Let the memory of Mark be with us forever
  • 65 years old
  • Born on November 12, 1948 in Henderson, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on January 2, 2014 in Marietta, Georgia, United States.

This memorial was created in memory of our loved one, Mark Fulkerson, 65, born on November 12, 1948 and passed away on January 2, 2014. Mark will be remembered in the hearts of those who loved his laugh, jokes, and countless stories. Join us in remembering the good times when we laughed till tears were running down our cheeks, begging him to stop and hoping he wouldn't. Celebrate the laghter with us as we morn the loss... 

Posted by Matthew Fulkerson on 17th November 2018
Thought of you on your birthday remembering the laughter
Posted by Celia Gurn on 12th November 2018
Mark, You would have been 70 today, but you are in heaven out of pain and singing your heart to the Lord and I know you and Keith and others are jamming and singing praise to the King. See you soon brother, I miss you!❤️ You will always be in my heart.
Posted by Sue Arama on 31st October 2018
As your birthday approaches in just 11 days I realize just how much I miss you my big brother. I miss talking to you and hoping into the car and coming to visit all the goods talks and even the fights. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO
Posted by Celia Gurn on 12th November 2017
Happy birthday brother Mark. Love and miss you always!❤️
Posted by Sue Arama on 7th January 2017
Been looking at the last pictures we took together. I miss you so very much. You were my M.A. for so long. Love you
Posted by Matthew Fulkerson on 2nd January 2017
Remembering you today Dad as always i remember you making everyone laugh and I remember your voice when you sang those old hymns and Christmas Carols. We seldom seemed to be on the same page but the times we were are what I will remember. I always loved you, sometimes my heart breaks for what should have been and wasn't. Rest in peace Dad
Posted by Celia Gurn on 2nd January 2017
SuzieQ and I are doing fine, we take care of each other so don't worry. We miss you but know we will see you again one glorious day, until then dear brother we love and miss you!❤️
Posted by Celia Gurn on 12th November 2016
Forever missing you, happy birthday brother, see you in our eternal home!
Posted by Celia Gurn on 2nd January 2016
Missing you today but thinking how happy you are now. I see Keith playing guitar and you singing! Soon we will all be together again❤️
Posted by Celia Gurn on 12th November 2015
Remembering you today and missing you always. So happy you are not in pain and at peace. Love you brother see you on the other side!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Matthew Fulkerson on 2nd January 2015
Thinking of you today I've chosen to remember those good times so much laughter It is hard to believe its been a year already yet so much has happened will say a prayer for you tonight I love you Dad
Posted by Celia Gurn on 2nd January 2015
Happy one year in Heaven Mark. I know you are singing with the Angels, I rejoice with you for eternity! Love always your sister, Celia
Posted by Matthew Fulkerson on 12th November 2014
Hey Dad So much has happened this year... Decided to take some time and remember the laughter you could always make a room crack up... No matter how long I have left on this earth I wont be able to make it through Christmas without hearing you sing "I heard the bells on Christmas morn" in my head it rings as true in my mind as all the times you sang it Happy Birthday
Posted by Celia Gurn on 12th November 2014
Happy Birthday brother Mark. Love and miss you so much. So happy you are finally at peace. Always your sister, Celia
Posted by Marcia Fulkerson on 12th November 2014
Happy Heavenly Birthday Dadio!!! Forever loving and missing you...me and those grand babies. They still talk about you and miss you too. XOXO
Posted by Marcia Fulkerson on 16th April 2014
Thinking of you and missing your smile...Your little grandsons often say they want their pawpaw. They love and miss you so much too. I love you dad.
Posted by Marcia Fulkerson on 27th January 2014
I miss you dadio...xoxo. I love you
Posted by Juli Summers on 17th January 2014
I know that you are all sitting around having a grand ol time! I remember your laughter ! An always loved to hear you sing ! Now your in a great place to enjoy family from both sides! I can just see all of you sitting around an having a grand ol time! You always had a big heart an was always there for all my family!
Posted by Juli Summers on 17th January 2014
I remember when I was young girl an you came to stay with us on Elmer st. in ft.wayne while mom was having my sister Michelle! Matt an Marcia were just little ones than! You always treated us Summers kids just like family! Always hugging us an singing to us! You were a GREAT uncle Mark ! you were there for my mother also ! I know your fine now an with the family in heaven! I can just picture all you just laughing an having a grand ol time!
Posted by Randi Kimmey on 16th January 2014
Mark had a huge heart full of love and he shared it with everyone he ever met. Mark was a part of our "Family" for as long as I can remember. He brought love and laughter to our lives. His voice always made Aunt Ruth cry when he sang to her, followed by a funny story to make her laugh Every conversation ended with the reminder that "His is on the left and hers is on the right" an inside joke from one of our many family outings. Our whole family has many, many, many memories of Mark that bring laughter and joy ever time we remember him. Those we love are never gone as long as we remember them.
Posted by Michelle Starnes on 16th January 2014
I can also imagine a beautiful reunion in Heaven. What a sweet picture to imagine and look forward to being part of one day. Although Uncle Mark and I lost touch with eachother over the past few years, I know that he knows I love him and I always have. There was a time when we were so close and I remember meeting him for coffee and chit-chats often. He really missed my daddy, and we would laugh so hard as he told stories of when they were kids. We would laugh for awhile then end up crying because we both missed him so much. Im glad you are no longer in pain and your suffering here on earth is over. I will be comforted to know you are with your loved ones and your Lord whom you loved so much. I will never forget the good memories I have like the time you all drove to our house in Ohio from Indy just to have breakfast and go back home or the times you made taco salad in the drawer of the fridge. I love you Uncle Mark and always will. Love, Michelle
Posted by Sue Arama on 15th January 2014
You were the one I ran to when I needed a shoulder to cry on or just to talk you always gave me what I needed a laugh or a smack on the head Will miss you dearly my brother my best friend LOVE YOU
Posted by Celia Gurn on 14th January 2014
Will always remember our special talks, laughter and times together. Will miss your special smile and amazing voice. Love you brother, see you later, hugs till then :)
Posted by Matthew Fulkerson on 14th January 2014
It is done... Good journeys Dad ...there was always laughter.
Posted by Marcia Fulkerson on 14th January 2014
I love you "dadio" and I miss your smile whenever I walked into the room. My heart aches for you but at the same time is filled with joy because I know the suffering is over and your angelic voice is echoing throughout Heaven singing and celebrating with your Heavenly Father, Your Sweet Mother, Our Loving Uncle Marvin, Our Guitar playing Uncle Rodney, Aunt Bonnie with the sweetest laugh and smile, Larry with his gentle voice and sweet smile, Terry with his daddys smile, and kind hearted Chad. I know one day we will be together again, laughing til it hurts. You will forever live in my heart dadio. xoxo
Posted by Robin Trimble on 8th January 2014
Thank you Mark for all the laughter and love.You will be missed, tell Daddy, Larry Rodney ,Terry & Chad Hello. I'm sure there is a wonderful reunion going on right now.

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