Her Life

"We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Martha was born on July 28th in 1944 to Marcia Drake in Rockford, Illinois. She was the older sister to Earl and Mark.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” – Albert Einstein

Martha was intelligent and loved learning. While in high school, she was very active in many activities and used the gift of her intellect to impact her surroundings. She went on to do this with every job and every organization that she was involved in.
Martha was not only smart, she began sharing her gifts with others at an early age. Her commitment to service that began in high school continued to be important throughout her life.
Martha's commitment to serving the needs of others, especially young girls, was so important to her.

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning

Martha was a wonderful mother to all of her children. She gave birth to her daughter, Marcia in 1962 and ten years later had her beloved son Chad. She later became stepmother to Brian, Nicole, and Brandon. She loved spending time with her children and their families. She was known for challenging them to think more and be more. Her countless morsels of wisdom will continue to feed us as we mourn her loss.
Martha with her two children Chad and Marcia.
Martha with Chad and Marcia.

“Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.” – Lois Wyse

Martha appreciated the wisdom that she received from past generations. Understanding how her history connected her to the future was always on her mind.
Martha and her granddaughter, Madeline (Murphy) Fitzpatrick.
Martha and her great-granddaughter, Agnes Murphy

“Grandchildren give us a second chance to do things better because they bring out the best in us.” –

Martha loved her grandchildren! SHe was the "cool" grandmother who took you out to dinner or to plays and was always willing to do a shot of Tequilla with you!
Martha with her oldest granddaughter Madeline (Murphy) Fitzpatrick.
Martha with her youngest granddaughter Sage Warren.
Martha with her granddaughters Ella Murphy & Remi Martin.
Martha and her grandsons, Blaise and Bryson Warren.
Martha at the wedding of her grandson Julian and his wife Elizabeth.
Martha with granddaughter Marley Martin.
Martha and Joe at their grandson, Gilbert's college graduation.
Martha with her grandson Myles Martin.

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” –Desmond Tutu

Martha loved her family! She went out of her way to keep in touch with distant relatives. Everywhere she traveled she reached out to family members.

This is a picture of Martha and her many cousins.
Family in California!
Martha with her brothers and cousins.

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” — Proverbs 27:9

Martha was always surrounded by her friends. She had the best of friends! Friends who would drop everything just to come spend time with her. She talked about her friends like they were family and they were! Her life was more beautiful because of her friends!

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Martha loved this photo! It was taken in 1962 on the occasion of her grandmother, Martha Bowden's 75th birthday. It made such an impression on Martha that she made sure that she too celebrated her 75th birthday with friends and family!
Martha at her own 75th birthday celebration!

"In all the world, there is no love for you like mine." - Maya Angelou

In August of 1999, Martha married Joe Warren. Theirs was a love that was filled with compassion, trust, and humor. They spent their time together entertaining friends, traveling the world, and watching television; Martha watched the Food Network and Hallmark movies, while Joe watched westerns in the other room.

They had an unusually beautiful relationship. They loved each other enough to give each other the space that they needed.

Joe's love for Martha was most evident in his devotion to Martha as she battled cancer. He was patient and kind and never complained when Martha sent him on missions to search for the foods that she wanted. He was happy even when she could only eat a spoonful of it.
[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]
i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
                                                      i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

"Death is Nothing at All"

Death is nothing at all
I have only slipped away to the next room.
I am I and you are you.
Whatever we were to each other,
That, we still are.

Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak to me in the easy way
which you always used.
Put no difference into your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed
at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was.
Let it be spoken without effect.
Without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same that it ever was.
There is absolute unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind
because I am out of sight?

I am but waiting for you.
For an interval.
Somewhere. Very near.
Just around the corner.

All is well.
Nothing is past; nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before only better, infinitely happier and forever we will all be one together with Christ.