so sorry ,too, that I can't play mah Jong with you cause everyone says you are the best ever. Everyone speaks with awe of the way you turn your tiles and how easily you come up with"mah Jong".I was really depending on you for help!! I read the following words when I was 16 years old, and you are one of the people who exemplified them so well. " We have never too much time to gladden the hearts of those who are traveling the journey with us. Oh, be swift to love, make haste to be kind." ,May Gods grace and peace be with you. With love, Charlene and Walter
Posted by Ann And A.C. Brown on 11th March 2019
Margie, You were so much fun when we went to the College of Commerce. A.C. and I were so proud to sponsor you and Ken and so thrilled you came to join us in Texas. In fact, we were so excited we ordered Hurricane Carla as a welcome gift. We'll always be thankful you guys were with us as we rode out Hurricane Carla. Thinking of you!!
Posted by Yvonne Mason on 10th March 2019
Dear Aunty Marge, a beautiful English Rose. You are an inspiration to us. Together with your lovely husband, Ken, you have raised a wonderful family and led an exemplary life; excellent role models! Thank you for the times we've shared, for your wicked sense of humour and Joie de Vivre! We will always remember you. Sending all our love, Barry, Yvonne, Jonathan, Sean, Louise and Penny xxx
Posted by Lurlyn Clifford on 10th March 2019
Dear Marge, I haven't written sooner because I didn't know what to say. And I still don't but I want you to know that I think of you everyday. If thoughts and prayers could heal you, you would be healed. However, that is not always the way life goes. I know that when I had cancer I faced my mortality and with much introspection and philosophizing I came to a peace and I hope that you can also. I know that you will face this with grace and humour as you do all things. I have liked you from the first day I met you because of that grace and humour. I have always enjoyed being around you and hope that I will be able to see you before too long. When you are up to it. I hope that you and Ken will reach out if there is ANY thing that you need. Shopping, meals, etc. I hate to bring food as I'm sure that is difficult for you, but let me know if there is anything you or Ken need. I am so glad you were able to attend our Anniversary party. With love and caring. Lurlyn and George
Posted by Mary Lou Burns on 10th March 2019
Marge and Ken, Lee and I were so saddened to hear the very sad news. You two have always been amazing ,having such a strong, loving, caring relationship. We so enjoyed our times at Sunset Hills with all of our golf buddies. Some of the most memorable were the Junior Ryder cup tournaments. You Brits were a tough bunch of competitors. Then we had the after gatherings where the losing team hosted the winners. Ken was the very impressive butler and Marge the winsome waitress. What a hoot! You will be in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. We Care!!!!
Posted by Pat Ryder on 9th March 2019
Dear Marge, I just took a walk past your house and decided to try leaving you another little message. I accidentally did my last post under stories, so I hope you read that note from us. Since St. Patrick's Day is coming soon, I decided to send you a little Irish blessing. "May God grant you always... A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you." Since I am a block away, please feel free to reach out anytime you or Ken need anything. You know we shop the same places. Also if you ever feel like talking, let me know. You are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs, Pat
Posted by Sherry Wolcott on 9th March 2019
Marge, I am saddened to hear of this news. I have such great memories of the mom and daughters trip to Vegas. I had always known of you but didn't really get to spend time with you until that trip. And what a time it was! Your laugh and the conversations and fun we all had I will cherish forever. I am praying for you, Ken, Steve, Sharon and Sandy. May you find comfort in each other and the love of so many at this very difficult time
Posted by Barb Warren Brink on 8th March 2019
Dear Marge, Ken, Sharon, Steve & Sandy, I am stunned by this sad news and wish it wasn't true. So many wonderful memories... Your trips back to Dublin always meant we were going out for fish & chips. I hated the fish back then but loved that you were visiting! The best times were on the twin boats. So much fun & laughter. And crazy times - hospital runs, sunburns, Brits trying to figure out how much a burger actually cost, stuck rafts, etc. All of it also ended in laughter. So happy for our mother/daughter Dublin reunion. We girls were lucky to be raised by the fabulous Dublin Moms, who are now our friends. Once again, laughter was the theme. Great friends, great meals and maybe a few twirls around a pole! I wish you love and comfort in the days ahead. I thank you for sharing your sparkling eyes, mischievous grin and extraordinary personality. Love you, Barb
Posted by Emmy Weissman on 8th March 2019
Hi Marge, Burt and I feel so lucky to have you and Ken as friends. Doing water aerobics and playing mahjong brought you into my life. I learned all about your kindness and sense of humor. Working with you on the KCC Board taught me how organized and responsible you are...plus, you are really good at editing! (Please don't check this note for spelling or grammar!) I think of you often when I am tempted to share a juicy bit of gossip...Then I remember.... "Is it true?...Is it kind?...Will it help?" What a wonderful piece of wisdom. You have made a difference in my life and how I view the world. Thank you! We are so sorry that your wonderful life has been shortened by this terrible disease. Our love and thoughts are with you, Ken and your family.
Posted by DEE Wheatbread on 7th March 2019
Dearest Marge, You and your family are fabulous. With all you are going through to think of your friends and family who want to tell you how much they love you and create this great way of doing it. It is so great of you guys. You have my prayers that this time gives your family the time you want to be sure each of you know how much you mean to each other. As horrible as this is, this was the time I think my late husband and I were glad we had just to share whatever. Love to you and yours, Dee
Posted by Sue Mohan on 7th March 2019
I am so sad to hear about your findings . My mind and heart are confused, as to what to say, some seem in appropriate and wrong timing for others. I have been praying a lot for you and your family. I am asking God to give you what you need right now. You have such a nice smile , do things to make you smile. Sending a BIG hug. Sue
Posted by Susan Amsler on 7th March 2019
Dear Marge~ It breaks my heart to think of you and Ken having to deal with this dreadful illness. I always loved golfing with you. I loved your competitive edge, especially when there was money on the line. I loved your sense of humor, your honesty, and of course your beautiful English accent! Kenmure hasn’t been the same since you left. Be assured that you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Sue
Posted by Jeffrey Demarest on 7th March 2019
Dear Aunt Marge, Sad news for all. Please know that I, and other members of our family, will always know you as the sweet aunt with the pretty smile and laugh. You knew how to live a full, indeed, a rich life. Time and distance notwithstanding, you did have an positive influence on me. The entire Gaskell family is a real class act, across the board. You will be remembered by a lot of people for a long time. I will be thinking of you. Much love, Jeff
Posted by Karen Christianson on 7th March 2019
Marge you are a treasure from your wonderful sense of humor to sharing your life's adventures. We were lucky to share in golf excursions, a Big Bear cabin, a Persian restaurant (including a belly dancer) and playing cards each month. We will hold these memories close to our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life. We send you love, we will miss you. Much love, Karen & Richard
Posted by David Keel on 6th March 2019
Dear Aunt Marj, you are such a precious person (present tense). I've been in tears at the devastation of this. I wish I could be of help. You and Ken have given me the privelege of making me feel special. As you have done with all people that have come into your lives. Your generosity has been overwhelming to others. I just wish I had been well enough to travel in the past ten years. I was hoping to come to America this year in May. I just want to write a few words of Jesus that I believe in, 'I have come that you might have life in all it's fullness.' 'Whoever comes to me I will never turn away.'
Posted by Victoria Glass on 6th March 2019
Dear Marge and Ken, Family, Thank you for letting us share our love and support ! There are no words that can even begin to say how we all feel about you Marge....but I will try ! Always a big smile, laughing, bright dancing eyes, a welcoming and warm personality, so much fun, smart, reliable, creative, and so generous ! Check out the photo of us trying to recruit new Mah Jongg players, it was a great day. Just know we are all here do what ever we can to help, so please feel free to call me anytime. Love you ! Vicky and Don
Posted by LaVonne McKay on 6th March 2019
Dear Marge, Jerry and I are devastated to hear this news. We have so many wonderful memories with you and Ken, golfing together, playing canasta. So many good times and so many laughs with you. You made every golf day so much fun no matter how bad I was playing. We are keeping you, Ken and your family in our prayers and thoughts. Much love to you both.
Posted by Vanda Watkins on 6th March 2019
Dear Marge, We meet a great many people throughout our lifetimes, some stay a short time and some forever. Although we haven’t been friends for a great while, I have always felt that we had one of those special friendships that remain even if we didn’t see each other often. Love your smile, that evil little giggle, that wry English humor,your stories of the places you have lived and traveled. We met through golf, enjoyed theater and dinner outings and Thanksgiving in April (or whatever month not November) Love you, my friend. Vanda
Posted by Mikki Sergus on 6th March 2019
Marge, So shocked to hear this bad news. Wanted you to know how much I cherished our friendship. We had so many good times at Sunset Hills, the golf, the dinners and dances. You always had that great smile. Also the golf trip we took to England and Ireland and played Royal County Downs. I still have my score card. I would never have gone there otherwise because Joe didn't like to travel. So glad we had that visit several months ago, had breakfast and reminisced about old times. I will treasure that. My prayers go out to the family.
Posted by Pat Ryder on 6th March 2019

Dear Marge,

You and Ken are our very special California friends. Our friendship was spontaneous when we met on the golf course. It was the time when we played without the pain of recuperating surgeries and health challenges. Fortunately, we didn't need golf to make us happy.

Being together at the Clubhouse, sharing a table at New Year's Eve and Wine Club or just hanging out together are celebrations worthy of many toasts. Your Thanksgiving friendship feasts and our intimate Italian dinner will be treasured as times we found two people like us, that truly enjoy each other's company.

Tom calls you our UK ambassadors. We love hearing about your life in England, your amazing travel adventures, and the many suggestions you gave us for our next trip abroad.

Marge, our backseat chatter on the way to the theater always makes me smile. I love thinking of you as Mother Superior, and I know God will guide you through this challenge.

We close this letter with a Bible blessing.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord let His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.

May the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace.

Love and friendship, Tom and Pat

Posted by Marianne Wucherpfennig on 6th March 2019
Dear Marge, Bill and I are heartbroken to hear the news. You both have been a wonderful couple to know. Marge, however, was a ruthless Mahjong player, taking my quarters with a little giggle. I will miss you Marge.
Posted by JO Hilliard on 6th March 2019
Dear Marge, what fun we had at Sunset Hills and our ryder cup outings. Sometimes I laughed so much my face hurt. Tried to find out about Kay Bean but no luck. Betty Boyd tried also. Betty is having some problems with cancer but has a good attitude, always loved you and Dennis in your plays. What fun they where. Dennis was a star in one play. Miss you Marge to talk over old memories. love, Jo Ellen
Posted by Norval Woolstenhulme on 6th March 2019
Marge, we first met you & Ken when you moved in next door to us. We couldn't have asked for better or more fun neighbors. Due to circumstances we haven't been able to spend a lot of time together lately. We are so very sorry to hear this. Rest in peace Dear Lady. Norval & Susie Ken, if you need ANYTHING, I'm only a few steps away.
Posted by Eileen Wilson on 6th March 2019
Dear Marge I have known you for the last few years. You have made me laugh so many times. You are a very SPECIAL Lady. Love you Eileen
Posted by Bonnie Niehoff on 6th March 2019
David and I loved being with Marge and Ken from the first time we met them. David has said that his Tuesday golf group has never been the same since Ken moved away from Kenmure. We loved having you be part of our casual dinner group. We always had many good times around each others dining room tables. I loved having you join our Thursday MahJongg group where you picked up the game real quick. David and I were so honored when you invited us to go to the Masters practice day tournament. We really had such fun with you both those two days. We are so saddened by this news my dear friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Ken and the rest of your family.
Posted by Andrea FitzGerald on 6th March 2019
I am a resident of the Oasis community in Menifee, CA. I met Marge at Mahjongg when she kindly volunteered to help me remember how to play. I only played a few times but could see what a sense of humor she has. I will remember Marge every time I play and hope her final days on this earth are filled with love and peace.
Posted by Charlie Demarest on 6th March 2019
To my dear, sweet Aunt Marge, Ever since you came to the US in the early 60's and visited us in CT, I've always known you (and Uncle Ken) as among the kindest and most hospitable people that I've met. I'll always cherish the memory of your warm smile and laugh. Soon you'll be in Paradise with your sister Elsie and all of the rest. Give my Mom a hug for me, will you? May God bless you and your family. Love you very much, Nephew Charlie
Posted by Dorothy Walden on 6th March 2019
Dear Marge and Ken Steve and I remember many happy hours with both of you playing rounds of golf at Kenmure. You are still remembered as we pass your former house on the 17th fairway. I still remember to this day what you said to me one day when I grumbled about a bad shot. "Dorothy....golf is a very selfish game....nobody notices or cares when you make a bad shot....they are still busy thinking about their own last shot". That advice has helped me in golf so many times since. Thank you Marge sharing your good sense and for your friendship. We will keep you and Ken in our prayers
Posted by Samantha Fried on 6th March 2019
Dear Marge and Ken, I remember about thirty years ago you opened your home to a complete stranger, me and showed me kindness and hospitality. I had travelled from England by myself at a young age of twenty one and you picked me up from the airport and I stayed with you for a whole week. There are a few things that stand out for me that week. Firstly, I'm sorry I thought you were American, don't know what I was thinking Marge. Maybe Ken had gotten lucky and found himself an American Doll and that's how he ended up in LA, I don't know. I do remember Ken grilling me on how to squeegee the shower glass after I showered and putting the fear of god into me if I didn't. I also remember a fabulous Italian restaurant we went to where you and Ken kind of gave me the low down on Pete, thanks for your diplomacy. I also remember meeting Steve, Sandy and not least Sharon. What a crazy wild bunch of cousins I had no idea existed. Sharon and Sandy took me out to my first Karaoke bar and we were the official members of the too much fun club. I paid the price for it the next day. You also paid for me to fly to Reno, thank you for that. I did not forget. But most of all, I remember your fully belly laugh and how much you love your family. And I wanted to make sure you know we love you too, with all our heart.
Posted by CAROL REAVER on 5th March 2019
Marge, it has been a delight getting to know you. Your very fun-loving personality has been so enjoyable when we would play Mah Jongg together, and I shall miss you. I wish you and your loved ones special days ahead during which you can all create some wonderful and tender memories together. And I wish you comfort during these challenging times. Please KNOW that you are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You, dear and lovely lady!!
Posted by Wendy Stone on 6th March 2019
To my lovely and dear Auntie Marg; You are so very cherished Marg. You have such a lovely family. I know this is a very difficult time for everyone and obviously especially you my lovely auntie Marg. You have been marvelous to my mum and family. I remember when you took me to Scotland with you all. I was 15 and I marveled at being in Edinburough. It was a little chilly and I remember you telling me how it was a little too cool in Scotland! What a wonderful place though - and fab golf courses! Thank you for that wonderful and memorable vacation and for all the exciting and marvelous gifts you sent too us. Such joy to receive a parcel from you and Ken- with lots and lots of goodies! Thank you for putting me up when we emigrated to the US and for putting up with us!! What an adventures that was! Thank you for the scrumptious dinners that you cooked and the lovely family times together. Thank you for your constant hospitality toward Matthew when he was at UCSB. Roy and Christine absolutely loved their trip with you and marvelous for me to be able to be with you all. I know that Uncle Ken and Sharon are an invaluable help and unending support for you Marg. Your other children will be there soon too. If you are up to it I’d love to visit too. Make the most of these times together. You have so much love and give so much love Marg. You are a wonderful family lady. You are a rock for your family as they will be to you. You are all surrounded with love and devotion. Be at peace Marg. My prayers and thoughts are with you. With much love from Wendy
Posted by Donna Reedy on 5th March 2019
Hi Margie! Otis and I are praying for you and Ken and the family...to have all of the comfort and peace that God longs to give you all. We are soooo sorry to hear of your illness - it seems like yesterday that we were all playing Majong together - if you ever want a friendly game of the two of us - just call...Please know that you are in our hearts with smiles every time that we think of you and Ken. We are soooo very blessed to have you in our lives and in our hearts. Margie if their is anything at all that you need, meal, a chat, a hug, a prayer, etc. please feel free to call or text. we are here for you all. Loving Father, thank You for making Margie and Ken and the family such blessings to many! (Otis and I are just two thankful friends out of many.) We ask that our prayers bring them each comfort and peace and help wherever it is needed. Lord, Please may Your Word bring them comfort - in the Psalms and in the Proverbs especially...this is one of the places that I get strength for each day, Lord, and I know that You love this family just like you love us and that You long to comfort and strengthen each one for every day and for every challenge. I pray that Margie and Ken will reach out with needs so that we can all help and be a blessing to this lovely family. In Jesus Name I ask, amen. Our love and devoted friendship, Donna and Otis Reedy
Posted by Marie Lipp on 5th March 2019
I first me Marge in Acting Class in the l980's. We had so much fun. My friends and I called her "Maaage" because of her British accent. Marge has a beautiful smile and a wonderful wit. Although I have not seen Marge for several years, we stayed in touch via Christmas cards and e-mails. I hope you will take comfort in knowing that your friends and relatives are praying for Marge and the family during this time. God bless each of you.
Posted by Betsy Moss on 5th March 2019
Dear Ken, Marge was a beautiful person in every way, I feel so blessed to have had her in my life. I am so sorry for your loss . You're in my thoughts and prayers. My love to you and your family.
Posted by Carmen Aydelott on 6th March 2019
Margie, I’ll never forget our first meeting at Louise and Dick’s holiday party in December of 1967. From that time on , whenever we were together, we laughed. One exception being the night we braved seeing that scary movie at the drive in when we jumped and screamed in fright. How about taking the children to the Niles Canyon swimming hole? Or to Disneyland the day after Thanksgiving after you’d moved to Thousand Oakes? Big crowds! Actually, it didn’t matter what we did because we had fun and you always made me feel like a soulmate. The love that grew, never faded. We are in Croatia now so some communication may be sparse. More later, take as much care as possible. I love you!

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