her Life

Marlene Harnamji

I met Marlene when she was 15yrs old, she was pretty as a china doll.  At this time Marcus and Marlene just started dating and visited for a bit at my home.  I had no clue this pretty bright girl would be my sister one day. 

I remember attending her graduation, where she graduated with honors.  She was class president and a leader to many.  She had big dreams of becoming a pharmacist.  I remember laughing over some of the medical terms she learned, and was proud of her all at the same time.  She was definitely an ambitious young lady.  My brother being silly was like "oh yea, Marlene gonna make some Benjamin's.. and we gone be living good"

Marlene attended Remington, and was a certified pharmacy technician.  She worked at CVS.

We shared so many fun times together.  She was a great confident!  She was kind! She was loving!! She was protective!! She was a dreamer!! She was ambitious!! She had an amazing smile, the cutest giggle!!  She loved her some Marcus!!  On the flip side, she was ready to throw down and kick some butt if anyone messed with her loved ones!! 

She loved her family, her husband and ALL of her pets!  She definitely loved to shop and hang out as much as possible.  Most of all she loved to be love.

I'm truly honored to have known Marlene- she was a dear friend, sister and confident.