My DAD/Grandpa

Shared by Lisa DaKateau on July 1, 2021
The best Grandpa,Father,Friend also Best Man I ever known.
Dad,Miss you so much since you left us all.Cry so much for you,but i know i shouldnt cause your in a better place along with your mother,grandmother and uncle Joe.Its been a real struggle for the whole entire family since you left.Feels like our Family is distance now and no family get togethers or Birthdays.Sad that doesnt happen anymore and fights between the girls our daughters are not close anymore,cause there more grown and have there own familes now and lives.

My Dad

Shared by Lisa DaKateau on July 1, 2021
My dad is the best Dad and Man I ever known in my life,he was a single father to two daughters and also worked a very hard full time job (landscaping).He taught  everything and loved his grandchildren even more.Miss you every day,also when life is super hard,wish you were here so I can lean on you more.I love you soo much,more than words can ever say,Hope we meet again one day.Please watch over us and guide us in the right direction,my daughters miss there grandpa so much too,they are very good mothers to your great grandchildren.Miss and love you DAD XOXO

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