Let the memory of Mark be with us forever
  • 61 years old
  • Born on May 2, 1954 .
  • Passed away on June 27, 2015 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mark Snedden, 61, born on May 2, 1954 and passed away on June 27, 2015. We will remember him forever.

Please click on the "His Life" tab for details on the Memorial Service on Sunday, July 12th, 2015 from 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm. 

Posted by Ana Sierra on 28th June 2018
Sending love to your family. Grateful for your friendship.
Posted by Ana Sierra on 2nd May 2018
Good friends are always missed and I have not forgotten Mark. His kindness and humor are timeless. I send thoughts of comfort and healing to Jean and his children always.
Posted by Ron Nixon on 2nd May 2017
Mark, I miss talking and hanging out at your garage while you worked. You could always make me laugh, and were so helpful when I needed it. Thank you.
Posted by Ana Sierra on 2nd May 2017
Still missing you friend and praying that your family is comforted by the love poured on them.
Posted by Randy Asbjornsen on 27th June 2016
It's hard to believe a year has passed already. Many times when I start out to my office in the morning I expect to see Mark in the driveway or in the shop and then I realize that I am not going to see him. A feeling of sadness comes over me. I'm amazed at how much I miss the man. What a great guy.
Posted by Ron Nixon on 11th July 2015
My heart goes out to the Snedden family at this time of sorrow and grief. As Mark's neighbor, I shall always be grateful for the automotive help he gave me in my moments of need. He saved my bacon on more than one occasion, for which he often refused payment for his services or offered them at an excellent price. I shall also miss his good sense of humor and all of the bull sessions we had together while he worked in his garage. His kindness and generosity will not be forgotten. May his light always shine on.
Posted by Marry Fesler on 8th July 2015
I was looking for a specific picture of Mark in a black suit with white fur all over the back,cutersy of our pet but what I found was Mark in the back ground of many pictures- cooking-setting out chairs-putting away groceries -packing luggage- just doing whatever was necessary to make our family vacations flow-Mark will be so missed---
Posted by Ana Sierra on 8th July 2015
I moved into the neighborhood 15 years ago and got to know Mark, the most friendly neighbor in a sweet corner of Proctor full of friendly neighbors. His wit, humor, appetite, mechanic skills, kindness, and sweet tooth revealed themselves to me over the years. I'll always remember the time some unnamed mechanic told me that I needed to replace my transmission for some astronomical amount that I couldn't afford. Mark fixed it in no time and it cost me maybe $50. Mark loved that one! He always made me laugh. I loved just dropping by to talk about nothing and everything. Or to watch TV, hear about the kids, the nieces/nephews, or just how good the ice cream was that I brought over the other day and how he couldn't afford the calories. What I appreciated most was how Mark made me feel like I was part of this big family and I could count on him to help out if I needed something. He was kindness and joy with no B.S. He cherished every moment, from making fun of me for forgetting my keys to looking forward to greeting the little boy across the street every morning through their windows. Mark's left a big hole and I will always miss him. Anytime I think of him I always smile, even laugh, and honor how he lived, full of life and love for his Jean, his family, and his friends. May God bless you Mark and may you rest in peace.
Posted by Randy Asbjornsen on 7th July 2015
" As I am a neighbor I would look forward to stopping and talking to Mark as I was on my way to the office. We would joust back and forth, he accusing me of keeping him from working and I would tell him he would get more done if he didn't BS so much. Some truth in both I guess. It didn't take long for me to realize that Mark was truly a stand up guy with a huge heart. He helped countless numbers of people by repairing their cars when they could not of afforded it otherwise. His passing saddens me and leaves a void in my life."
Posted by Helen Bache on 7th July 2015
Mark's death is an enormous loss for so many people...his beloved Jean, his children and many, many friends. I am deeply saddened and feel the loss of a dependable friend, sensible advisor and ready consultant. I learned that Mark had good advice about so many things that came up in my life, caring for my car or house or property or just living life. He gave help so freely again and again. I look across the street and look for him in his great workshop, talking to the many people who looked to him for advice and help. I am filled with sadness but can see him with that big smile, bending over a car with tools in hand, helping another of the many people who knew they had found a good man and friend. Once time has passed and the shock and grief around his death has eased, I would like to look across the street and have happy memories and be grateful that he was a part of my life and an enormous gift to our neighborhood. Love to his family and especially to Jean. Helen Bache LOVE the pictures! Thank You for them!
Posted by Jean Snedden on 5th July 2015
An elderly woman was walking home from Safeway, several bags on each arm. Mark was working on a car in his garage as the lady walked by, looked at Mark and said "I think I bought more than I could carry this far, if I pay you, will you give me a ride the rest of my way home?" Mark stopped what he was doing, loaded her up in his truck and gave her a ride home. I am sure he just laughed if she tried to pay him. / geraldine
Posted by Lisa Altenburg on 5th July 2015
My Uncle Mark never failed with funny witty comments, and he always made us laugh even if it took us a minute for the joke to register, because he mastered that art like it takes years for some comedians to understand subtlety, and when ya got it, it was aaaaahhhh I get it. He was very good. In all honestly I wasn't super close with uncle Mark later in life mostly because I lived so far away, but it was very apparent that his love for his family was a priority and no one can ask for anything more. I am celebrating Mark's life with you and I share your grief. Much Love, Lisa Altenburg
Posted by Rick Phillips on 5th July 2015
Mark was a practical and utilitarian man. When I was a young lawyer, practicing in Tacoma and living in Bellevue, Mark came in to my office one day. He had a rental house not far from where he and Jean lived, and there were squatters there. He wanted to know how he could get them out legally, I proceeded to brief him on the law of unlawful detainer, how much it would cost, how he might have to have the sheriff evict them, all at his expense, and how it would probably take six weeks to six months. He never came back to my office. At the next family gathering, I asked him what happened, "I left your office, went home, got in my pickup, drove to the house and I knocked on the door. A woman answered, and I said 'I own this house and you have to move. If you want, I have my truck here and I'll help you, Otherwise, the Sheriff will do it.' They put their stuff in my truck and I moved them"
Posted by Gigi Gunderson on 4th July 2015
So many things could be said in memory of Mark....he was my neighbor and friend for 18 years. His life impacted mine in a very profound way. A few months after my divorce in 1999 Mark came over and suggested I go out to dinner with a friend of his from work who's wife had recently left him. I was less than enthused but Mark felt we could be a good match. His instinct was spot on. Guy and I fell in love and married 13 years later. I had no children of my own but instantly fell in love with his. They have been the light of my life and I became a grandmother 2 and a half years ago. Around 2007 I had shown interest in learning to "flip" real estate as I had watched Mark have success with it. He offered to show me how and we partnered investing in a condo. He worked diligently for many hours updating our investment. The market fell apart around that time and we couldn't sell it for a good profit and decided to keep it as a rental. Mark and Jean handled the management for quite some time and taught me how to do it myself. I have since invested in more rentals and have a nice income from them. As everyone knows, Mark was a mechanic extraordinaire and he has worked on every member of my family's cars. Always at very little profit. He was a loving father and husband, friend to many and always at the ready to lend a helping hand to someone in need. I don't think there is a nearby neighbor he has not helped with an act (many) of kindness. When my husband and I have a financial problem, we look at each other and repeat Mark's often said and sincere phrase "It's only money". It is no exaggeration to say Mark is responsible for my happiness and financial well being. He was a great man and the world was a better place with him in it.
Posted by Tanya Case on 4th July 2015
I am deeply saddened by the loss of this wonderful man. I've known mark my entire life he may as well been an uncle to me . He always helped me with all of my cars I love him and will miss him dearly . love and prayers to you Jean , Sarah, and Adam.

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