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March 19, 2019

I was lucky enough to enter the family 15 years ago and I will never forget how welcomed I always felt by Marlyn. I instantly loved her and remember telling Ryan that she was a gem in his family. Throughout the years I have loved being around her, seeing my kids glow in her presence, and seeing all of her wonderful items she would mail and give to us. All items handwritten, drawn, homemade, etc. The birthday cards written on paper,peanut newspaper clippings, and handwritten notes are unique to Marlyn and will forever be missed. I will miss the annual Easter egg hunts in the back yard. I will miss the annual frontiers days parade. I will miss spontaneously dropping her off fresh tomatoes from shaws farm. I will miss so much about Marlyn but will forever be thankful to have known her and to have my kids be a part of her life. <3

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