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Shared by kendra king on December 11, 2014

You kept us laughing hysterically all the time. I.miss u like family man cause u are fam. U used to pick on me but now i grew up and i know it was all fun and love. U were very harmless and kind. We truly miss having u around. I just wish god wouldn't gave u a chance to live life with us longer. Rest in.paradise keyso ❤

My Big Brother

Shared by Barbiee Beetch on January 29, 2012

i remeber u use to stael my ma car lol meme use to be the lookout shewas da only person my ma trustd in her room i remeber i walkd in der trinna get da keys she was like wat u doin and open her eyes till i left her room lol then u tried she was like unn unn wat u lookn for , so we finally talkd meme into get da keys she got em i remeber yo Exgirfriend raven was over der meme stayd she was da watch out lol me and raven went we was goin to get koo-koo i remeber like yesterday we had to push da car dwn the street before we startd it so my ma wouldnt hear da car cause dat toyota was loud bby. lol so we get koo-koo we headed bck to da house marquis goin super fast he kept askn is yall scared i was like i aint worried about it cus as soon as i see da police bby ima dive out da car while its movn and they gone be like sum jus droppd out da car ima get up and get to walkn up da highway u was dying laughn. marquis i love u so much u will neva be forgotten


my memory

Shared by Barbiee Beetch on January 29, 2012

i remeber one day i was across da street and me and minni men started fightn lil stony cuszn and i twerkd him i came across da street and went in da house u was standn in the door way and red sent minni men ova der with a newspapper tombout i dnt care if she is a gurl u betta go hit her back and i was behind u you had yo whole body in the door way like gone minni men he was breathn hard steady walkn up on u trinna get to me u was dying laughing like gone minni men for i move lol so i was like gone head move and u moved i got to twearkn  him again  u grabed me like dats enough laughn like come on get off him lol i will neva forget dat...

my son

Shared by Latonia Jackson on January 12, 2012

my son was born dec 15, 1989 he ,always was a quite kid wouldnt talk to noone but me, he was the prettiest child i  had , he stayed upunder me ,he always tryed to protect me, tried to be a big man at 10 ,he felt like he had to step up and help his single parent,,he would ask to borrow ten dollars to buy a pack of candy bars that had thirty in them, he would make 30 dollars, always coming home to try and give me every penny, i couldnt take his hard earned money,  he would go to the store and buy me a soda and hair gel anyway ,tears!!!!!!!!!!always wanted to make me happy ,and proud of him as he turned 17 he was my best friend, made sure i didnt need anyone or anything ,would always tel me he was proud to have me as his mom, he appreciated me when my other kids didnt ,i would see him when driving my school bus, he would whisstle to stop my bus to get on and kiss me ,and would hand me money ,cause he thought i needed it . when i would be running low on things in the house ,he wouldnt ask ,he would just buy ,everytime i close my eyes i can see his sad face he had, he knew he was leaving me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WinterTime(Younger Days)

Shared by Raven McBee on January 12, 2012

I Remember my Big Cousin stayin at my house alot..One winter Marquis,My Brothers,and Myself..Stayed inside watchin the same movie every single day.Sometimes my cousin would go to the store and buy a whole bunch of candy..He would hide it in the house && tell us whatever we find we can have and we would all be so happy..cause we loved candy but it was bigger...than the candy..This man was a walking gift from God and ill love him with all my heart till i take my last breath..I still thank god for u Marquis i thank him for sending u to our family&&giving us all the right to say u were a good person..For seeing&&remembering what a beautiful smile u had&&most of all for the love u showed us..I love u keyso..!Gone But Never Forgotten

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