Stefan Jentoft Comments in Her Final Weeks

Shared by Keith Jentoft on August 7, 2020
Grandma, you have touched my life in so many ways.  Your constant energy unfailingly optimistic outlook on life, and your deep and steadfast faith have all inspired me and buoyed me up in my endeavors. For as many times as you've said "My idea of adventure is hanging a difficult piece of wallpaper," I have so many memories of stories you've told of an active, impactful life that you've led. From whitewater rafting the Colorado to organizing Sunday schools, to setting up Camp Cousin, I have looked up to your drive to live life to the fullest and to care for those within your sphere of influence.

Whatever I have been going through in the ups and downs of my own life, you have been a steadying presence. Whatever struggle or joy I've been experiencing, I have always been able to count on you for a sympathetic or equally jubilant ear to hear me out. Moreover, in you I have had a friend with whom to spend countless hours talking about shared loves of history, genealogy, art, and music. You have inspired me to continue to grow not only as a musician and artist, but in my faith in so, so many ways.

In short, she is as brave, faithful, caring, loving, generous, and devoted a friend and grandmother as one could ask for with a vivacity and character wrapped up in a physical stature perfect for bear hugs.

A treasured friend

Shared by Larry Ballard on July 23, 2020
We lived together and shared life together with Kip and Marlys at Daystar in St. Louis Park. We also ministered together at Twin City Fellowship in Minneapolis, MN. We considered both Marlys and Kip, not just coworkers, but also as close, dear, friends. We have many wonderful memories that we will cherish forever.

My wife Violet and Marlys shared a special bond as piano players and lovers of worship. We spent many hours worshipping the Lord together.

One special memory was an outreach trip we took together to Mexico in 1981. What an adventure! Our love for Kip, Marlys and their family will always remain in our hearts. Thank you, Lord for the gift of the Jentoft family into our lives. 

Amy (Hallberg) Stephens' Comments

Shared by Karl Jentoft on July 19, 2020

Staying at the lake with Kip & Mar. Swimming in the docked in area and playing in the little log house.

Kip & Mar came out to Mom &  Dad's on the new motorcycle. Mar got off and said something about balance! She had SAS shoes on and the soles had melted from resting on the exhaust pipes of the cycle. We all had a good laugh!

Ella Thompson's Comments

Shared by Karl Jentoft on July 19, 2020

Dear Grandma Marlys,

I am eternally grateful for the role you have played in my life. While I don't remember your presence during my earliest years of life, I very much so appreciate the fact that you were there and there often. It's very special to me that you were able to be there for my birth and made it a priority to spend so much time with my siblings and I when we were little. Some of my favorite memories are when you and Grandpa came to visit us in Texas and we would draw and make crafts together. The lessons you gave me around  art and music have served me my entire life and I have no doubt they will continue to do so. Along with this, I look back extremely fondly on  the  summers  spent at Camp Cousins. It was not only valuable to be able to spend time with you and grandpa in that way but  spending  time with our cousins was also a special experience, so thank you for  providing such a gift. Additionally,  your  creativity and dedication to creating the scrapbooks preserve the memories and allow me to revisit those happy times. You are one of the most creative and artistically gifted people that I know, and  I'm  happy  to know that any of my own artistic inclinations I've most definitely inherited from you

Recently, I have really enjoyed our frequent conversations and check - ins. It has been great hearing more about the family history and your side of the family. Thank you so much for sharing these fascinating stories and always  sharing with me your love.

I can't believe how strong you've been these past few months. You are a true hero of mine and one of the most selfless people I know. You  are  eternally optimistic and cheerful and it's truly astounding how anytime I speak with you you are always in good spirits. I cannot overstate the positive  influence  that you've had on my life and  how appreciative I am of your presence in it .

Love, Ella

Marty Pfotenhauer's Comments

Shared by Karl Jentoft on July 19, 2020

When we lived on 131st Avenue in Blaine, Marlys and I walked every morning.  Kip and Marlys came to Way of the Cross, which is now Way of the Lord Church.

The church was right across the street. These  were the days of "Genesis."    We really  got bonded together.  We shared our deepest thoughts. We shared a lot of deep feelings about our families and husbands. When one opens up her feelings with another person you become very close friends. That we were! Since then, both of us having moved away, we have become more distant, but the bond remains. We still love each other very much, though not in close contact.

My love to Marlys,


Keith Jentoft's Comments

Shared by Karl Jentoft on July 19, 2020

Arriving at Albert Lea expressed the fruit of seeds God had planted in the lives of Mom and Dad and the fulfillment of hopes and dreams acquired in their journey through their Christian life.As their eldest son, I had been a first-hand witness to that journey and I can say that all of us children were blessed by what happened in Albert Lea, both for my parents and for the church.For me it was the very best time for my mother as she poured herself out for the church community and especially the young people. She touched many lives and made many friends, loving well and being loved. It was in Albert Lea that the fruit of the Spirit seemed most abundant. I am grateful for the opportunity to witness the life and love of God in that final stage of their ministry together as a couple investing in eternal fruit that made a difference in so many lives.

I have also been blessed by the community we found at Select Senior Living. God was gracious to provide such a place for Mom with opportunities to continue to love and give and a loving and caring staff that went out of their way to reciprocate and care for her. God has been so kind to my mother through the hands and faces at Select senior Living and we are very grateful.


Karl Jentoft's Comments

Shared by Karl Jentoft on July 19, 2020
When your parents have children as young, as ours did, you have the opportunity to watch your parents grow up with you.  It has been a pleasure to watch my mother learn and grow as a person as she went through life. Throughout the years, I have seen my mother try and live a life that was consistent with her beliefs and values. As a human, she sometimes made mistakes, but she was consistently looking to learn and improve as a person and a mother.

My mom has always been someone who has tried to get involved and make a difference wherever she was. She was always looking to engage and worked to contribute to her community. She was creative, enjoyed doing projects and had a passion for getting things done. She loved to talk with people, listen to their stories, and engage with them.  As she grew with knowledge and experience, she was able to blossom in her work with the local community and her church. 

Her arrival in Albert Lea provided her an opportunity to put her talents and experience to work. Mom was able to connect with the people in the church and community.  She formed lasting bonds with the congregation and helped make a difference in many people’s lives.  It was especially fun to see her passion for the youth group and their music. She loved the impact she had with the community through the clothing giveaways and her involvement with the victims crisis hotline.

Her work continued when she moved into Select Senior Living in Coon Rapids.  She volunteered her time to help with music, art and other activities in an effort to strengthen her new community.

I am proud of my mom for the impact she has had on people throughout her life.

Myrna Hallberg's Recollections

Shared by Karl Jentoft on July 19, 2020
Easter Drives

Early spring in Duluth-cabin again-oh oh someone lost a shoe.Another exciting Easter was a quick scenic drive before dinner at the Jentoft house. Off the four of us went again .Kip suggested Lester Park but thought we should adventure down the road a little further. Ended up in mud up to the bumpers.Had to take off socks and shoes, roll up pants etc. and walk in mud to thankfully a friendly farmer.Had to pull us out with his biggest tractor.Needless to say we were very late for dinner. Mom's greeting "where have you kids been?" (she was really fuming). Kip said like the proverbial fly on the toilet seat she's p_ off. Ice was broken and laughter took over.

Cabin Memories

We washed a lot of dishes for Mom& Dad's get-togethers. And again with our friends and families as they started to grow. A few chuckles with power problems, storms and a healing of a fly in the   .We could go on! Fun times with boating and water skiing.

Myrnie - only Grandpa Doc and Marlys could get away with calling her that.

High School

Fri. nights, the four of us and Mom would make homemade pizzas and watch "Have Gun Will Travel" on the TV. We had some good times at high school dances and parties. Kip was behind the camera a lot! Then off to college he went! We brought baby Dan home from hospital on Christmas Eve. He cried and cried all night, Myrna cried and cried. Next day called Mar, said she would help and spend the night. After that night, her first words were "buy a pacifier." Wise words - problem solved.

When kids were little, we went camping near Bemidji. Kids, parents and horse flies!! First night Mar got stuck in the fly paper while tending to one of the kids. Her famous words that night were "If I hadn't been camping before, I'd never go again!"

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