Posted by Titang Titang on April 9, 2021
Mama, we miss you so Much, may your soul Rest In Peace . Your love and kindness can not be Replace. You are so much loved.
Posted by Paul BESONG on April 7, 2021
Mamma, mammy, mom, mommy! No more? but why God? why Mamma? Well, it's your call because you sent her to this wicked world with a special mission. l and my family are living testimony of your love, kindness, compassion, humanity, and above all your strong faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Mamma, the impact you created on this family and so many others run very deep. Mamma, words cannot describe your kindness without strong emotion and tears. Mamma we love you so much, you shall be part of our daily life until we meet again in heaven. You did accomplish your mission on earth and clearly, you do not belong to this world, "only God knows, RIP Mamma".
Posted by Kwalar King on April 3, 2021
Wah! The iroko tree has fallen. @Arims I choose to remember the wonderful moments we shared with Mama! From when we were young, she was sure to discipline @Vincent and I! One time we came home late (7pm) and as our normal access to our house was via Mama Camp D’s kitchen, she caught us and locked us up in the rabbit stall! Lol. She was always sure to feed every child that stopped by during eating time. And boy, her hand chop no easy! Mama was fiercely protective of her own. She ensured we were safe and that no one could bring us any harm. In times of hardship, she shared the little she had with the rest of the world. Many have experienced her kindness even up to her dying days. She opened up her home to some she had no blood relationship to and made space for those who need some.
Mama, waka fine. You were definitely one of a kind. Your life on earth was impactful.
Yours Black Boy.
Posted by Forwang Jean Claude on March 29, 2021
You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love and everything that you have done for me. Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful.
Posted by billet blanche on March 28, 2021
All well wishers and those willing to support the family can do so through the following means;
Bank name- Wells Fargo
Routing number-055003201
Account number-2429638634
PayPal details; Or 2404238469
Zelle details ;2404238469
Posted by billet blanche on March 28, 2021
 Times spent at your house were often marked by love ,laughter and contentment. You were famous for your hearty meals and your insistent desire to spoil your grandchildren. Because you were such a source of joy, you brought the whole family together. My love and admiration for you remains sincere. I am forever grateful for your love and I know you are looking from above. Hopefully the years would go by and this void in my heart can be filled. I randomly remembered how broke I would get and I would just say to myself “ let me go to Nkwen and visit grandma , she’ll give me something” and always you gave me “something” the smile is how I want to react each time I remember you. These memories I have of you would definitely last forever.....

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