Mark Howard Hamilton
  • 43 years old
  • Date of birth: May 6, 1971
  • Date of passing: Jun 23, 2014
Mark Hamilton, deeply loved by his family and friends. We'll meet again.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mark Hamilton, 43, born on May 6, 1971 and passed away on June 23, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Charitable Donations

Helping others was very important to Mark. If anyone is interested in honoring him with a charitable donation, we have chosen Feeding America.

If you don't have a particular food bank you want to select, please select the Capitol Area Food Bank in Austin TX.

Please share your stories

Mark brought us so much joy and he will be in our hearts forever. Please help us celebrate his life with us by sharing your stories of him.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Leroy/Laura Hamilton on 26th October 2017

"I remember the last words with Mark was about him coming to our home  
for an extended visit.  We asked him if he wanted to live with us.  He said that he would like that.  Laura and Terri wanted to see him, but both are in Heaven with Mark, now.  I will be joining "ya'll" soon.  Thanks for your love and God's love.."

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 23rd June 2017

"I love you so much my sweet son. I know you are at peace and I'm working so hard to be at peace as well. All my love forever"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 6th May 2017

"Happy birthday my precious son. Oh how I wish you were here so I can hug you. My love for you goes deep into my bones. My heart aches at the thought of you but I also smile at the BEAUTIFUL memories you left me. Be at peace. I love you Mom"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 20th February 2017

"My sweet Mark, this popped up on my phone just now so I feel you are near. I know you're always by me but even more tonight. I miss you so much. I miss your jokes, your wisdom but most of all your ability to read others and be so compassionate towards others. I love you so very much. Mom."

This tribute was added by Terri Hamilton on 23rd June 2016

"Cuz, I miss you soo much! You are in a greater place than we are but I am selfish and would rather  have you here. I was just thinking last week about our last visit to Austin and all the walks we took, next walk we take will be on roads made of gold!!! Love you cuz!"

This tribute was added by Kim Duffy on 23rd June 2016

"Not a day goes by that I don't think of one of your jokes, prank calls, or reverse prank calls, Markie. Just wanted you to know you're always in my thoughts, and your little sister loves you a lot"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 23rd June 2016

"Dear Mark, two years is an eternity without you
From the Far Side of the Rainbow
To "move on"
Is to put something behind you
Forget about it
And never look back
To "go on"
Is to forever
Carry it forward with you
And never forget
A bereaved parent
Will never move on
We simply go on
~ Tammy Brown"

This tribute was added by Vicki Oliver on 23rd June 2016

"Time goes by quickly....slowly for different reasons.  I pray that time is good to you this year.  Missing loved ones, their time with us went so quickly.  Now time may be slow for us.....waiting to reunite with loved ones.  Prayers for you and your family.....we miss you guys!"

This tribute was added by Andrea Braden on 7th May 2016

"Mark I know you are having a wonderful Birthday with our Lord Jesus.
I never got to meet you but I know your mom, and she is one of the most caring and loving people I know or will ever meet and if you are anything like her which from all the  comments and memories everyone has shared about you here I know you are very much a loving and caring man of God. I just feel like I lost out because I never got to meet you, but we will all meet again in heaven someday. May the Lord be with you and always keep you in his tender loving care and may the Lord be with your mom and dad and your extended family and friends always. Have a wonderful Birthday Mark."

This tribute was added by Al Hamilton on 6th May 2016

"Sylvia, Howard, family & friends.  Wedding & other anniversaries focus our hearts on 'love everlasting' with wishes to both for continued happiness.
  Every year on this date & many in-between, memories of Mark cloud our hearts & minds.  I know he is blessed to be in heaven & (I believe) hears our thoughts and feels our love.  I remember & miss his 'wit', 'perspective' and 'heart'.  We had many talks one-to-one. I miss those, but we still talk occasionally, I just regret I don't get to hear His Side. But, our remembering Mark, reaches his heart Everytime!  Heaven is Filled With Love, Forgiveness and Family!  I pray for all I see listed on this memorial.   Howard, You are the Best Brother Any Man Can Have!"

This tribute was added by Kim Duffy on 6th May 2016

"Happy birthday Markie! I miss you. Love, Kim"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 6th May 2016

"Mark, here's a candle for your 45th birthday my sweet son.  I can't believe we are coming up on two years that you've been gone.  I miss you more every day.  I know that you are at peace and I love you so very much. Your little surprises I keep finding cheer me up and make my days go by so much better.  I love you, I love you, I love you.  The hole in my heart will always be there until I see you again.  Love Mom"

This tribute was added by Vicki Oliver on 6th May 2016

"Seeing photos of Mark from family, helps me to know more about him. I read comments and learn more of his character and personality. I wish I had known him better. I think from knowing Ron and Sylvia so much of them was in Mark....that was a good thing. There are no adequate words that seem to be just the right ones, other than how sorry we are that you are going through such grief, and loss.  We love you, pray for you, and are inspired with your advocacy for families dealing with that situation also. God bless."

This tribute was added by Leroy/Laura Hamilton on 24th June 2015

"Mark, I am sorry that I did stress how much we wanted you to come and stay for a while here in Mississippi when you answered my e-mail request.  It may not be long that you and I will discuss there in heaven just after I talk to our Lord"

This tribute was added by Kim Duffy on 23rd June 2015

"I miss you Markie"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 23rd June 2015

"My precious angel -- it's been one year since you decided to leave us.  I miss everything about you, even your quirky sense of humor.  I get ready to say something to you or pick up the phone and call you and hate that I can't talk to you -- but I am talking to you every day and I hope you get the love from my heart for you.  I'm so sorry you were so very sad -- and I'm more sorry I couldn't take it away.  Give Grandpa a hug from me and you both keep busy talking about history and all the wonderful things you have in common.  I love my precious son.  Mom"

This tribute was added by Terri Hamilton on 23rd June 2015

"I sooo miss you cuz! I just sent the pic to your mom of you and Tammi when we came to Austin. I love you and miss you!"

This tribute was added by Andrea Braden on 23rd June 2015

I never got the privilege to meet you or know you but just the fact that you are Sylvia's son tells me that you are a true gem and an Angel and anyone that never got the privilege of knowing you truly missed out on something so very special. We all know you're in the loving hands of our Lord and God and that gives us comfort just in knowing that. You are no longer in pain and that also gives us great comfort. May the Lord be with you and comfort you and keep you safe and may the Lord comfort your family and all who knew you on this day of remembrance God bless you all. Amen"

This tribute was added by Joe Duffy on 6th May 2015

"Happy birthday, Mark.  How much I wish we could have spent it together, hanging out and smoking cigars and pipes, discussing interesting books and politics and religion.  But I'm sure you're doing all of that, just somewhere else in this universe.  We all miss you very much."

This tribute was added by Brenda Berryman on 6th May 2015

"Dear Mark and family,  I remember when Mark was born and how happy and proud all his family was. A wonderful son that blessed his family with many happy years. He is loved and missed NY so many people. He must have been an angel sent for special reasons. In his absence there is much sorrow. But by his presence here there is great joy to be remembered. God bless all who love and miss him."

This tribute was added by Al Hamilton on 6th May 2015

"If I could hug him once more, I would say this:  Mark, many times I visited  you & your dad - each time, I wanted to hear what your joys & challenges were.  Many times, I wanted to 'encourage' you and felt I did. But in all of life, you usually get back,  more than you give. You Always did that for me. You truly had a 'deep concern for others' - You Really Care About Others (most times, more than yourself). This level of 'humility' is seldom attained by 'regular people'....but, You "LIVED Humility".  You what, So Did Christ!  I look forward to our 'Heavenly Reunion'.  "Uncle Alvin" (Al Hamilton)"

This tribute was added by Kim Duffy on 6th May 2015

"Happy birthday Markie! If there is any justice in the world, you are somewhere celebrating with friends, smoking a Cuban cigar, talking philosophy and obscure court cases, while making them laugh their asses off. I miss you."

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 6th May 2015

"Happy 44th Birthday my precious son. It's been a tough year for us but I know that you're at peace and that gives me so much comfort. Awhile back it was suggested that I list the things about you that I'm grieving over. Well the list is long but here goes:  your sense of humor, my comedian, my historian, my listener, my grocery shopping companion, my buddy to walk with, my hug giver, my expert on church history. But I want you to know I'm working so hard at being accepting of everyone just like you are. I never heard you talk bad about anyone. We are getting ready to go to the beach and send you some balloons so be watching my little one. May God and his angels surround you with love and comfort. I love you Mom"

This tribute was added by Betty Sandefur on 6th May 2015

"Celebrate all of the joy that the birth of your firstborn brought. Celebrate in every way possible. Remember even the silly things, the sleepless nights, the burp rags, the flutters of his eyelids as he slept, the times you got up in the night just to check on him, the fears you felt as he started to school, the way you managed to survive his teen years ... all of it, Sylvia ... for all of it grew you into the AWESOME mother, the AMAZING woman of God that you are, and the FAITHFUL friend that I admire so greatly. I love you very, very much.  Forever your friend."

This tribute was added by Kyle Phillips on 8th March 2015

"Mark was my best friend. I am grateful for the 23 years we had to contemplate life, cruise all over Austin, pull silly pranks, listen to music, etc. In a way I saw him as my older brother. I remember him having integrity, being selfless, and loving animals. It's hard to think I won't get to hear his voice anymore. I believe he is at peace. I love you Mark, and I support you on your journey. I know you'll understand me when I say, in the ol' south Austin tradition, "Fair Sailing Tall Boy"."

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 4th July 2014

"Thinking of you my baby boy this morning.  I miss you so much but I want you to understand that I know you tried probably more than anyone that has ever had mental problems to make yourself better.  Your case worker told me you were one of the few that ever followed the goals that you set out for yourself.  You are the least worldly person I have ever known -- you never asked for anything financially or earthly.  You were happy with whatever anyone did.  Ron and I have broken hearts and miss you so very much but I know that you are at peace.  Thank you for being the most precious son a mother could ever want.  I love you, love you, love you! Mom"

This tribute was added by Jamie Kizer on 30th June 2014

"Sylvia, Kim, Ron and Joe,   Yesterday when I was about an hour from home I ran into a torrential downpour.  It rained so hard and I could barely see to drive and then all the big 18 wheelers would pass and throw just buckets of standing water onto my windshield.  It was so nerve-wracking and stressful and I was so unsure of myself and felt in such danger. Then,  as I was almost home the storm abruptly ended and the hard rain suddenly stopped.  The sky was a beautiful blue and the sun  was shining  brightly and everything was so clear and brilliant.  My drive suddenly went from terrifying and troubled to easy and peaceful.  And then I thought of Mark and his journey and that that must've been like what God did for him last Monday.  Everything that had been so so difficult and such a struggle suddenly became so unbelievably easy.  All his troubles were over and his days were all filled with peace and joy.  When I thought of all that, I felt so much better and was so thankful that Mark's storm was over and his journey now was easy.  I know his absence leaves you so sad and I am sad for that.  Where once things were easy for us and difficult for him,  things are now going his way for a change and we are left with the tougher challenge.  With God's grace and comfort, we will walk that tough road but all the time knowing that it's our turn to to let Mark have the easy days.  That's the way I'm gonna think of it.  We will keep You,  Kim,  Ron & Joe in our thoughts and prayers and know now that Mark is up there as your Angel watching over you!  I loved being around y'all and miss y'all now! Please take care, I love you!"

This tribute was added by Al Hamilton on 30th June 2014

"I will always cherish my conversations with Mark each time I visited him and Howard.  A very special & sensitive person (I wish the world had more like him).  Always respectful and encouraging. I, like Mark, have a 'sensitive heart'. Sometimes, (because we care so deeply), a Tender Heart is Easily Broken.  Mark was a 'healing' to mine & made me believe I was a 'healing & encouragement' to him.  I know he is in Heaven now and that is something to comfort all who have a 'void' in their heart. May you be 'healed & comforted' Knowing Mark Is In Good Hands Now!  Bless you All, especially Howard, Sylvia, Ron, Kim and Hundreds of others who will continue to Remember & Love Mark!"

This tribute was added by marilyn rees on 28th June 2014

"A memory from Josh Rees. "Mark was such a nice kid. He always watched out for me and treated me like family. I had a lot of fun times hanging out at his house. He was where I first watched James Bond 007 and played on my first PC." Sylvia, he asked me to tell you and Kim that his thoughts and prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Tom Nuckels on 27th June 2014

"Sylvia, Ron, and Kim,
May God be ever near to you during this difficult time.  Our prayers are with you. Grace and peace, Tom & Janice Nuckels"

This tribute was added by marilyn rees on 26th June 2014

"I remember the Leander gang - Mark and Kim, the Sandefur kids, the Waley kids, and Josh in the van on the way to Brentwood Christian School every Monday-Friday. Oh some of the antics on those rides. I cherish those memories. I still use a mug they all signed and gave me (Sylvia's idea I'm sure) for a pen/pencil holder. I'm so sorry that time and distance have separated us all. My love and prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Betty Sandefur on 26th June 2014

"I remember Mark as a young boy, with an always-ready smile, and a dry wit that often made us laugh out loud. He had a mind that wanted to keep learning because it could retain so much information! I am so sorry I didn't know him as a man, but from things I have read right here, I know that he continued amazing and amusing those around him ... and that he was GREATLY loved. I am continually praying for comfort for those, especially Sylvia and Kim, who are deeply hurting today, feeling such a huge hole in their hearts. May God fill them up with love, peace, and comfort that only He can provide."

This tribute was added by Andrea Braden on 26th June 2014

"I never got to personally meet you Mark but I did know your mom and I could tell by all the loving posts here that you were a kind a loving man and made everyone around you happy and made them laugh a lot. Your mom was so very proud of you and loved you more than you will ever know. You will be greatly missed by many many people. I am  sorry that I never got the privilege to meet you.  Our prayers are with you Sylvia and Ron and all your family.  May the the Lord be with you all and give you the strength to get through this time of sorrow. Amen"

This tribute was added by Helen Rogers on 25th June 2014

"My nephew, Mark, will be so missed by his cousins and me.  Even though we did not get together often, it was always a treat when we did.  We will miss his great impressions of grandpa, his never ending wit and his concern and love for others.  I know he has now found the peace which he so deeply deserved and needed."

This tribute was added by Howard Hamilton on 25th June 2014

"Mark and I have spent many joyous times together over the years.  Mark, you will be sorely missed.  You have been and will continue to be in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Kim Bohot on 25th June 2014

"From those early days of knowing Mark in school and then into adulthood, I cannot think of Mark without first thinking of his most memorable trait: his sense of humor.  It is an endearing quality that many seem to remember about Mark.  So even in this time of loss and sadness, I cannot help but smile as I remember Mark--his unique sense of humor, his antics, and his witty remarks.  He brought smiles and laughter in his lifetime and they continue on ever after.  We miss you, Mark."

This tribute was added by Joe Duffy on 24th June 2014

"I only had the privilege of meeting Mark -- or Markie as I learned to know him, via Kim -- just a few years ago.

But I loved Mark as a brother as soon as I met him.  He was always deeply genuine and curious, and I was always stunned by how he picked up an interest in virtually everything, ranging from history to Catholicism to politics to law to science to engineering to whatever Kim and I were up to lately with our work to everything in-between.

I’ll never forget discussing such matters over cigars and pipes, and the last time he even loaned me some of his books for further reading.  His intrigue never ran empty.  I was always impressed by his mind.

I’m sure I didn't appreciate even ½ of Mark’s jokes, but I chuckled every time I saw a picture of a “bad doggie” posted to Kim’s wall on Facebook.  I think it’s safe to say that he and Kim share a uniquely witty sense of humor.

From the day I met Mark, I only ever got unconditional support and love.  He welcomed me into the family without question or pause, and for that I am eternally thankful.  I feel so lucky to have met Mark, and I will miss him immensely."

This tribute was added by Terri Hamilton on 24th June 2014

"Our guardian angel! I love you Mark! I am going to miss our messaging back and forth. You are the light! We will all meet again. I would sometimes have to ask you the meaning/history of your FB pics and you kept me intrigued by those stories and your beautiful faith you found in God! I know you are by HIS side preparing for the feast when we all meet again! I LOVE U COUSIN!!!"

This tribute was added by Mary Thompson on 24th June 2014

"We only remember being around Mark when he was a small child.  He was a precious child along with his sister Kim.  We visited them in Austin, and they visited us in our home here in Ms.  Oh how I wish we hadn't lost touch over the years.  We only recently reconnected, tho we never saw him as a grown man, only in pictures.  He was a very handsome  young man .  And I know if he took after his mother, he must have been so special.  Rest in peace dear Mark, and may God be with your family."

This tribute was added by Vicki Oliver on 24th June 2014

"I did not know Mark for a long time. I met him in Temple.  He was visiting Sylvie and Ron.  He indeed had a sense of humor.  He was easy and fun to talk to.  He really knew the computer stuff and advised me on some problems I was having. I remember when I left, I had met a special person, and he just happened to belong to one of my best friends.  We had the privilege a few weeks ago, while visiting in Branson, to spend time with Ron, Sylvia, and Mark.  We had fun being serenaded at a restaurant while we had dimmer.  We all went to a great show and had a lot of fun.  I remember telling him goodbye, we'd see him the next, now the next time will be in Heaven with our other friends and relatives. We loved you and your family. GOD BLESS."

This tribute was added by Kim Duffy on 24th June 2014

"Mark was a brilliant curator of historical tales. When he was interested in a topic, he would read everything there was to know about it. That combined with his excellent memory (a skill he exclusively inherited), and most importantly, sense of humor, made him the best story-teller. Some of my favorite stories were ones he told about legal proceedings in the middle ages against mice, and how lawyers actually petitioned on their behalf.

Mark was a comedic mastermind. Telemarketers had no chance against his wit, as their call became his opportunity to lure them into a strange tale about why he needed their services. Wild, unruly monkey invasion requiring carpet cleaning services, etc. We liked to think he was providing a diversion to the otherwise boring job of cold calls.

Mark will always be my hero, my comedic icon, and my dear big brother. Love always."

This tribute was added by Dan Hughes on 24th June 2014

"Mark was my first friend in America. I had just come back from living many years overseas and I had little (if any) sense for the ways of teenage life in the US. Mark didn't care that I pulled my socks up to my knees and didn't really watch TV. He was kind to me, and along with Kim, became my lifeline in a very bumpy cultural transition.

I have so many fond memories of our days in Austin. Everything we did, no matter how mundane, were reasons to laugh. Driving aimlessly around town in the Nova (and later the Mustang) listening to metal on cassette tapes (and occasionally U2 for the Kims :)). Going through drive-thrus at pawn shops seeing what we could get for random things. Mark putting Chrissy the dog up on the mantle in the duplex and then calling her name incessantly. Sitting in the hot tub and wondering out loud about life. The little things that would generally go unconsidered in the stories we tell about our lives were better because we did them together. I am deeply grateful for the time we had."

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 24th June 2014

"Our precious Mark, we miss you so much.  Our hearts are breaking so and I know you are in a place where you don't have to worry about being in pain any longer.  We love you, Mom and Ron"

This tribute was added by Sylvia Ratley on 24th June 2014

"Our precious son -- We don't know what we will do without you -- you have blessed us for 43 years and you'll never know how much we love you.  My baby!  You have always been there for us!"

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