Let the treasured memory of Mark "Runner" Barger
be with us forever
  • 27 years old
  • Born on May 29, 1984 .
  • Passed away on February 18, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mark Ray Barger, age 27, born on May 29, 1984 in San Diego and passed away on February 18, 2012. We will remember him forever.

Please share messages of support and remembrance.  Through shared personal tales and reflections, this lasting online memorial continues his story and will be here for his family and friends.

A tribute was held in Mark's honor Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 at DeAnza Cove. 

Posted by Tom R on 15th December 2018
Just saw this....Remembering you is easy, we do it every day, Missing you is heartache, that never goes away.....
Posted by Patsy Bye on 10th September 2018
Mark, Karen had her second baby girl yesterday, 8lbs 2.2 oz. she is beautiful, I got to hold her for quite a while. So many girls in the family, you are my one and only nephew in my immediate family and I keep you to close to my heart at all times. Still waiting for the day to see your daughters, your Mom is so patient, you are so lucky she is your Mom. We all love you and miss you so much every day. We are not complete without you, I love you Mark Ray Barger!
Posted by Patsy Bye on 29th July 2018
Hi Mark, sitting here thinking about you as I find myself doing frequently. We all miss you so, we all got cheated !! You, your girls, your family....so overwhelming at times, I hate to see my Sister and your sister's sadness. all of our lives have changed since that horrific day. We talk about you always and for sure you will always be a part of our family and never forgotten. Still hoping to see Evelyn and Mae in the near future. Love you
Posted by Diann Bauer on 17th June 2018
Happy Heavenly Father’s Day Mark. Even though we never meet but we do have someone in comin your beautiful mom which we both love. You are forever in my Heart.
Posted by Marcia Barger on 17th June 2018
I miss your smile, your voice, your laugh, your jokes and you teasing me. And I miss that you are not able to celebrate Father's Day with Evelyn & Mae. Love, Mom
Posted by Tom R on 17th June 2018
Happy Fathers Day Mark, 5 am this morning when I heard from my daughter, it made me think of you and your daughters and what your missing. What a shame.....What could've been
Posted by Marcia Barger on 29th May 2018
Mark, Another birthday passing, I am missing the future that could have been. Wondering how Evelyn and MaeMae are doing. Feeling the anger. Feeling the injustice done. An emptiness is left in my heart that reaches into my soul. At times a feeling of being so incomplete that my heart feels like it’s going to break in two. Even with all those feelings I am so grateful for the time and memories. My love will always be with you. ♥♥♥ Happy Birthday, Your Mom
Posted by Patsy Bye on 29th May 2018
Happy Birthday Mark, Love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Patsy Bye on 28th May 2018
Leave it to me to be a day off, doesn't matter...miss you everyday. XXOO
Posted by Tom R on 28th May 2018
Happy B-Day Mark, 34's a good year, We can all imagine you on top of the world. What a celebration we could have had, but instead I'm sitting here poking at a key board thinking of what could've been Miss You Dog
Posted by Patsy Bye on 28th May 2018
I told Nana that I posted on your website and she asked me to tell you how much she misses and loves you XXOO ❤ Nana is 89 years old, still walking every morning. XXOO...
Posted by Patsy Bye on 28th May 2018
Well, Happy Birthday Mark, 34 years old today...unbelievable!! It's also Memorial Day so that's pretty cool, when it comes to you Mark everyday is Memorial Day just a different one as I have memories of you every day❤ We are all still waiting for the day Evelyn and Mae Mae coming looking for their family, they are getting to that age where I feel it will happen, your Mom and everyone have really had to use a lot of patience but I do hope it happens soon. I miss you everyday and feel so lucky to have you in my life. Love you lots, Patsy
Posted by Marcia Barger on 1st April 2018
Today being April 1st and also Easter has me thinking: April 1st fifteen years ago, if life had worked out differently it would be your 15th wedding anniversary. I had always said that if I ever got married again it would be on April Fools Day, guess you liked that because you took the date. Easter 14 years ago you Dad passed away. I often wonder if your with him. Time is just passing by. Still loved ♥ Still missed ♥ Memories live on ♥ Mom
Posted by Patsy Bye on 1st April 2018
Just want to say Happy Easter to my nephew. Missing and loving you every day.XXOO
Posted by Patsy Bye on 26th March 2018
I thought about you all day yesterday, it picks back up today and continues on. Your family misses you so much , your in our conversations constantly, we love you so much. It's all still just so devastating. Your Mom says she feels you near and that is comforting. I just wish we could turn back time but can't . Love you always❤
Posted by Tom R on 20th February 2018
6 years.....Mark your loved ones hit the nail on the head,your loved and missed so much by all of us
Posted by Loni Hickman on 19th February 2018
If we had one wish, it would be that you wouldn’t be so misses-You should be here- we will always love you and never forget
Posted by Marcia Barger on 18th February 2018
Today's the 6th anniversary of the day I lost you. Part of my heart and soul was also lost that day, but the good memories, and love from family and friends help me along the way. What we had will never die, you live within my heart, and I still feel you near. Love, Mom
Posted by Patsy Bye on 18th February 2018
Mark, today makes year 6 since you left us here without your presence and still we love and miss you so very much. When you left it changed us all. I try to work through my hate for Marina and her actions every day but it's a long road I feel I will never reach the end of. I can't forgive her for your death and all the broken hearts she is responsible for. Your Mom talks about you all the time, she loves talking about you and I love to listen. Still waiting to here from Evelyn & Mae, it will happen. ❤❤❤
Posted by Brian Gauci on 18th February 2018
Six years mark and I still cant believe this has happened. It sucks how we don’t know how close we are with someone until you loose them. Good and bad I can say I enjoyed all of the time we had together and learned a lot from it. Much love and respect hope to see you again one day.
Posted by Marcia Barger on 7th January 2018
Mark, I keep trying to write down how I feel about losing you but the page stays empty. I guess that describes it "empty". I miss you everyday in every way, always in my heart ♥♥♥ I Love You, Mom
Posted by Tom R on 6th January 2018
Hay Mark, I don't know how it works up there, but if you can, get your girls in touch. Your family's hangen tough, but just imagine
Posted by Patsy Bye on 5th January 2018
We miss you so much XXOO
Posted by Patsy Bye on 5th January 2018
Me again!! It's 2018, can't believe it!! We got through another year without you and your girls
Posted by Patsy Bye on 28th December 2017
Mark, guess who!! can't get away from me. Oh, another Christmas without you...they say it gets easier but it's not working for me. Haven't had any contact with Evelyn or Mae yet but I know it is coming, I pray for that day to come soon, real soon... In our hearts not only during the holidays but always. I love you and miss you Mark, you are always in our conversations, you live in us.
Posted by Wally Cook on 27th December 2017
Sometimes I just really miss you my little brother. It's funny Run, but I can't for the life of me remember a single time that you really pissed me off! There had to have been times but nothing stands out. You are wise beyond your age, smarter than any test could tell & you have a heart of gold buddy. But it's your humor that bonded us. You can take it just as well as you dished it out & I miss you giving me shit! Well I hope The Almighty made you quit smoking but if he tries to change your wise ass-cracking personality then he just ain't doing his job. Talk to you later my friend. Orange & Blue forever.
Posted by Tom R on 6th December 2017
Hay Mark, Patsy hit the nail on the head,we all miss you tons
Posted by Patsy Bye on 4th December 2017
Hi Mark, It's been awhile since I have left you a message! I just want you to know that you are missed and loved so much... Another Holiday season without you but you are in our hearts always. I love you Mark:) and miss you so. PatsyXXOO
Posted by Patsy Bye on 28th September 2017
Hey Mark, guess who? Heavy duty this past weekend, I know you were there and saw it all, we just miss you so much, I know you know that too! Danielle made a wonderful speech at the ceremony ❤ I have to say it again...I am so proud to be your Mom's sister, she is the strongest person that I know, Danielle and Karen take after her. I love you and miss you every day. Patsy
Posted by Tom R on 24th September 2017
I hope your mom feels a sign from you today, I know your sending her some. Can't think of a better gift, hearing from your girls would be nice. In time they'll see the truth.
Posted by Patsy Bye on 24th September 2017
Hi Mark, today is your Moms birthday, Danielle is fixing dinner for her! God I know how much she wishes you were here to join her you are with us all the time, in our hearts and souls. I love you Mark, people always say things will get easier and the sadness will lighten, I have not found that to be true, not yet anyways. You are missed terribly
Posted by Patsy Bye on 8th August 2017
Hi Mark!! I went to Irvine with your Mom this weekend and met several wonderful people who are grieving their loss as we are ours. I just can't tell you how much you are missed. I have your picture with your 49 Ford, before and after, it is now one of my treasures, you and your smile!! As always your Mom held strong, I love her so much. You are so lucky that she is your Mom. I think of you all the time, Love you.XX00
Posted by Patsy Bye on 20th July 2017
Hi Mark, I am sitting in my living room looking at your picture, it makes me so sad that you are not here with us, you are missed so much by so many, the whole situation is so screwed up but we have to live with it even though it is so hard. You live on in my heart, I think of you everyday and never forget how much we all love you.
Posted by Marcia Barger on 18th June 2017
Well it's Father's Day today, all I can say is "it would have been great to have you here along with your girls". I miss you & the girls so much. ♥XXOO♥
Posted by LaRee Brownell on 31st May 2017
I've been thinking of you, Mark. That isn't anything new. I think of you often. But on your birthday I was stricken with anger and grief as strong as when I first learned of you being taken from us. At times I feel like I have no right to feel as strongly as I do. I think only your mom knows how much I loved you. There are so many who miss you, many who loved you. You will always and forever be forever missed.
Posted by Marcia Barger on 31st May 2017
Mark, Monday on your birthday it was just too hard to put my feelings into words. I just want you to know that even with all the pain and heartache I carry of loosing you I would never trade being your mother. I hate this situation, and yet, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have had and loved you. ♥♥♥ Love and miss you. ♥♥♥
Posted by Amy Cannon on 30th May 2017
Hi Mark... Happy Birthday! I still think of you and wish the best for your family XOXOXO
Posted by Patsy Bye on 30th May 2017
Mark, I know your birthday was yesterday, I thought about you all day long. Another long sad day for the family, we all just miss you so much and are so hurt that you were taken from us by that B----h! You are always in our conversations, we talk about you all time to keep your memories alive. I Love You Mark Barger.
Posted by Tom R on 28th May 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I know it's tomorrow, 33, could've been a hell of a party Miss you Mark
Posted by Patsy Bye on 16th May 2017
Hi Mark, I think about you all the time and your girls. Mother's Day is always such a tough day for your Mom, I know she misses you beyond words but always talks about you, always. No news from Marina about your girls but I feel it is getting close and soon they will want to see their family, I can't wait for that day to come. I Love You Mark, you are in my heart:) XXOO
Posted by Brian Gauci on 9th May 2017
Just wanted to drop in and let you know there isn't a day that goes bye that I don't remember all the good times we had. I know your there looking down on us all but it's still not the same without you around. Truly missed bro.
Posted by Tom R on 8th April 2017
Another Easter's coming without you, that's wrong in so many ways. Being the day your dad passed it's hard enough, your sisters probibly could use a little extra watching over. I know your watching over all your girls....We all miss you and love you
Posted by Marcia Barger on 22nd February 2017
♥♥♥ Saturday marked 5 years since that tragic day. The day part of me was lost, dreams for your future gone, a broken heart that will never go away. I have memories that bring me a smile and I will hold onto them as the years go by. I miss you as much now as the day you died. I love you only as a mother can. ♥♥♥
Posted by Loni Hickman on 18th February 2017
Mark you will always remain in our hearts. A special smile, a special face, a special someone we can't replace, We love you and Always will You filled a space that no one will ever replace. Your are guardian angel for your beautiful children Love Loni Hickman
Posted by Tom R on 18th February 2017
5yrs ago, we were at the shop having fun, then later that day we ran into each other again and spoke briefly, If only I knew,that would our last.... later that night life changed for so many.....We miss you Mark
Posted by Marcia Barger on 7th January 2017
Mark, Some days there are not words to share the love and hurt I feel Some days there is nothing to write that will make the pain less real So for today I will simply write: I miss you more than words can say I miss you more than poems express I miss and love you every day from: The Grief Toolbox
Posted by Patsy Bye on 23rd December 2016
Hi Mark, You have been on my mind a lot lately, these Holidays are very tough for us without your presence. You sat with us all at the table on Thanksgiving, Your Mom had your jacket on her chair and you will be in all of our thoughts and hearts at Christmas. God, it's still so hard to believe this has happened. You live on in our hearts and always will. Love you and miss you so so much. Love, Patsy
Posted by Tom R on 23rd December 2016
Another Christmas and new year, I know your here, we talk a lot. Some mite not understand, but I don't let science interfere with my believes LOVE YOU MARK, MERRY CHRISTMAS, STAY CLOSE
Posted by Dave Caddick on 26th November 2016
Lost a lot of amazing people like you in 2012. Where ever you are, I hope you and Tom are building hot rods. Love you guys.
Posted by Tom R on 10th November 2016
Hay Mark, there's a tree, in a canyon set up as a memorial, nice place. There's rocks with peoples names painted on them. You know, your well represented on special stones and things hanging in the tree. Lots of love and feelings... A real special place

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