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Mark David Wauben
  • 44 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 3, 1969
  • Date of passing: Jan 10, 2014
Mark led a full and Joyous life, his family and friends loved him.

December 7, 2014



Update; Today is the third anniversary of Mark's death.  He is in my thoughts and prayers.  I keep waiting for him to come through the back door announcing;  really fooled you this time, didn't I.  Still waiting.


Mark's family and friends are spread far and wide, I know he would appreciate being remembered today by his friends and family, whereever you are located and in your own way.





Scott and Pat Wauben  email:jscott.wauben@yahoo.com

1536 S. State St. Spc 187

Hemet, Ca. 92543


This memorial website was created in memory of Mark Wauben, 44, born on October 3, 1969 and passed away on January 10, 2014.  His ashes will remain in Hemet until they are scattered in the Pacific Ocean, at White's Landing, near his Grandparents ashes.

This memorial was created to share Mark's life with family and friends.  To each of you who shared memories of Mark, my deepest gratitude.  Mark will be missed by all and was loved.   Thank you again for your 'memories' of Mark.  Mark's Father, Scott 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Natalie Arnold on 10th January 2017

"You are truly missed MDW..... You were definitely one of a kind... Love, Natalie"

This tribute was added by Scott Wauben on 3rd October 2014

"Today, October 3, 2014 would have been Mark's 45th Birthday.  I think of him daily and miss him deeply."

This tribute was added by Scott Wauben on 25th January 2014

"Mark, I don't have the right words but I will try. I will miss you. You were one of the best Police Officers I have ever met. I enjoyed every shift we worked together. You had an infectious smile for everyone to see. The world has lost yet another of it's finest human beings. I am sad brother and will be for a long time.  Sent in by Jason Green"

This tribute was added by Scott Wauben on 19th January 2014

"And always somewhere traces of your life,
Thoughts, images, moments and feelings.
They will always remember you
and thus can never forget you.
English Translation of tribute from Maja Wauben"

This tribute was added by Maja Wauben on 18th January 2014

"Und immer sind irgendwo Spuren deines Lebens,
Gedanken, Bilder, Augenblicke und Gefühle.
Sie werden uns immer an dich erinnern
und dich dadurch nie vergessen lassen."

This tribute was added by fred hust on 17th January 2014

"I'm finally here to give my condolences and pay respect to the Scott , Susie , Natalie, and Marks last true love to Jennifer.  I can't begin to share all the amazing stories I have left in my broken heart. Mark and I became friends during 6th grade summer break when my family moved into lakewood country club.  So many memories of playing football after it rained in front of the club house, shaving our heads for football in High school, working with him at the Queen Mary all summer long, going on so many amazing trips with him and his family . He was so proud of his dirt bike. I remember he would start it up out front and rev it up so high. One trip to Saddleback park dirt bike riding with him was so funny. His spokes on the rear rim started to break while riding and true to his form he just floored it and twisted the hub right off the rim Damn near. It was so funny you just had to be there. Yes we had the best parties at his house as soon as Scott n Susie would pull out of the garage. When the parties weren't at his house or somebody we knew and all we had was an address we would break out the Thomas Guide map. Getting on to Marks farting , he was the only guy I ever knew who would grade his own farts before ever so slowly start to fan them up to his friends as he would say ooh ooh ooh and start laughing his ass off. The only regret I ever had growing up with him was not ever getting invited to catalina island with his parents .  But the fun times we shared in Palm dessert were priceless.  So many amazing ski trips with him and the boys.  So many great times going out with mark, the 3 john's , jason and me. We all would pour on the Polo cologne . My dad would say we smelled Like a french whore house. Pete (Pat) hamburg was often over at his house as well. I remembered how he would take on four of us at once and still be able to hold his ground .
Some stories are better left untold.  We were so proud of him for making it onto the blyth PD. My heart goes out to all his friends he left behind. It would be unfair to say that I was his best friend back in the day but I can say that MARKY YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND EVER and I have never met anyone to take your place.  I can't bring myself to say goodbye to you but I can say I will see you in heaven someday with your beautiful mom Susie. So long for now"

This tribute was added by peggy hust on 17th January 2014

"They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate  them, a day to love them, and then entire lifetime to forget them."  Thanks for all the minutes at the HUST house Mark, I think you had us laughing within the first minute...we will always love you!"

This tribute was added by Kevin Haggerty on 17th January 2014

"Mark and I go way back to when he moved into his first house on Clubhouse Drive.  We lived about 10 houses from each other and would go back and forth.  About age 12, he was a big Kiss fan.  He would join the boys and we would play tackle football across the street.  He eventually moved down the street to another house on Clubhouse Drive.  
    I went on vacation to Catalina and Palm Desert with the Wauben's family numerous times.  There were too many memories to write about on these trips, but I will state a few of them.  Mark grew up on boats, but my little brother Dennis and I were rookies.  We were going to Catalina and Mark had us eat a full breakfast.  The seas got rough, and the food did not agree with us.  Dennis threw up on the boat.  I looked at Mark and he was busting up.  I think he planned this as a practical trick.(So Mark)
     In Palm Desert, we would ride a little motorcycle through a riverbed to get to the shopping mall.  Of course, this was illegal, but we were teenagers and we thought we were cool.  We would get an ice cream or candy and ride back to the house.   We would also go golfing with his dad, but one time Mark and I were alone(14 years old).  We drove the golf cart down a steep sloping hill(part of the course) and then we threw it in reverse.  Bad Idea, we needed a new golf cart.
     The boys all became young teenagers, and this is when the parties that you have read about started.  Mark and Natalie had some of the best parties ever. They were so great, I can not remember anything to write about!  
     After high school, Mark moved away to Blythe, and we did not meet so often.  I would meet Mark when I would be with Pete.  The last few years, I would meet Pete and Mark at the Angels game.  We would of course laugh and have fun.    
     There are so many more great memories.  As was stated many other times, Mark would set his mind to something, and just do it.  He was there to help or just have fun, but he cared about people.  I will always have a place in my heart for Mark, and many great times in my memory.  To a great person!!!!!!!
Your childhood neighbor and friend,
Kevin Haggerty"

This tribute was added by Joan Wellman on 14th January 2014

"A long time ago, a little second cousin, was mischevious and ended up in the backyard pool of his parent's house. It was my husband's doing! The look and shock on Mark's face was priceless. He was a fun and outgoing little guy. I so enjoy seeing the pictures of Mark's life and manhood. Looks like he was very adventuresome and outgoing as an adult. I would have not expected anything less....      My heart is saddened for my family , Scott, Marlene, Susie, and Natalie. Love you all."

This tribute was added by Anica Taylor on 14th January 2014

"Mark, I am so fortunate to have had a chance to meet and spend some time with you. You made a great impression on me!!!  You constantly had such a vibrant smile, full of life and a great friend.  You will greatly be missed.  We will always know that you'll be the Angel riding next to us."

This tribute was added by John Hill on 14th January 2014

"Well Mark, you did bring a very loud smile to everyone. You will
be remembered as "Forever Young" to me, I'm sure of that!!!!
PS. They may not let you in with that Air Horn."

This tribute was added by Rich Sweeney on 14th January 2014

"Scott, Susie, Natalie and family, we were deeply sorry to hear about Mark. We didn’t know Mark very well, having only met him during his brief visits to the office back in the early 80’s, however, after reading the stories and tributes here, it sounds like Mark was a great son, brother, nephew and friend.  Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss and may you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you all during this difficult time.  Our thoughts are with you and your family.   Rich & Cindy Sweeney"

This tribute was added by corey ploesch on 14th January 2014

"When I found out about marks passing, I received a text message from my father saying, "He helped me raise you." This statement could not be more accurate. Mark was always known to me as "Uncle Mark." I met Mark when my family moved down the street from him when I was around 12 years old. Even though he was my dad's friend, he was just as much my friend despite our age difference. Mark did not teach me how to make a lot of money, how to be perfect or how to become powerful. He taught me one of the most valuable things I could ever hope to be knowledgable in... To enjoy life and live it to the fullest. He taught me how to have fun and capitalize on the finer things in life.  No matter what motorized contraption I had problems with, all I had to do was bring it to his garage when he was home and he would help. He helped me with everything from rewiring my boat to fixing my quad to fitting oversized tires on my truck. Every time me and my dad needed help working on something or were just plain bored, we went to marks house. He was such a kid at heart, so much so that he would play video games with me for hours on end or watch ridiculous movies with me because we were both bored out of our minds and it was the only thing on TV. One summer my mom grounded me from wake boarding because I failed to get a 3.0 grade average. I was about 15 at the time and even though I was still allowed to go to the river, my mother intended for me to be bored while I was there. She never thought to specifically ground me from all water sports. Mark, my dad and I would go to the river all the time during the summer (especially during the summer I was grounded). The first river trip I took with Mark, he brought out his old slalom water ski and said,"I know your grounded from wakeboarding but your mom didn't say shit about skiing, did she?" Mark taught me everything he knew about skiing and I became damn good at it. The last river day of the season came around and my mom came along. Mark asked my mother if I could water ski and she allowed it. You should have seen her face when I got up on that ski and started carving a cross the water like a pro. When I was done I got back in the boat. Mark looked at my mother and said, "What can I say, he's a natural." With a huge smile on his face. After that I can officially say that Mark was one of the most awesome people in my life along with my father. I could go on for days about mark and tell countless great stories about him but I would be here typing for days. I am proud of the person I have grown to be and I can contribute a big piece of that to Mark. I lost a brother, an uncle and a best friend when Mark died but the memories and teachings I have from him will be with me for the rest of my life. I will never forget you mark. Thank you for everything."

This tribute was added by Rob Shaw on 14th January 2014

"There's so many great times growing up with Mark. I recall times when he tested the limits and I was along for the ride. It always turned out okay and it was something to remember. I will never forget you Brother!!"

This tribute was added by Dean Shaw on 13th January 2014

"Scott, Pat, Marlene, Natalie, brother Mark and Susie....those who know us, also know we have known Mark and Natalie since they were born. After both our families moved to SoCal in 1971, on many weekends and holidays our families were like one. In the early years Mark, Natalie, and our sons, Brad and Rob grew up together. There are so many wonderful memories. One, of so many, is when the entertainer, John Davidson, was doing a concert in Avalon. John Davidson asked for a volunteer to come up on stage. Guess who ran up on stage? Mark was probably 7or 8 years old and did one of the funniest, wildest dances ever. We didn't know if to be proud or embarrassed. Actually we were both! He will be missed but all those wonderful memories will be with us forever. We love you all. Jan & Dean"

This tribute was added by Toshie Sweeney on 13th January 2014

"I met Mark when he was toddler and I was newly hired by his father, Scott, to work for Long Beach Valve and Fitting Company.  Who could imagine that this event would begin a decades long Sweeney family "collaboration" which included the opportunity to meet Mark and Natalie and watch them grow up.   Mark's early visits to the office were never dull, and one incident involving his nose and a small plastic ferrule is in my mind's eye as though it happened yesterday!

After reading the tributes posted here, it is clear that Mark's spontaneity and good nature are characteristics that defined his adult life.  The impact on those in his sphere of influence is the legacy that will endure.  May Mark David Wauben rest in peace and may the memories he leaves behind bring solace to his family and friends.

My condolences to Scott, Natalie, Marlene and the Wauben family."

This tribute was added by Misty Hooker on 13th January 2014

"Let's see -- what to say about Mark. He was my third big brother. He was a fixture at our house from the moment he and John became friends. He was there to laugh with us in the good times and cry with us when we lost mom and dad. My birthday was the end of December and I got a text from Mark -- He told me that he promised he would be in Dallas soon and to enjoy my special day! He was one of a kind. His laugh was contagious. John and I were looking forward to having Mark out here with us. I know our parents are waiting there to welcome you home Mark. They loved you like you were their own! I will cherish the time we spent together.... God's speed Mark! You will be in our hearts forever!

Misty (Caldwell) Hooker"

This tribute was added by John Hill on 13th January 2014

"My Fiend Mark Wauben ,

I first met Mark the summer after 9th grade at
football practice before our sophomore year.
There weren't many days over the next four years
I didn't spend with Mark , John and Fred Hust,
John Dintelmann .  We played all three years
together .
I have so many memories of Big Bear ( skiing ),
Catalina , football , his El Camino and  house parties . There
are so many that I could write a book. The one
memory however that I will never forget is in 10th grade
at the end of every practice we used to run
wind sprints . Well it was hot out and half
way through Mark took off his pants and
ran the rest of the sprints in his girdle with
hip pads .  Everyone was laughing so hard!
Even the coaches !  Mark was a
Maverick , we never got in trouble much because
he had a command of the English language .
He could talk his way out of any problem .  
I hadn't seen Mark in many years but thank
him for the time we had together .

Good bye my friend,

John Hill"

This tribute was added by Phil Wauben on 13th January 2014

"Scott, Marlene & Mark, we never got to know your beloved son and nephew, Mark David, however, when we hear "loud & fast", he was the kind of person we would haved loved and cherished for doing it "My Way". God Bless.
Phil & Sue"

This tribute was added by kara chappell on 13th January 2014

"Mark was such an amazing man! We had so much fun together from our all day BBQ ' S to just sitting and talking about everything under the sun. He helped me through some really rough times in my life and always told me "don't sweat it girl, things will turn out perfect for you" i always knew I could count on him to be there for me. Whenever I was in a bad mood he'd say "let's go buy a box of tampons so you can get over your pms" haha he was truly the bestest friend a girl could ask for!  I love you markus forever and always! This is not goodbye it's "I'll see you later""

This tribute was added by Barry Bennett on 12th January 2014

"Mark, I will miss you greatly. I can't thank you enough for being such a great guy. You were an uncle to my kids and a TRUE friend. You opened your home to me when I was down n out as if it were my own. I loved your carefree attitude and I will miss you on our future Harley runs! I will have a Coors Light for you! RIP"

This tribute was added by lori ronci on 12th January 2014

"I loved this man with everything in my heart!  He brought me to Scott and Suzy.  Words can't express my sorrow."

This tribute was added by peggy hust on 12th January 2014

"From the first day we moved into the neighborhood Mark was "family".  His exhuberance for life and getting into mischief brought so much laughter to our family.  With him and John Hill, John Dintelmann, Jason, John and Fred I had a houseful of boys and loved every minute of it.  I've posted pictures of Mark and my boys from my favorite days.  Though I haven't seen Mark in years, he always managed  to stay in touch with me through FB.  He was a great man and friend.  My sincere condolances to Marks family and friends that were so close to Mark.....he will indeed be missed and forever loved."

This tribute was added by Jonescal Caldit on 12th January 2014

"My thoughts and prayers are with you Scott and family for the loss of your beloved son, Mark David.

Joan Caldit"

This tribute was added by John Hust on 12th January 2014

"I want to pay my respect to Mark Wauben.  I want to also give my respect to Scott, Susan and Natalie Wauben.  Thank you for being such a welcoming family to me and mine.  You were very patient and caring to all of us neighborhood kids.  Certainly must have been trying at times as we were kind of a handful.  Mark was such a good friend.  He made a huge impact on my life growing up.  He was always so fun to be around, and we had great times in Lakewood, Catalina and Palm Desert.  During our younger years I even had the privilage of working with Mark.  One time in 1985 while working at the Queen Mary, Mark got "secret shopped".  He was working the cash register and the customer wanted an order of fries and onion rings.  Well, seeing how Mark had already cleaned the deep fryer, and it was amost end of shift, he told the customer "Sorry, we are all out of fies and rings."  Shortly thereafter the supervisor said "Mark, can I see you a minute.".  Needless to say, there was no shortage of fries in the freezer, but Mark had places to be.  Of course, Mark talked his way out of that one.  He was able to do that often.  I think he really had a kind heart and most people could see that and appreciated him for that.  Even his folly was hard not to love.  He could make any ordinary time seem special in one way or another. He had quite a way with words.  He could find a way to do just about anything he put his mind to, and he was equally as stuborn.  He inspired me in many ways.  I guess St Peter got a taste of him Friday night when he showed up on a Harley.  I imagine, after a short story, St Peter shook his head and just opened the Pearly Gates.  Mark probably gave him a good laugh too no doubt.  Mark, I will think of you often and miss you the same."

This tribute was added by mike ellsworth on 12th January 2014

"Mark was my partner officer assigned to the PVUSD for several years. We did a lot together and ran a successful school program. Mark always had a positive attitude and he made me enjoy my job everyday.  RIP Mark!!! Much love and respect, Mike Ellsworth & Family"

This tribute was added by Cindy Brach on 12th January 2014

"I miss you Mark.......more than words can ever describe.  You brought so much fun,  happiness , and "sunshine "into my life these past two years. My heart is aching and will for a very long time. I  love u .. I wish we would have had our final goodbye."

This tribute was added by Shila Spice on 12th January 2014

"Scott and Marlene, my heart aches for the loss of your son and nephew. My heartfelt condolences, prayers and the sustaining power of our almighty God hold you close during this very difficult time."

This tribute was added by Mark Wauben on 12th January 2014

"Mark, It always amazed me how positive and upbeat you handled your life, a cool and calm demeanor,  confidence with a great sense of humor. My favorite story was told to me by your dad when you turned 16, he said... "I took Mark out for his first driving lesson today...and I'm stunned that he seems to already know how to drive...even before we left the driveway...its like he has been driving for years" ...I think that maybe you had been secretly driving for a while...
typical you, I love you Mark, and I will miss you."

This tribute was added by bruce poncel on 12th January 2014

"Waubens, we are saddened by your tragic loss."

This tribute was added by Pat Wauben on 12th January 2014

"You weren't in my life for many years, but I remember each and every one with a smile.  Loved your sense of humor and good heart.  That ride on the sand rail in the middle of the night in Blythe was memorable!  "Oh, I wasn't going that fast!"  Yea...right!  We all want to live life our way....you did.  I loved and will miss you, dear."

This tribute was added by Herb Kern on 12th January 2014

"Even though I have never met you the stories I have heard leave the impression that you lived life to the fullest. As we morn your earthly life God is using your skills to the fullest. R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Marlene McAdam on 12th January 2014

"Mark, I will miss your stories and laughter, had so many adventures and mis-adventures, and such a gift of gab, didn't follow the rules if they didn't make sense, I get and admire that!  You did it your way.....many happy memories that will live on and be re-told again and again with much laughter, thanks for the memories, you were always loved."

This tribute was added by Sunny Dodd on 12th January 2014

"I'll never forget the good times we had at the river. The boat trip to Laughlin. The many nights at the River's Edge Bar.
You are a good friend and will be missed badly.
I love you my friend.
With a heavy, heavy heart...."

This tribute was added by Johannes Wauben on 12th January 2014

"Wer im Gedächtnis seiner Lieben lebt, ist nicht tot, der ist nur fern. Tot ist nur, wer vergessen wird."

This tribute was added by Scott Wauben on 12th January 2014

"Mark lived and died, Loud and Fast!"

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