Posted by Beverly Conway on April 24, 2021
I Attended Montevallo in 1969 for several years. Mark was our leader for on campus outreach. I don’t know of anyone with as much integrity, humor and positive outlook as Mark. I will always remember with fondness all that he did for us as young believers. He attended the Bible studies at Dr. and Mrs. Curtis‘s house. My love and sympathy go out to his children. I Kept in touch with Mark a little bit years later and he was still the same sincere Christian that I knew in 1969.
Beverly Hoots Conway.
Posted by Jason Dunaway on April 21, 2021
Mark, you have allowed so many people to feel welcomed into the family of God. As a dear friend, I can only remember and think on how often we’d joke around in your shop and laugh. I’ll never forget the initial greeting from you every time I’d come in just to visit and see you. You’d reach out, grab my shoulder and say, “Hey brother” ever so gently and hug me shortly thereafter. There is a peace that you carried that was not as the world would give you, it was the peace of Yahweh stirring within your heart. I love you, man. I’m always thinking of you, praying for your family, and for your legacy to continue.
Posted by Bryan Miller on April 10, 2021
I want to call you from my car in the driveway, because it makes it seem like you're sitting right there with me. I want to buy you something for your birthday and be excited about you getting it and then calling me to say thanks. I want to drive to Birmingham and pull up to your store, walk in and hug you until you let go. You loved me like no other person ever has or ever will. For me, that's the hardest part of you being gone. I have your old engraver on my desk at work. I really miss you Dad. I love you so much.
Posted by Wilkie Miller on April 10, 2021
I love you so much Grandpa! I don't know anyone who served Jesus for their whole life, with their whole life, like you did. Thinking about you now gives me tears of joy and a full heart. We can rest joyfully knowing that you are home, celebrating with us what God has done through your life. Your life was truly not of this world, and I am so motivated to follow your footsteps and keep my eyes fixed on him to the end, just like you did.
Posted by Andy Lawrence on April 9, 2021
Mark Miller gave me my first job when I was in high school. It was a summer job helping at his Christian bookstore The Carpenter's Shop in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, in 1988. It was a small store and he didn't really need help. He was giving an awkward teenager an opportunity to grow as a person. I will never forget his kindness to me.
Posted by Rick Fullington on April 7, 2021
Peter, Amy, Andy and Bryan, I was shocked and saddened to hear about your dads passing and send nothing but love and prayers your way at this time. Your dad is one person I really respected and loved and will always cherish and remember him and his close friendship. He was the real deal and a person who really lived for Christ, and he loved his family dearly. I'll never forget all the countless laughs, good memories and times I had with your dad and will always miss him!  
Posted by Elaine Williams on April 7, 2021
A trip to Carpenter Shop was not a typical retail experience. It was restful, restorative, accompanied by wonderful music, and if you needed prayer, it's likely someone would sense that and offer to pray for you. Vestavia Hills was so blessed to have this resource. Mark will be missed. He made a difference in countless lives.
Posted by Toni Ripic on April 7, 2021
Dear Mark,

I loved the way the room would light up when I was around you. The warm welcome I received into your Family with open arms so I could continue loving your son, Andrew unconditionally. I will forever keep your memory alive in our hearts, and in our home. You will forever be missed and cherished! Like I promised you before I promise again to love Andrew and to take care of him forever and always! You are an incredible man, and one that will truly be missed.

Love you!
Posted by Andrew Miller on April 7, 2021
Hey dad. You told me that sometimes life is hard and unfair, but it doesn’t stay that way forever. Well this Is certainly one of those times. But what is different about this time is you’re not here for me to turn to. I could always count on you and you always could put my mind at ease. I can’t call you anymore or swing by to see you just because I have been missing you. But what I can do is remember the incredible relationship we shared. You saw me at my worst and you saw me at my best. You loved me Unconditionally through all those times. I will forever remember the sound of your voice and the way you would smile when I made you laugh. The wisdom you shared with me and helping me understand what life is really all about are gifts that are beyond measure. I have countless memories of our conversations and all the times we spent together. I miss you so much and Just like I’ve told you thousands of times before, I love you man.
Posted by Amy Tanner on April 6, 2021
Dear Daddy,
I am kind of at a loss for words right now.....but I have to write that you are my world. I will treasure every solitary moment we spent together and I will continue to honor you in every move I make. I love you Dad,
Amt Ditty

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