Let the memory of MARK be with us forever, I will always see you Mark. on your sofa, as we drank our beverages, lol, watched your favorite westerns, as becky and firedog danced to the beat of their own tunes, as we all laughed until we cried!
  • Born in Warrenton, Virginia, United States.
  • Passed away on April 6, 2015 in Warrenton, Virginia, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, MARK EDWARDS, . We will remember him forever. Please visit the following site to help family and friends raise funds for Memorial and Burial Expenses


Posted by Cindyrae Fitzgeraldreed on 10th April 2015
Mark Edwards was a light in our lives, in our toughest times, in our darkest moments, He Lit Up Our Lives. Edwards was a mainstay for all of us that he kept safely under the shelter of his Home he provided to us with Love and Unconditional Acceptance. We always felt safe, with the barking pups, the shotgun at the back door and the pistol on the coffee table, who was gonna bother us, as long as we had beer and cigarettes, LIFE was great! We laughed together, cried with each other, and fit together like a Family is supposed to, making sure we had each others backs 24/7. Edwards was "BIG DADDY" to all of us! We shall all miss Edwards forever and ever.

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