This tribute was added by Janet Kretzschmar on August 1, 2020
from GENE:
   Kip and Marlys are dear friends of ours for years at WOTL. Kip did one of our children's orthodontics. We loved worshipping with Marlys in the lead.
We visited with them several times in Albert Lea on our way through town.
   On July 6,2020, while in Mercy Hospital with a heart issue, I had Kip come to mind. I have asked the Lord why he came to mind. I believe Elohiym loves the processes in our lives here, and in heaven. Kip was being alerted in heaven to get a reception ready for his Bride coming home soon! He was forerunning: the Lord is preparing a grand celebration for each of us.
   Be blessed and comforted. We will see them soon.

from JANET:
   They were wonderful people, so thoughtful and kind. 
   Our great sympathies to the family!
This tribute was added by Renae Follmuth on July 28, 2020
Marlys taught me to play chord piano music 30 years ago when I was a teenager. Though it was for only about 6 months, she had a profound impact on my life beyond just playing music. I remember her fondly. ❤️
This tribute was added by Anne Herr on July 26, 2020
I remember the first time I met Marlys. Karl and I were dating and she came out to DC to visit. I was meeting them at a restaurant and I was late--I was so nervous that I scraped my car against a pillar in the parking garage. However there was no need to worry as it turned out that Marlys was one of the least intimidating people ever and her warmth shone through from the very first meeting. Marlys defines what is means to be a people person. She was always curious about and genuinely interested in other people, and her warm hospitality always made me feel at home. 

In addition to memories, we have so many tangible recollections of Marlys--from paintings, rosemal furniture, and hand-crocheted afghans, to beloved family recipes and special grandma books recording visits and the details of everyday life. Most of all I see a lot of her in Karl, and am grateful.
This tribute was added by Elizabeth Houvener on July 24, 2020
Before Kip and Marlys moved to Albert Lea, they were our neighbors across the street and I had piano lessons with Marlys. The Heirs had many memories over the years with them. One of my favorite memories was actually after I had moved East, getting to see them when they visited DC and giving them a tour of the Capitol building where I was working on Capitol Hill. Their intensity for God and zest for life was infectious and will be very much missed.
This tribute was added by Diane Williams on July 23, 2020
When I think of Marlys, the words, 'a life well lived' comes to mind. She lived with zest and passion, with beautiful music, and beautiful artwork. But mostly she lived with an eye for eternity - a love for the Lord, and for all people. Marlys (and Kip) always encouraged me in missions - serving together on a missions task force at Way of the Cross (Lord) church, and continuing to welcome me and listen when I was on home visits, either up at their place at Okontoe or in their home in Albert Lea. I count it a privilege to have known such a godly woman who used her talents for His glory!

This tribute was added by Bonnie Beckstrom on July 22, 2020
Marlys was a dear friend and mentor. We met at Way of the Cross church. She was an encourager as well as a great listener. One Christmas we made rosettes and thought green food dye would be Christmassy. Not a good idea. We also made cardamom bread together and when she moved to Albert Lea I would bring my bowls and ingredients and spend weekends with her baking. I am eternally grateful for the visit I had with her this past February prior to shutdown and I just spoke to her several weeks ago. God is good all the time.
This tribute was added by Sharon Brodin on July 22, 2020
Marlys made a huge impact on my life when I was a 20-something, just graduated from college and embarking on life. She and Kip were at Way of the Cross then, where she encouraged me non-stop to pursue all kinds of musical endeavors there.

She and Kip also had a lease campsite at Okontoe in those years, where I worked as summer staff. She would invite me into her camper for a Diet Pepsi and a chat there by the lake. She knew it was nice to talk to a grown-up once in awhile when surrounded by teenagers day and night :)

I've been blessed by Marlys's positive attitude, energy, creativity and encouragement for many decades.

Love to the family!

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