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Shared by Patricia Rowan on April 26, 2021
Our tribute to our Sista Martha

 With Love: Charlene, Della, Karan, Lisa, Monique, Pam, Pat, Sharon, Shelia, Terri

Martha our Sista, Confidant, Teacher, Mentor, BFF, Role model, Protector, Safe place, the “Wind Beneath our Wings."

Martha strived to leave us in a better place than we were before we met her. AND we are better because of her. When she smiled and hugged you, YOU knew she saw a light in your face as she had just deposited some wisdom that would make you a better person, more authentic, and “own your stuff” -No blame and No shame! Martha, The one person who could put you on blast while still giving you a hug! We treasured every conversation and the deep insight that we received by being in Martha’s presence.

Martha taught us the power of “AND” which opened many possibilities in our lives. Martha taught us how to BE vs DO., how to share truth to power while also being ourselves. She taught us to always enjoy life to the fullest. Be free and let go. Always improve, learn, read, travel, and not to be afraid to try and explore new things. Life is a Learning Journey. She cradled our hearts like a baby in her arms, keeping it safe from corporate harm. She pushed us to soar when we didn’t know we had wings and assured us we could conquer all things. Martha gave us courage and taught us to chase our dreams.  She was a visionary thinker and we could always count on her for “out of the box” ideas.

Martha, Martha, Martha, Beautiful and powerful AND full of poise, wisdom, and empathy!   Martha, you have been everything we needed. You led us with GRACE, positivity, possibility, patience, and peace.

Why did Martha make such a big impact on our lives?

Very Simple, She loved each and every one of us AND we loved her back. She gave us unconditional love and taught us the power of forgiveness. Martha made each of us feel special, more joyful, more spiritual, and more accepting of others. She knew our secrets and trusted us with hers. Martha’s capacity to give was limitless, her strength gave us strength and her light made our light shine brighter.

 And most importantly, she shared her family and friends with us. We loved listening to stories about her husband Joe, her children, and grand kids. We felt like family. We will always cherish the fun times we had with Martha; Travelling, laughing, celebrating, taking shots of Patron, and having tough conversations as we confronted our truth.

Our heart is heavy as reality sets in, AND we stand strong because Martha prepared us all along. Martha we can hear you whispering to us: Meet people where they are, Relax and take care of Yourself, and last, the universe cooperates with a made up mind.

We are so grateful that the Lord blessed our lives with Martha. We will always love you Martha!

Shared by Ann Gayle on April 25, 2021
Martha, my link sister,  is one of those special people you meet, who never misses an opportunity to render a kind deed.
When my son died from Colon cancer in 2018, she prayed with me,  and for me constantly. She  was able to understand my pain, as she had had a grandson who died at a young age.
On one of her daughter’s visit to Jacksonville,
whose son had died, she invited me to her house to meet with her and share, which was comforting
Marcia, I have never forgotten our visit, or your kind letter. Your mother was truly a gift and blessings to me. May her Soul Rest In Peace.
Shared by Delores Hargrove-Young on April 24, 2021
Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30:5. I will miss you my dear friend. You were my Angel here on earth, and now you are my Heavenly Angel. This is not good bye, but so long until we meet again. I love you and miss you!

Simply the Best

Shared by Stewart Atkinson on April 20, 2021
There has never been another person who was so instrumental in shaping the lives of so many people, mine included. She was an Angel on earth and has earned her wings in Heaven. Love you forever, Martha. 

My Mom

Shared by Chad Martin on April 12, 2021
My mother was one of a kind, the true definition of phenomenal.  Always there for me, not when I wanted her but when I needed her most.  Like an angel.  Always there for advice, not the advice I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear.  She gave me a unique experience, she wasn’t the type to give me the typical mom phrases like, “Ooh baby it will be alright”, or stroke my ego, she gave me the real. Conversations about energy, spirit and love.  Not only loving yourself but loving others with empathy and compassion.  She gave me treasures  like  “you can do whatever you want, but you have to live with those choices and consequences”, “the universe likes a made up mind”, or just reminding me to look at myself first, to control what I can control, and to always work on being the best version of myself.
 She was a hard working women, who shaped her life in a way to serve others.  I often feel overwhelmed with life’s many responsibilities and raising 3 kids, but I often think of her for inspiration.  This women worked full time, went to college  full time with honors, sewed my clothes, and raised 2kids at the same time. Wow. Even battling cancer in her 70’s she was planning on writing a book and obtaining  a PhD.  

During her many years at Proctor and Gamble she traveled internationally.  She may call me from Asia, Europe or Latin America.  I used to tell her she traveled like she was on a musical tour, a rock star.  To me this was glamorous, but I see now how much work it was for her to travel, hauling her black suitcase, staying in different cities eating foreign food and being away from home.  But she did it for the love, the love and passion to share herself and assist others be the best version of their selves.  Even as she lay ill she was concerned with working with the hospital to help make the system  better for others going through the same experience. Wow, to think of others in the midst of your own struggles.   Me and the kids had to pleasure of staying with her and Joe for 5 weeks in December.  The first day I was there she was saying she was so weak and gave the impression she would die any moment.  But the next day she was urging me to help her write this, print this, send this.  I was like slow down, why are you trying to do all this work, save your energy.  She told me she made a promise to finish her commitment for a project she was doing with The Link Organization and her word was her word.  Even in that state she was committed, another life lesson she taught me just by observing her greatness.  This is my mother and her lessons and legacy will always exist and inspire me and hopefully others as well.  
Let me also use this to honor her husband Joseph Warren.  This man took care of his wife in a way only a special human can do.  He has taught me many lessons just by observing his humble greatness.  Whether driving 30 minutes to get my mom a milkshake just so she would consume something or driving her to medical appointments,  this man is amazing.  I used to thank him for how much he did and his response was “don’t thank me this is what I signed up for, through thick and thin and she does a the same for me”.   His actions set the bar for me as a man, and their love and relationship should be celebrated.    
And also thanks to her many special friends and family members who would pray for her and just be there for her.  She was very fortunate to have so many special people in her life.  A true gift, and she loved you all.  Its a blessing to have one special person but my mom was blessed with having many loved one in her life.  Wow.  So special.  
thank you 

Great Lady

Shared by Vee Gist on April 12, 2021
One of the most genuine persons I every knew,   Bill Gist -  Albany Plant.

One Time Unforgettable Meeting

Shared by Regina Robinson on April 12, 2021
Martha, Willie and I only meet you once and had a evening dinner and interaction that was memorable. You were such a beautiful spirit and this song is so fitting. Rest now beautiful your legacy of love will live on.

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