‘One more Night’ by Phil Collins

Shared by JK Boroevich on October 8, 2019
This song became the soundtrack to our life in London spent in close proximity to the Slagter family. For some reason this song used to get stuck on repeat and became a continuous loop to our Friday night dinners at 28 St. George’s Rd Twickenham. What we would give to have one more moment with you Slags...this one’s for you Jan

A very special guy

Shared by Bruce Sinclair on October 7, 2019
Martin was leadership by example. He led in everything he did. When I moved to England to work with him at Dell in 1992 we were casual friends. He wouldn’t let me stay in a hotel and I lived with the Slagter family for 3 months. And though we worked hard, we lived like crazy. He shared his passions - the rugby club, the pubs and fun travel as we worked throughout Europe. His positive impact and big heart was everywhere and with everyone. He became my best friend and outstanding business partner. After a lengthy stay in hospital myself in 1994, I was released from hospital to the smiling helping hands of Martin and he took me home in that big dumb Mercedes that he loved. After moving back to Canada, Martin was my first visitor. After his cancer diagnosis he still took time to visit in Florida and play some bad golf with me. No matter what we were going through we could always laugh and have fun. That was Martin. Sadly, I only talked over the phone with him the past couple of years but he was always so proud of the boys and Martina. I think it was Tina Turner that describes him - “Simply the best”

Loving memories from Amy, Jan and Kevin Boroevich, New Zealand

Shared by JK Boroevich on October 6, 2019
We first met Martin, Jan, Adam and Luke in 1991 in Richmond, London. After retiring from All Black duties it was fitting to finish my career at the prestigious Richmond Rugby Club. The first person I was lucky enough to meet was the mighty Martin Slagter, aka Slags. A magnificent two year friendship ensued where we would meet every Friday night at each other’s homes to share a meal before the Saturday match. One of the highlights during our stay was when Richmond was down at Redruth and we were short of a second row. Who should step up for the boys but the colossus Slags. Hellfire Corner will forever remain one of my fondest rugby memories simply because the man took the field alongside me. The fun continued into the early hours of Sunday as we stayed at the Saunton Sands and drank flaming Sambuca’s until the bar ran out of coffee beans.

Too many years passed before we were privileged to meet the beautiful Martina. To reiterate my wife’s words sent less than two weeks ago “Tina, with your brilliant mind and loving heart you have been the most remarkable champion in Martin’s battle which you truly waged together”. 

Rest In peace dear friend. We are eternally thankful you came into our lives. The love of spending time with you will always burn brightly for us. 


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