Martha Laidlaw lived a complete and wonderful life and passed away comfortably in her sleep.

Let her never be forgotten
  • 97 years old
  • Born on February 19, 1917 .
  • Passed away on February 26, 2014 .

This site is dedicated to the memory of Martha Elizabeth Perrin Laidlaw. She was with us for 97 years. There will be a celebration of her life at a later date. Until that time please send your condolences and remembrances to this site so that her life and contributions will be remembered.

There are Photos in the Gallery and her Obituary is included.   Hopefully others will add stories of her life in Yates Center and Kansas City.   

There have been many responses on several social media sites and they are being collected here.   Please look under the Stories Tab to see additional condolences.

Posted by Tom Laidlaw on 19th February 2019
102 years. I miss you, Mom.
Posted by Tom Laidlaw on 19th February 2018
Gone almost 4 years. Hard to believe. Happy 101, Mom!
Posted by Betty Armstrong on 19th February 2017
Happy 100th Birthday Mom!! Love you and miss you!!
Posted by Tom Laidlaw on 19th February 2017
Happy 100th, Mom!
Posted by Tom Laidlaw on 26th February 2016
I miss you, Mom!
Posted by Betty Armstrong on 19th February 2016
Happy 99th Birthday mother. I miss you and think of you often. Your loving daughter.
Posted by Tom Armstrong on 19th February 2015
Happy Birthday mom!! I love you and miss you!! Your daughter
Posted by Tom Laidlaw on 19th February 2015
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Posted by Marcy Reinecker on 3rd March 2014
I only met Martha once but I will always remember her beautiful smile. Betty, you were a wonderful daughter and especially the last eight years while your mom was in the nursing home you gave her your time, attention, and love. You were a caring friend while my mom went through many of the same stages your mom went through. Thank you for being a great sounding board. It was a privilege for Dennis and me to go to Yates Center and help you clear out your mom's room and to attend the funeral home with you while you made final arrangements. May all the good wishes, deeds, and prayers of your friends and family give you strength and comfort during this difficult time. Love, Marcy
Posted by Sheila Kostas on 1st March 2014
Martha was such a sweet and gracious lady with such a loving family. Thinking of you all and hoping your many wonderful memories bring you peace and comfort in the days ahead. When someone you love becomes a memory...that memory becomes a treasure. Betty and Tommy ~ Treasure your memories and know your mom was a blessing to so many...her kind and gentle ways are reflected in both of you and she'll be forever in your hearts. Love, Sheila
Posted by Sandy Berg on 28th February 2014
Betty, What a beautiful woman your mother was! And, I know from listening to you, that she was beautiful inside and out. No matter what the age, losing someone you love is painful. My sincere condolences on your mom's death. I know you always did your best to make sure she was comfortable and taken care of.
Posted by Ada Kee on 27th February 2014
My dear friend Tom, Very sorry for you kid's loss. Martha was a very dear friend of mine, and I know that Theron loved her also. She put up a lot with all of you as teenagers. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love you, as always, Adamarie
Posted by Taylor Maun on 27th February 2014
When I think of my Great-Grandmother I think of a very special Christmas cookie tin. It played a Christmas song every time you opened it. Inside were her delicious no-bake cookies (a recipe which my mom and I have never been able to quite get right). I think this cookie tin and the treats inside were a staple of family holidays at my grandma's house. It was always the family joke that you could never sneak a cookie because the tin would alert everyone in the house that you were taking one. And Great-Grandma just beamed in her usual way (sometimes with curlers in her hair :)), glowing that everyone was enjoying her cookies. I also remember the most clearly her laugh--I always remember liking to make her laugh when I was young because her whole face would light up and her nose would scrunch to keep her glasses up. She was a wonderful lady and I am glad she is now at peace in the way I remember her best.
Posted by Patricia Cupp on 26th February 2014
Dear Betty, I am so very sorry for your loss, but so happy for all the wonderful years you shared with your Mother. I remember her from the visits to your home during High School, such a sweet, gracious hostess to a bunch of silly teenagers. Her picture looks so much like you in your Theta Chi panel pictures. My thoughts are with you, dear friend. Love, Pat Harvey Cupp
Posted by Margo Smith on 26th February 2014
I am so sorry about your mom, Betty. I never met her, but she must have been a super lady, because she had such a great family.
Posted by Vicki Eagle on 26th February 2014
So sorry for your loss! Martha was a classy lady and so so sweet. I so enjoyed being around her, and taking care of her. My prayers are with you all!
Posted by Marion & Jane Herman on 26th February 2014
Betty, Ronda, Scott & Rick, We share your grief in the time of beravement. With deepest sympathy and condolence. Jane and Marion Herman
Posted by John Quinn on 26th February 2014
Betty, Ronda, Scott and Rick....Sorry to hear of your mom and grandma's passing. I hope the fond memories you must have of your time's with her will ease the pain of her loss. Thanks to Tom for the notice.
Posted by Rhonda Maun on 26th February 2014
From a letter I wrote to Grandma about 7 years ago before she was headed into a difficult surgery, these words capture the wonderful childhood memories I have of her: I have a very good friend who, as she was raising her children, was always concerned about creating memories for them. It was an interesting perspective to me—I guess I did not come into the job of motherhood thinking that that was one of my roles. But I want you to know that as I think back to my childhood, many of my happiest memories are from times that I spent with you in Yates Center. I would bet Rick and Scott would say the same thing. I remember sitting at the kitchen counter, which I thought was a very cool thing in and of itself, and eating cereal with half-and-half. And I remember eating yummy fresh picked strawberries. I remember jumping on the trampoline for hours by myself, day dreaming about what I would be when I grew up and what I would name my children. I remember getting ice cream at Peter Pan. I remember going to the grocery store with you (was it the Hy-Mart?) and always having you let me get some silly little toy there. I remember cutting out Betsy McCall paper dolls from the magazines you saved for me. I remember the Barbie doll clothes that you had made for me. And I remember the white/silver Christmas tree with the rotating color lights as the most beautiful Christmas tree in the world. I imagine that it might have been tiring having the three of us around, but if so, you never showed it. I always remember feeling special and that you were happy being our Grandma and happy having us there. So, thank you, Grandma, for all the happy memories you created for me. You have always been such a wonderful and loving Grandma to us all. And that is what she was...sweet, kind, and wonderfully loving to us all! I am happy that she is now at peace.
Posted by Carol Getz on 26th February 2014
Remebering the first time I met Martha when Betty brought her to the bookstore where we both worked. She was such a lovely lady, with a beautiful smile and happy demeanor. Tiny with a huge heart and strong will. Her family is so very fortunate to have had her all these many year, sending hugs and prayers to all the family.

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