Posted by lisa ford on November 22, 2010
The holidays are here, and I cannot help but think of one particular holiday we shared together. Most people dont know what we went through that night. You were my worldly angel that night< NOW ur one of my heavenly angels. Naturally the thought of what if I had, why didnt I, Maybe I could have thoughts enter my mind. But I will focus on our good times and remember the Marlene I adored.
Posted by lisa ford on November 13, 2010
Love you!! Miss You!!
Posted by Niki Martinez on November 10, 2010
I just wanted to say thank you for all the beautiful moments we shared and that you were a REAL friend of mine. I wish that we had kept in touch more often and that I could've been there when you were sick. There are so many things that I wish for and regret not doing but in the end, I am very thankful to have met you and I have been blessed with an angel like you. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Natalie Alfaro on November 10, 2010
Marlene just want to let you know u were the kind of friend that are hard to find. You were so sweet and kind with that beautiful smile of yours that could light up any room . I love you and miss u so much . I will always have you in my heart (Rest In Peace Sweetie)

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