Shared by Richard Bogen on February 15, 2020
I moved to Albany in 2009 for my internship and met Mark on craigslist within a month, looking for people to play music with.  He was such an authentic and gentle spirit.  I really lucked out meeting him.  We started playing, and had a little folk band we called Willingdone Museyroom  (I posted a couple of songs in the gallery section).  I was only there for less than a year, but Mark made a lasting impression on me.  I really enjoyed singing with him.  I couldn't find a recording of "Flower In the Wildwood" but I always really liked the way he sang that one.  I could never pull it off without him!  
Shared by Betsy Cotrona on February 11, 2020
I will always remember Mark as a bright, insightful and kind soul. The world is better for his having been here. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends who love and miss him dearly. 

Thanks for all the memories old friend.

Shared by Ian Eskander on February 10, 2020
Mark was such a sweet friend. I played in my first band with Mark and Andy when I was only fourteen years old. We had many adventures in the short time we lived near each other. I’ll always remember Mark’s humor, Intelligence, and ability to be in-the-moment. I was depressed for a year, when I found out we were leaving East Aurora for California when I was fifteen. I couldn’t imagine leaving my buddies, Mark and Andy. I remember jamming in the Stack’s band room in the winter. I remember painting Mark’s drum set with blue and purple whales. We smoked cigars while on some backwoods walkabout. As freshman. I remember feeling like kings of East Aurora high school when we rocked at the talent show. Mark was the humble one, and kept us grounded. I’ll always remember his smile and laugh. He was a really good human being and will be dearly missed.

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