Marj Kennedy - A Biographical Summary

Birth:    April 23, 1945 in Carlisle PA

Parents:  Charles H. B. (“Chick”) Kennedy and Dorothy (Logan) Carl Kennedy


   Grade & H.S. –  S. Middleton Twp., Boiling Springs, PA.  H.S. Grad: 1963

   Undergrad  –  Lock Haven State College, Lock Haven, PA.                                                                         B.A. Elementary Ed, 1967

   Post-Grad   –  Shippensburg University,  Shippensburg, PA   M.Ed., 1970 


    1974 –  Married Fred Coulson.   Divorced after 8 years.  Never re-married.


   1967 - 2002  –  Grade School Teacher at S. Middleton Twp. School District

    Spring, 1997  –  Sabbatical.  Visitation & participant observation                                                               at Native American schools in the Southwestern U.S. 

    Taught more than 900 second and fourth grade pupils during her career.                                 Later in her 35-year career, Marj taught the children of parents                                     who had themselves been her pupils a generation earlier.

Church:   Otterbein Church (formerly E.U.B., later United Methodist)                                               Boiling Springs, PA.  Marj was a lifelong member.

Death:   Feb. 9, 2019 in Carlisle, PA.                                                                                                   Ashes interred at  Mt. Zion Cemetery, Churchtown, PA