Let the memory of Marti be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on September 23, 1945 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.
  • Passed away on July 17, 2014 in Sacramento, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of Marti Light, born on
September 23, 1945 and passed away on July 17, 2014.
We will love her and remember her forever.

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Friday, August 22, 2014  

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St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

A luncheon will immediately follow from 11:30 - 1:30pm at

Washtenaw Country Club

Ypsilanti, MI  48197  

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Memory of Martha J. Light
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Posted by Shelley Meadows on 24th September 2018
Happy birthday sweet Mama! We sure do miss you, each and every day. Can't believe 4 years have gone by. We love you, forever and always. <3
Posted by Bob Ulrich on 23rd September 2018
She was a wonderful person and very much missed by all who knew her!
Posted by Billie Maier on 23rd September 2017
Memories of Marti on her birthday - There are so many - From the first time I met Marti, carrying on a great conversation was always so easy. She taught me so much, shared great recipes I still use, and no matter what her circumstance never complained about any illness that went her way. We had great fun shopping, sharing many lunches, discussing everything while watching MSU football games (and yes we did know what was going on in the game), many fun trips together, and the list would go on and on. I miss her each day, but am so thankful she came into my life.
Posted by Shelley Meadows on 18th July 2017
It's really hard to believe that it has already been 3 years since we lost my incredible mom and our kids awesome grandmother. (it still sucks) Already 3 college graduations for my kids, and Audrey's high school graduation have gone by. Countless athletic, academic, and other accomplishments for her 9 grandchildren have happened as well. I am always thinking of mom, and how she should have been there too. Mom would be so happy and so proud of all of these kids. We are so thankful that my Dad has been going the extra mile, literally (the grandkids are in California, Texas and Michigan) to attend all of these graduations and random other events along the way. We miss you so much sweet mom, and we thank you so much Dad. Gone much too soon Mama. We love you and we miss you always.
Posted by Billie Maier on 17th July 2017
Three years later and we still miss Marti so! Time cannot take away all the wonderful memories of the many great times we had together. She taught me so many things ablout life and the importance of friendship! Her smile lives on through her beautiful daughters and wonderful grandchildren!
Posted by Sue Lancaster on 23rd September 2016
Marti's beautiful smile and devotion to her family we will always remember. Sue and Blake
Posted by John Seiter on 18th July 2016
Sure miss Marti. We had many great conversations about sports, movie stars, politics. I learned quickly not to bring up Nick Saban. MJ and I went to many great wineries here in NorCal. wish she was here to make a foursome like we always had done in the past. A great Mom, Grandma and friend. If you're listening to this Marti....I'll keep an eye on Dan!
Posted by Billie Maier on 18th July 2016
No one could ask for a better friend than Marti! I miss her everyday!
Posted by Shelley Meadows on 18th July 2016
Seems impossible to believe that 2 yrs have gone by. We miss you tremendously each and every day. So many moments we just want to tell you about, show you, or experience with you. I am so grateful we were able to have all of the wonderful experiences, trips, and special occasions and day to day life events that we did have together. You were the most wonderful Grandmother to our kids, and the memories they will forever have of you I am so thankful for. From newborns to being college students and everything in between, you loved being there or hearing all about them and seeing all my zillions of pictures :) You left us too soon Mama, we sure weren't ready, and still aren't. But we are forever thankful for the memories. Through your actions you taught us strength, integrity, caring, loving, kind heartedness, and what it means to put family first, and loyalty in friendships for life (and a loyal Spartan for life! (Same here!) ). You taught us that, and so much more! Such a truly wonderful lady, a true friend and the best mom ever! I feel honored and blessed when people say I am just like my mom! Thank you. Love you always and forever!
Posted by Bob Croft on 23rd September 2015
Marti's passing created for Dan, family and friends a void that will never be replaced. She would be so proud of the manner in which the family has handled her passing and that void--in and of itself a tribute to her and the love that exists today as a huge part of her legacy. She rests in peace.
Posted by Shelley Meadows on 23rd September 2015
Today it's hard to believe a year has gone by since mom's birthday, and here we are again, missing her so very much on this day that we should be sharing with her. It was to be a BIG birthday, and we know mom would never admit to that. It just gets harder to stay 29 when she has grandchildren are in their 20's! Thinking of mom today, I shared about 35 more pictures from her childhood onto the photo album on this webpage. These were gathered together, and sent to me by Jan and John Farris, and we are so thankful to have these beautiful memories from long ago. Such beautiful pictures :) I miss mom so very much. Each day there is something I come across that reminds me of her, or something I wish I could show her or call her and share with her. She would be so proud of all her grandchildren continue to accomplish, just wish she was here to share the joy. I do know though, as she can not be here in November, she would be very proud and happy that dad has stepped up, on his own, and offered to stay with Kristen while we are out of town for the week. As he gets ready for the trip to Texas, and as he hangs out with her, attends soccer games, cooks for, and drives Kristen around, I am certain he will be hearing mom voice and she will be with him, as she has stayed with the kids so many times for us over the years. I really means a lot to us. To your 70th birthday mom, you are the best, we love you, we miss you, now, forever, and always :)
Posted by John Seiter on 17th July 2015
I had dinner with Dan last night at Centro in Sacramento. We raised our margarita glasses in a tribute to Marti. Dan and I are great friends but I always think of both of them...a great couple. I agree with Rich. It's difficult to believe it's been a year already. I think Dan is doing well under tough circumstances. We get together frequently
Posted by Billie Maier on 17th July 2015
My thoughts go out to Dan and the girls on this date. There are so many good memories of Marti that make me smile and so many lessons of life she taught me I miss her every day, but am so thankful for her friendship. I hope you all can feel her love! God Bless!
Posted by Rich Babcock on 17th July 2015
Today, a year after Marti's passing , the sun shines in IN, and hopefully in CA. It hard to realize that a year has gone so quickly. Marti's memories will live on for Linda and I, as well as others. We can still hear her laughter, and see her smile, when we talk with Dan. Peace be with everyone on this day and everyday!
Posted by Carrol Rippetoe on 23rd September 2014
Marti, You will always be missed.but you touched us all with your beauty and personality. I have nothing but great memories of you. I thank God for putting you in all our lives. I look forward to spending eternity with you in Heaven.
Posted by Ann Farabee on 23rd September 2014
Happy Birthday Marti. I miss your smile.
Posted by Sue Lancaster on 23rd September 2014
Thank you Marti for sharing your beautiful smile with us so many times. Blake and Sue
Posted by Billie Maier on 23rd September 2014
Marti left so many wonderful memories in her almost 69 years. They will always be such a happy part of my life. Hope today will be a day that we all can feel her warmth! Especially thinking of you Dan and Michelle, Colleen and Andrea on this day!
Posted by Margaret Murray Miller on 26th August 2014
I fondly remember Marti from our senior year at Roosevelt HS in Ypsilanti. I was the new girl, who had just moved to town. She was warm and welcoming....How fitting that her last name became "Light". Marti's light will beam far ahead into the future for her loved ones to follow.
Posted by David Mitchell on 16th August 2014
If you were lucky enough to know Marti, you have to be at once sad at her passing and proud to have known her. Her daughters and grandchildren were blessed to see the examples she lived as Mother, Wife, Grandmother and life-long friend. Our thoughts and prayers are focused on Dan and his Family and, we too, shall miss that smile and dynamite energy from such a tiny package. Dave & Judy Mitchell
Posted by Hank Geiss on 13th August 2014
"June and I were sorry to hear about the passing of Marti Light. We will always remember the good times we had living next door to the Light's at Geddes Lake Townhouses in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Posted by Bob Ulrich on 11th August 2014
Bonnie and I were saddened to learn of Marti's death. Marti and I had gone to pre-school together and prior to the last reunion she sent me a class photo from that pre-school! I always remember her wonderful, shy smile and in looking at the family photos posted her I see she is smiling in each and every one! God bless her....... Prayers and thoughts to Dan and family.
Posted by Kathy Martin on 9th August 2014
I was so saddened to read about Marti's passing. We went to school together since Estabrook and I lived a block away from her. I will always temember her fun personality and beautiful smile. I missed seeing her at the last reunion. I can tell from all the wonderful photos that she had a wonderful, happy life surrounded by a loving family and lots of friends. My thoughts and prayers to the family.
Posted by Amy Haggerty on 8th August 2014
I am so sorry to hear this news! We were neighbors in Ann Arbor at Geddes Lakes Town Homes. They shared a unit with my family. What was so great about the Light family is they made life fun. What I remember about Marty is she was a very classy lady. She will be greatly missed. Amy Geiss- Haggerty
Posted by Thomas McClure on 7th August 2014
"I regret having lost touch with Marti over the years. When i think of her, I picture that smile. I didn't realize how much I would miss it."
Posted by Barbara Sherwood on 7th August 2014
Very sad to hear of Marti's passing. We were good friends at Estabrook and then on into our years at Roosevelt. I will remember our fun times together. My prayers are with you all. May your good memories and faith bring your family peace and comfort.
Posted by Jo Murphy on 6th August 2014
So sad...I hadn't seen Marti for many years and missed her at the last RHS reunion! What a beautiful family and so happy. These are the times to remember, always! Prayers for the family. Jo Ann (Magee) Murphy.
Posted by Paul Minnis on 6th August 2014
I worked for Dan in Lansing during the mid 70's. I always admired and respected Dan as a manager and family man. But I also admired and respected Marti for her spirit, great smile and obvious devotion and support for her daughters and Dan. I know Dan and his family will miss her dearly.
Posted by John Seiter on 5th August 2014
The word "devoted" comes to mind when I think of Marti. Devoted wife, mother, MSU football fan, friend and most important lately....Grammy!! Always ready to help. Devoted in every way. Marti will be missed by all who knew her. Hope she knows I'll keep an eye on Dan!!
Posted by Mary (Van Black) Uhl on 4th August 2014
This is indeed sad news. So missed seeing her last year at the 50th RHS reunion. My thoughts and prayers to all. I have many fun memories!
Posted by Billie Maier on 4th August 2014
Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful photos. They brought tears and smiles. Marti has left us all with so many good memories. She will always be remembered! Love and prayers to you all! Billie and Tom
Posted by Bob Croft on 4th August 2014
What a great lady, wife, Mom and yes, Grandma--who is at last at rest. One day short of 50 years married to Dan, wonderful in and of itself. Our prayers are with Marti, Dan and family. God bless you all.
Posted by Sandy Parker on 4th August 2014
Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. It is so sad to know she is gone but she left you all with so much to be thankful for. I already shared this with Shelley but one of my favorite sayings is "don't cry because its over, smile because it happened". I saw lots of smiles on Marti's face in all those pictures, so I know she enjoyed all of you! Thoughts and prayers to all of the family.

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