Let the memory of Marvin be with us forever
  • 75 years old
  • Born on December 30, 1936 .
  • Passed away on July 30, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Marvin Vandeberg 75 years old , born on December 30, 1936 and passed away on July 30, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Nicole Lincicum on 7th April 2019
Hey grandpa! I went from not writing for awhile to writing a couple times in just a couple days..yesterday your boy turned 10! Can you believe it? He hit double digits! You would be so proud of the man he is becoming! He has been through more in his life than any boy his age should have had to go through, and yet he still smiles and laughs and he goes out of his way to help his friends! I know I am very proud of him. They way he has worked to raise his grades in school and the way he helps with Reece! And Reece has came so far in such a short time! From clicking and pointing to try and communicate to having full blown conversations in just 2 years!! With Kotas birthday being yesterday it has made me miss you so much! And the fact that I am dating a guy that I can actually see myself marrying! And you not being here to walk me down the aisle. It hurts!! Not gonna lie. It has me missing you so much! I know you will be there just wish we could have a dance. Wish I could kiss you on your head. I almost don't remember what it smells like. And I hate that! I hate that everyday more parts of you disappear from my memory. Us feeding the ducks will never be forgotten but other things.. They just disappear..it's almost like you were never here. Kota asks about you and sometimes I don't even know what to say. I love you so much! And I miss you everyday!!
Posted by Nicole Lincicum on 3rd April 2019
Hi grandpa! It's been awhile! I miss you so much!! I'm not doing so hot... Trying to keep everything to myself, but I'm struggling hard! Emotionally, mentally, financially... I am trying to hold on but it is so hard..the only thing keeping me going these days is the boys. I love you and miss you so much!!
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 3rd April 2019
Hi Hubby!!!! Well I am settled in to the 1 bdrm. apt. Not like our house was but I have to accept it. I have made friends with all the other people in the other 19 apts. We play cards and put puzzles together. The owners put on music once a wk. usually. Some is pretty good others not so great. LOL Remember when we used to go to dances with Phyllis and Allen Broge . Well they are in assisted living here. Al is almost blind and Phyllis has short term memory loss. We had an old time winter this yr. Lots of snow and ice. Spring has sprung now. We are to get close to 70 this wk.end. I seen you visiting this a.m. as the cardinal was out here in my tree. The first thing I thought of was you and our parents. I have been waiting to see one this yr. They were always at the house in Orgvle. but don't see them much here as I don't have a tree out back for them to set in. I am trying to get to the front of the apts. so I can see activity over at the hosp. Will also have a walkway off my patio to get to my garage easier. I sure think about you every night and when the polka music plays. Remembering how we used to dance the night away. I can't dance anymore as my knee doesn't let me move the way I want to. But at my age I guess it is norma. I am going to go see another Dr. about the other knee on the 30th of apr. Just for him to see if he can straighten me out. I still use a walker. Well love I hope you are with all of your brothers and sisters in heaven. I speak with your brother Ivan once in awhile. He is doing well. Just think our oldest son Mike will turn 62 on the 11th of apr.and our twins turned 60 and it just seems like they should all be young yet. You are in my thoughts and prayers this a.m. Love and God bless you.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 30th December 2018
Want to wish you a Happy Birthday. Miss you . We all went to Ken's home last night. He has upgraded and bought new furniture and painted a lot of rooms. You would like it. I am watching the packer game and they are getting whooped today. I have a pot of chicken soup on the stove for later. If you were here we would be able to enjoy it together. But time goes on doesn't it. I set here in this apt. and wonder how I got here. But things could be worse. I am waiting until the end of the month to see how big the bills are. If they are to big I may have to look for something diff. But prices around are almost the same as here. All the kids said to tell you Happy Birthday. Julie said if you would have been there last night you would have been setting in your big chair. She could just see you in there. Most of the grand kids were there and also so of the gr. grandkids and our gr. gr. one. We will be having a new gr. son in July. That will be Brent and Kelly's. They are going to name it Wyatt Michael. Then Carlene's daughter Alesha is due in July so that will be another gr. gr one. Well dear just know I love you and miss you. But the time will soon come when we will be together again.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 21st December 2018
Well Marvin i haven't been on here in awhile so am going to update you on everything that has gone on in my life. Ken bought the house so I have moved to Monroe into St. John's Garden apt. I moved here in Oct. Was very lonesome and still am at times. I live in a 1 bdrm apt. It isn't bad but not like home. But life goes on.. Wish you were here to be with me it wouldn't be so bad. But I couldn't take care of all the fix ups that needed to be done on the house so now Ken is dealing with that. Christine , Al & Alex , Mike , Sarah and Becky and her boys helped me get settled in. Here I have been here for better then 2 mo. Today we had a christmas meal which was put on by the apt. owners. This is the apts. that are owned by our church. We put puzzles together and visit with other people that live here alot. I have a garage so can put the car in on days that I should. We had some snow earlier in the mon.. of Nov. but now we don't have any. That is fine with me. It can stay gone as far as I am concerned. I am invited to Tom & Julie's for christmas eve. Then to Mikes for Christmas day. Ken is having the fam. christmas on the 29th of the mon. I made some of your fav. treats last night. I had to put them into the freezer or I would be eating them. We have a chapel right here so I am going to church every sun. now again. Love you and miss you. Will see you soon.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 30th July 2018
Dear Marvin: Well I look out the window here in the dining room and I can still see you setting in the chair out there drinking a big glass of water and the next day you were gone. You don't know how much you are missed. But at my age I may just be joining you shortly. I had my total knee done so that has slowed me down for a few month's. Carla & Mike put there home up for sale. Carlene does not have any use of her one hand anymore. Mike & Sarah are doing ok. They have been going fishing quite a bit lately. Tom & Julie are busy with the kids in all the ball games.Christine had her big toe operated on and it is not coming along very good. It gives her a lot of pain. Ken is busy as ever but seems to be happy . Your best friend Molly is getting very hard of hearing and seems to be going down hill. But she has had a long life. Well dear just know we all love you and it doesn't seem like you have been gone 6 yrs. ago today. God bless you Love from your wife.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 30th December 2017
Hi there Marvin : I didn't get to write my letter to you on Christmas so will do it now.. The kids bought me a new reclining chair for christmas . It is very comfy. They were all here but a few on The fri. before christmas. IKen bought Prime Rib and real smoked turkey breast He even cooked them himself.. Carla made a cauliflower broc. dish, Christine brought her cherry coke salad. Tom brought your fav. Berry dumpling desert, Carlene brought the good old cranberry salad, Steph brought a poke cake and Becky brought the green bean casserole. Mike brought his famous cabbage salad. He also brought some cookies. Anyway I hope I haven't missed anyone but it was very good. Then on Christmas eve Ken and I went to christmas eve services at the church you and I belong too.That was te 1st time Ken and I ave been to church together since he was a little boy.it was very special to me. Pastor Mike Heath is gone so it was different. Then on Christmas day I was invited to Mike and Sarah's for dinner. They had a gift exchange where you rolled the dice and if you got a certain no. you passed your gift to the right or left and if you got a different no. you got to take someone gift away. That passing went around for 3 times and then whatever gift you had it front of you at that time was yours. It was fun. Deann and Raymond done that. Amber and her kids were there aso. Mike cooked the meal and it was nummy as usual . But now today is your 81t birthday and I hope you are having a good time with all that have passed and are with you today. I love you and miss you. So do the kids. Please send prayers to all the kids and grandkids as some are not having such a good time of it. Ken has bought our home. So, I am staying here until I can't anymore. Darn knee is giving me prob. but Dr. don't want to do it until I loose more weight. So will keep trying. Send me some help. I seen your cardinal out here eating out of the bird feeder that Mike made me. Ken hung it up in the tree out here so I can see it when I am setting at the table. Tom's kids are busy with sports. They are doing well. Christine's son Alex came last night to spend the night. Nicole's boys have a lot of prob. with health but she is dealing with it very well. She is stuck at home a lot so I am sure she gets tired. As Reece has autism and he has therapy 6 days a wk. and Takota has spent a few days in rehab. he is home now but as little as he was he remembers you and him having fun with him trying to take off your socks. LOL Ken's family is doing well. His son living up near platville now.He is working on a big farm. Marcy just lives about 4 houses down the road on the old 26. Her little ones are so cute. Becky has a very nice family. They are doing well. Stephanie also has a good fam. They were all here for christmas. Of course the boys had to get into a go round but Tom ended that in a hurry. Carla and Mike's son Dan from Fitchburg came down also. He is going to take his vacation overseas here shortly.. Ambers children that live with Mike and Sarah are doing fine in school but they sure give Mike and Sarah a lot of stress. I am praying they get to go back with there Mother soon. Mike ans Sarah aren't getting any younger .Well dear please say Hello to my parents and everyone. I think about seeing you all here shortly. I am not walking the best since I fell and broke my tailbone and cracked my head on the cement last Easter. But liffe goes on. I have a Dr. apt. on the 25th of Jan to see if I can get any help. They don't want to do my knee as I still have to loose some more weight. I have lost over a hundred pounds so don't want to gain it back. I am going to bake a cake for you today. Just in case some one of the kids shows up. Mike just called and he said someone plowed his driveway and he was in tears as he didn't know how he was going to get it done. I am glad someone was thinking of him. Sarah has been having dizzy spells and falls easy so he has his hands full too. Keep us all in your prayers Dear. Love sent to you and all.
Posted by Christine Moon on 30th July 2017
Another year gone. A new one beginning. Hard to believe. You have been missed dearly. Mom is doing well, she needs a knee replacement thinks she it to old to do it. She would get through it with no problems. Going on 18 years at my job who would have thought. I would love to find something less time demanding but can't seem to find something I would like to do. Keep watching over us all and send us a little sign your listening. Waiting for your flowers to bloom. Hugs sent. Talk again
Posted by Christine Moon on 11th March 2017
Hey dad, Thinking of you today. wishing you were here to just say Hi to Alex he has been asking about you lately. We all miss you but know you are in a brighter happier place! Love you! Can't wait till spring to see your flowers bloom so bright!!
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 30th December 2016
Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday from all of us. Time has flown by . You would have been 80 yrs. old today. . We spent quite a few yrs. together didn't we? Well I have a special guest spending the day with me. Do you remember getting your socks pulled off by a little guy when he was living with us. Well Kota wanted to spend the day with me. He and I were talking about the sock pulling last night. He said do you think Grandpa would remember that> I said I bet he does. He wants to go to Mikes today for awhile as Mike and him play with the Lego's and Kota is really into doing that. Christine son Alex spent 3 days with me this wk. He is my house cleaning helper. We got a lot done. But also had some special time together too. We have been having cold weather with quite a bit of wind. Also got a dusting of snow last night. Well dear I hope you are having a special day with all of your family and friends. Tell my Mom and Dad and Sister Hi for me. Love you and see you . Love Edith
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 25th December 2016
Well another Christmas Marvin. Just spending the day home with Ken. We got together for Thanksgiving and I figured the family needed some time to themselves for Christmas. I fell on Thanksgiving at the get together and hurt my head and fractured my tail bone. Still not quite right. Dr. Says the head may take awhile. I know my but is sure sore. LOL Remember when I broke it when we were milking for Al & Phyllis and I fell when I was stepping into the milk house. Oh well time moves on. We have quite a lot of snow on the ground. Doing some melting today. Molly is still with me. She is setting here looking at me like I have to go outside will you please open the door. Well dear you know we all miss you and wish you were here but live moves on doesn't it. I will see you soon. Love sent.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 29th November 2016
Thinking about you Marvin: The family all got together for Thanksgiving at the Cedarville Com. Center. Lots of food and good times. Lots to chat about. I know you were there as I felt your presence as your family all helped get the food together. All was great. Carla and Mike came home for the get together. So did there boys. Plus all the other kids. Only one that missed it was Nicole and Becky's hubby. Ken is going deer hunting he is leaving tomorrow. Coming back on Sun. Hope he gets a big buck. He got a 13 pt. last yr. All the rest of family is busy working. Sure hope you can ask God to heal Nicole she is in great need of help. Love sent to you.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 30th July 2016
Dear Hubby: I have cried off and on for 2 days now as I am remembering the good times we had and wish you were here so we could have some more of those times. I think about death every day now as I will be turning 78 and that is near the end. I will be joining you soon. I had my shoulder surgery on may 25th and now still doing therapy at home. Hurts like heck after I am done. But have to keep doing it as I can't get my hand up over my head yet. Our children and there families have all had there prob.Marcy almost lost her life in a head on crash but God was with her and she has broken bones in her foot and wrist. Nicole has a lot of prob. also but she is dealing with it also. She prays everyday . She would like to be with you again also. She has a lot of money prob. When they pay there bills there isn't any money for food. Send the girls your prayers. Ken is working a lot of hrs and so is Carla & Christine. Tom and Julie seem to be doing fine.. They work a lot also . There children are in a lot of sports. So , that keeps them busy taking them to games and etc. Julies cancer has been ruled as gone and she had her stent removed. Sarah cancer is gone also . Mike is doing everything he can . He wishes he could walk so he could go camping again. He and Sarah have had a time with grandchildren not listening to them. Makes it hard for both of them.Carlene is taking speech lessons at the clinic. She has a hard time. Her grandchildren are all doing fine. I am thinking of selling our home but it is hard as I don't want to be in a senior living facility. Too close for me as the walls will be coming in on me. So, for now I am just taking it a day at a time.. If it wasn't for Ken here I would have to leave. He is paying for alot of the bills and the gas for the mower and the gas for the winter and a lot of other things. I thank him for that. He is going to be leaving for Canada on my birthday . He will be gone for a wk. Yes I have made a male friend and that is all he is. He is your brother'in'laws 3rd cousin. We went to Ariz. together last yr. and he took me to see my sister. I seen a lot of sites that I hadn't seen so enjoyed the trip. Prob. will be my last big trip before I join you. Well I better make some Oatmeal Cookies before the day is over. I made your favorite bars today . The Zuhcinni bars with chips. They actually turned out pretty good. LOL Well you are in a better place but we all miss you and love you ... Forever your wife.
Posted by Nicole Lincicum on 30th July 2016
Well grandpa another year has passed and I miss as much today as the day you went away. Kota is having a hard time and I don't know what to do to help him. Since that kid molested him he has been different, he is in therapy and getting help but I'm not sure if it's helping. He misses you like crazy and asks about you often. Reece just turned 2 yesterday. He starts speech therapy Monday, and hopefully they can get him in earlier than a year for autism testing. Grandpa I never thanked you for all you did for me and for Kota. I never showed my appreciation for letting me live with you and all the other stuff you did for me/us. I hate that you aren't here to see Kota grow up. I miss you so much. I'm wearing your shirt today. It's weird how even though it's been washed a lot it still smells like you. I love that it does. I miss you so much!!! Love you!!!
Posted by Mike Vandeberg on 30th July 2016
to my dad this is to thank you for your many visit as a spirt animal and to thank you for all the memoires you are missed and I try to keep a eye on mom for you she is fine and has many friends and family who help her. I will wait your next visit love Michael
Posted by Christine Moon on 30th July 2016
Wow can not believe another year has pasted. I can remember every minute of your last days on earth and know that you are in a better place. We all miss seeing you. I know you are with us everyday in spirit and I know you are watching over all of us. Alex asked about you the other day and we talked for a while about the things he used to do with you. Suprising how much he can remember. Your flowers didn't bloom this year but I am sure that is because I had to move them. Love and miss you
Posted by Sarah Vandeberg on 30th July 2016
Well Marvin, another year has passed is ny without you here on earth. It doesn't seem like it has heen 4 years today you got your angel winhs to go to heaven? The grandchildren and Mike and I think of you daily. Mike had not been doing a lot of projects in the workshop this summer, because of the heat and he has been doing gardening some He has large potato and tomato plants this year. Aly has been giving us some problems wanting to date a 17 year old, but I put a stop to it with and order of protection on him for mow. I tell her she needs to worry able school in the fall, not boys. She has grown up to be a very pretty girl. Mielikki has grown up also.. He played softball this spring snd did quite well. He is going to be in 5th grade and Aly in 8th. Where has time gone? As for me I'm the same person, no change. You can be glad your not here for the presidential election this year, as they want Hilliary Clinton in the White House! She is such a liar and so dishonest she stinks. Obama is trying to make the US into an Isliam country before he leave office in Jan. 2017. What a butt he is. It has been a hot summer, as we still have more summer to come with hot temps. Miss you more each passing day. Eddie apears to be well woth her shoulder, but does't tell anyone about her true pain? She keeps us ip on how Molly is doig, but sais she thinks her tome is near, to come be with you, as she is grieving for you. All our love to you MarvinWill talk to you later Marvin Love you still lazy daughter-in-law Sarajh
Posted by Sarah Vandeberg on 20th June 2016
Happy belated Fathers day Marvin Missing you still now and foever. Love you lazy and mouthy daughter-in-law Sarah
Posted by Mike Vandeberg on 19th June 2016
happy fathers day got your messages from the messengers you sent and tell grandpa's happy fathers day also. hope you and the great creator are having a happy time. love michael
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 19th June 2016
Hope you and you and everyone that is there with you have a Happy Father's Day. Miss you today and everyday. Very lonesome here being alone . I am stuck at home for awhile as I broke the tendon in my rotator cuff area. So will not be driving or mowing our lawn. Ken has been keeping it mowed. Tom's daughter wants to come and help out when it needs mowing the next time. She is busy with baseball. Everyone else is doing fine. Love you always and forever.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 15th May 2016
Well it has been awhile since I wrote. No excuses but just haven't set down and done it. It is a very nice Spring day Ken has mowed the lawn and I have planted my garden seeds . Now have to get some tomato's and peppers and of course some Kohlrabi. You always loved those and so do all the rest of us. Mike is busy building a lot of wonderful things. Tom is busy with the kids and ball games. Tom is building a storage shed. He borrowed your compressor but it keeps blowing the breakers so had to find a different one to use. Ken is busy as usual with all the field planting he goes to work and usually doesn't get home until dark He loves what he does. Carla is busy with work she has a lot of hrs to work never gets done. They may come sometime this mon. to visit. Carlene is about the same. She gets quite lonely as she doesn't drive anymore. But she does well. Christine is also working a lot of hrs. She has moved so is busy trying to get her flower beds into shape. I am getting older and slower. Have to have shoulder surgery on the 25th . I am tempted not to have it but I am limited as to what I can do so guess I will go through with it. Put me in your prayers please. Life has been good to me. Oh yes you should know Don Carter passed away this month so bet you and he are having a good chat. Love to all in heaven. Tell my parents Hi for me. By for now. Will try to write more often. Love you.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 1st January 2016
Well Marvin the holiday's are about over. They were never your favorite time of yr. Right? Most everyone was home for dinner for Christmas eve. All had a good time. The snow came after Christmas and so it is cold out now. Supposed to be in the twenties all wk. You would have loved it. LOL I spent your birthday here alone and listened to some old records which brought back a lot of memories. God Bless and miss you. Love forever.
Posted by Sarah Vandeberg on 30th December 2015
marvin. Happy 79th birthday . I don't know where the time has gone too? You where in our thoughts and hearts at Christmas. We had afamily supper and most of the family was there. We did not have any snow this year for Christmas but it did snow on the 28th andice to go along with it. The children are growing up. quickly and along with that comes the sassy mouths and bavk talking,wish you whrehere to tone them down? Hope everythingis good rhere withGOD, as the world is not any better here. Happy New Years to you. love and miss you, your mouthy daughter in law Sarah
Posted by Sarah Vandeberg on 13th September 2015
Marvin, It is a beautiful fall day. I sit here watching the tree are just about to start changing colors soon. The family is fine. Wish you could be here to enjoy this day, but you can njoy it with you heanely family. Please watch over us eveeday. with you love. Miss you so much, but will see you someday again. Love to yoy Marvin, Your old lazt daught-in-law, Sarah
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 12th September 2015
Just thinking about all the things you would like to know. Tom's wife Julie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had her first treatment on Thurs. She needs your prayers. I have not been the best it is getting harder to walk. My right foot hurts so bad all the time. I am afraid one of these days I will fall. But life goes on. Mike has opened a wood working shop he is making a lot of cutting boards , rolling pins and some furniture. He loves it as he can get out of the house . I hope he does well. Ken is still with me. He mows the lawn most of the time now. I try to do it on days when he doesn't beat me to it. LOL He is still working long hrs. Tom is still working at the same place. Tom, Ken and Tom's children went to White Tails in Freeport this wk. Kaden won a 22 I bet he is excited. Tom is worried about Julie which is natural. God be with him. Christine is still at the Stop n Go. She has been working long hrs. also. She has had a couple girls that are no call no shows so they will be out the door and she will be working long hrs. until they get someone hired. Her and Al found a home to rent in Oakley. Carla has the same prob. working hrs upon hrs. She is always busy. Carlene is slowly getting a little slower. Her arm is getting worse don't know if there will be any help for that or not. All the grandkids are doing fine except for Nicole she has that prob. with the brain fluid so she can use some help also. Gr. Grandkids are growing like weeds. Marcy just had a new little girl a few mon. back she is a cutie. Brent and his new wife are moving back to wi. from ca. He is happy as it is close to the Green Bay Packer field. You would know how that would feel. LOL Dan it still working in madison at Epic. he is doing fine. Deann has moved to Lanark with her boyfriend they are doing well. Amber is still doing answering service work. I don't see her much.But Mike says she is doing fine. Sarah got a clean bill of health from her cancer. That is good. There grandkids still live with them they are doing ok. They give mike and sarah some prob. at time but all kids do. Toms kids are big into sports They are doing well. Kens son Corey is doing good he is working full time now. Oh I forgot Alex he is in school at Juda now since they moved and he likes it there. Carlenes 2 girls are doing well. Becky and her husband just bought a new home near Juda they love it. Steph. lives in freeport with all of her children her oldest is now working at walmart. I planted the raised beds into tomato's , beets, peppers , cucumbers, zuchinni, and some squash. I just picked a quarter of a bushel of tomato's will have to can a few or freeze them. I made about 12 qts of pickles they turned out pretty good even if I do say so myself. It is becoming more and more like fall now. We got down into the forties last night. So, won't be long until the snow will come and the cold will come. Well Dear I have to do some cleaning as usual as the tv man is coming tomorrow so I have to clean our bedroom. I signed up for the Gift of Hope so my body will go to the same place that yours did to help others. Sending love to you from all of us. Everyone misses you. But we have to deal with whatever life hands us. There are times when the tears come as I get sick of looking at 4 walls and set and wish you were here to go someplace with me. Love sent.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 31st July 2015
Well yesterday it was 3 yrs. since you have been gone. I went to the dentist and decided I needed to clear my head so went for a long ride by myself. I left the dentist at 11:45 and didn't get home until 4pm. So, you know I made a few mi. I took a lot of the same side roads you would have enjoyed. Hills and beautiful scenery. Please pray for Nicole she has had a long enough siege of this illness. She is suffering a lot. She had a hard day yesterday. Her youngest one turned 1 on the 29th. All the rest of grandkids seem to be doing fine. Our daughter Carlene is having a lot of pain in shoulders and it hurts so bad she cries when the shower water hits her shoulder. Mike is happy with his new work shop. He felt bad as he had just taken some of your tools to his shop and then it burnt down. I told himso don't worry about it. His grandkids give him a hard time. Makes him and Sarah very nervous. Carla is working a lot of hrs. so they don't get home very often. Tom is still at the same job. He has other worries now. His wife Julie has been diagnosed with breast cancer she is having surgery the 5th of aug. So prayers are needed. Ken is working as hard as ever seems like the long long days will be soon ending. He leaves for his Canada trip on the 6th and prob. won't get home until the early hrs . on the 16th. His family is doing fine. Christine has moved to a diff. home. She is still working at Stop n Go. All of grandchildren are in good places except for Nicole. I have a friend that treats me with respect and we went to Ariz. and to Ca. to see my sister Phyllis. She is doing fine has a house full of children and grand children most of the time. My friend took Phyllis and I to a wonderful Chinese Restaurant in Ca. One Phyl andI will never forget. She said to tell you Hi. We then went out to Breakfast with Brent and Kelly that was very nice. You would be proud of me I think.!! I have lost 84 lbs. and trying to loose more. Well I have brought you up to date on everyone. God be with you. Love from your wife.
Posted by Sarah Vandeberg on 30th July 2015
Well Hi Marvie, it's me Sarah remembering you and missing you. It doesn't seem like it has been 3 years today you decided not to take the helicopter ride but to get your angel wings and fly on your own. We miss you everyday. Mike thinks of you everyday when he works in his workshop that was just built this spring after a fire in Dec 2014. He lossed a lot of your tools but, maybe he just wasn't meant to use them? He has made some toys and train whistles, and even a bathroom cabinet for Deann.She is now engaged to a nice man named Raymond Hart, who just loves her to death. He has promised to take care of her for life. They make a good couple as he has the same likes as she does. Aly and Mielikki are going into 7th and 4th grade this year in school. I'm just as cranky as I was when you left us. Mike also made you a urn for you remain to go in and Edith's can be also have her remains put by yours in the box. Mike did a real nice job on it. Mike is fine and loves the new work shop, he has it set up really nice. miss you and think of you everyday. Amber is doing well also. love to you Sarah and family
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 22nd December 2014
Well Dear it is almost Christmas again: I was busy trying to clean this house and get ready for company and was getting tired so I sat down in the big chair . I could hear you saying quit worrying about the house if they don't like it they can help you clean. That was always what you said when I got in the cleaning mood for company. Well anyway I sat down in the big chair and all at once I heard this music and I wondered where it was coming from. I listened and it was the song that they played for us to dance to at Tom & Julies wedding. Do you remember it ? Look at us is the name of it. I sat there and finally figured out it was coming from our bedroom radio. How it got on I don't know but I think you were here and turned it on. I listened to the whole song and then went in and turned off the radio. But thank you for playing our song. Everyone of the children are going to be here except Carla & Mike also Brent and His wife Kelly. We prob. won't have a white Christmas they say but we will wait and see. I went down to feed the dogs tonight and the pen is all mud. So, you know it is not to cold yet. Well I am sending my love Dear will always miss you: Hope you are with all our loved ones Say Hello to them all for me and give them a big hug. Love you Dear:
Posted by Christine Moon on 20th December 2014
hey dad it is almost christmas again and no snow. But no worries as it has been cold enough! Nicole has been having some doosy headaches and is having a hard time. I know they say god only gives you what you can handle but i think she has had her share. will be moving come spring so you will have to replant those resurection plants for me! I know they were moved this year so will have to give them another home. Not sure where we will end up but I know you will find us and look over everything. well god bless and love you
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 8th October 2014
Good Morning Marvin: Well fall is here again and it is chilly this a.m. I have put off turning on the furnace to save on fuel. But had to give in today and turn it on for awhile. Seems I have a hard time getting warm anymore. I remember when you used to be that way. Molly is laying here on a blanket snoring. She too is getting older. I had her trimmed this fall as she was a mess. Her hair had gotten all matted from being in the creek so much. All our families seem to be doing good. You would be proud of Mike he has lost 40 lbs. and is doing some walking again. Give him all the help you can. I too lost 50 lb. but am stuck so I could use a kick in the but once in awhile as I am trying to loose more but just stay right where I am. I miss you and hope you are with the Lord. God Bless.
Posted by Mike Vandeberg on 30th July 2014
today it's been 2 years since you journey on the red road ended and the great spirt took you in so now you are with the father after walking with the mother for 75 years. while you were here with mother earth she showed you her ways now the father is showing his way i am sure you are learning his way with gusto because you lived like that here with the great mother . So rest in peace and know you are remembered by family and friends.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 30th July 2014
Dear Marvin: Well life has not been the same without you. Today you have been with God for 2 yrs. already. Time goes by fast. You now have 2 new gr. grandsons. Marcy had a little boy and so did Nicole. They both had a hard pregnancy. Your boys are all doing fine. Mike is doing therepy and he is walking alot more and it seems good to see him do that. Ken & Tom are still working long hrs. Ken will soon be going to canada. Your Grandson Brent is marrying Kelly on Aug. 23rd of this yr. Dan bought a home in Fitchburg so he is busy setting up his new home. The rest of the grandsons and gr. grandsons are fine.OO Your grandaughters and gr.grandaughters are all doing well. We are hoping Nicole gets some relieve now that she has had the baby. Your daughters are doing fine. Carla is as busy as ever. Christine is still working alot. Carlene seems to stay about the same. Molly is still here she is still walking in the creek and coming back stinky. Well Dear I know you are in a better place and I will be joining you soon the way I feel some days I hope sooner then later. Love to you from all of us. God be with you til we meet again. Love Edith
Posted by Sarah Vandeberg on 30th July 2014
Hey Marvin, It's me your old pesky daughter-in- law Sarah, just wanted to say you are still missed and always will be until we meet in heaven if I make it that far. It does not seem like it has been 2 years already since you left us quickly, but God knew it was time to take you with no more suffering or pain. Mike and the children and great grand children miss you so much. They talk about you a lot, even Amber does. She and Edith finally settled their difference this past spring. Mielikki and Aly are getting excited for school to start on the 19th of Aug. You would be so proud of them as they both finished school in May with good grades. They both are growing so fast, Aly will be in 6th and Mielikki is going into 3rd. I wish you where here at times to settle Mielikki down, as I know you would straighten him out quickly. Deann is doing well and working many, many hours, so is Amber,as for me I just sit around and do as I want.(nothing has changed with me). My health it is good, no problems just cranky all the time. Saw Edith this morning and she is very lonely without you. She had breakfast with all of us and picked up some cardboard and said she was going home to take a nap. I worry about her, but she says things are going to be ok. Well I will let you back to your game of cards or whatever you where doing, just REMEMBER YOU ARE LOVED and missed dearly. All our love to you. love your daughter-in law Sarah
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 30th December 2013
Happy 'Birthday to our dear Husband, Father and Gr.Grandfather and Grandfather. You are truly missed by all. Still loved by all. God be with you now and forever. That is what Pastor Mike always used to say at the end of the service. He is no longer our pastor though.I know you are in a better place and no longer suffering but I am setting here with tears in my eyes and guess who came to me and put her head in my lap and gave me kisses. It was your dog Molly. She still misses you.. I didn't bake a cake but I bought your favorite snack a big jar of peanuts sets on our table..Must also tell you that the cardinal that we all think is you( back as a reminder to all of us) is pecking at the window. He has been here every since you passed. Remember when he came after Dad and Mom died" well he is here all the time. He follows me from room to room even gets me up in the morning . God be with you now and forever. Love from your wife.
Posted by Sarah Vandeberg on 30th December 2013
Happy Birthday Marvin. Today you would have been 77years young. Missed you at Christmas and all the other holidays but know you are in a far better place, then here where all we hear is gas it high priced, hate taxes and you know all the rest. How about those packers yesterday! I KNEW IF RODGERS came back we at least had a chance to win. YOU had one of the best seats in the house. I hated the holidays this year(guess I'm getting old)? Hope all my cancer is gone by now as it will be a year on Jan7 since i found the lump. God is taking care of all of us one day at a time. Mielikki and Aly say Happy birthday and that they miss you everyday. I need you here to help make them behave as they get older they get mouthier and a pain in the butt but you gotta love them. Have a happy birthday and a happy new years. love to you from sarah,Mike, Aly, and Mielikki
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 29th December 2013
Well Dear Christmas has come and gone I had a wonderful Day. Spent the morning with Ken and his grandchildren you would love them. Ken bought us a qtr. of beef now we have beef in freezer. After that I went to Tom & Julies and had a wonderful brunch and some very good conversation. I always enjoy talking to them. You know me I love to chat. I can hear you laughing at that now. Then I came home and made a batch of brownies and went to Mike & Sarahs for coffee and ham and whatever was left from dinner. Then some more conversation. Also spoke with Carla&Mike,Christine , and Carlene. Florence is home and just waiting to come to heaven there isn't anything more they can do. Well dear it is supper time Ken & I are going to have steaks from the new meat. Hope it is good. Wish you were here. Miss you and will always love you. From your wife Edith
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 15th December 2013
I am setting here crying. Molly has her head on my lap. Got the news last night that Florence Carter isn't doing good. She may be joining you soon. Wonder who will be next? Seems like alot of our friends have died within the last yr. Maybe it will be me. I am thinking strongly about selling the place and moving to an apt. Ken has enough to do and I don't want him to feel he has to be here on account of me. I want him to have a life. Our christmas isn't until Jan. I don't even have our tree up. Neelah was here the other day and she and I were going to do it but Tom got a deer and she went with him . Everything is out n the living room but still in the box, Don't know if it will get put up or not. Well dear I must go and do something even if it is wrong and it usually is. Love you even though we had some bad times.
Posted by Christine Moon on 14th December 2013
Well Xmas is right around the corner and it is snowing a little today! It is a pretty sight. Met a great guy and he Makes me feel different and alive again. I think you would like him!! He and Alex get along great. Nicole graduated from school and is going to be taking her boards soon. Give her a hand and help her get thru. Miss and love you
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 1st December 2013
Good afternoon Mr. V. (I always called you that at times and you would laugh) I had a very good day yesterday. I had a Thanksgiving lunch with Sarah, Mike and Mieklikki . Had some very good food He made home made pumpkin muffins that were very good,We sat and talked and had a very good conversation. Then last eve. I went to Tom & Julies for Kayden's birthday party. Was just them and Julie's Mom. We had homemade Pizza and Julie's good choc. cake. Was very good to get out for the whole day and do something. Wish I could do it more but you know when you were here we had to watch what we spent and it is alot more watching it now. You would be amazed at how much gas it now. One can't go anyplace unless you have to. Ken has gone to town. I was going to ride along and get a few things but he said he was going to get his hair cut and do other shopping so I stayed home. The holiday season is here and we loved it when our kids were little and money was tight then but we managed. Thank God for Don & Florence Carter or we would have had it alot worse. Don & Florence are hanging in there . Don has copd and Florence is still battleing with her kidney. Well dear I miss you today and everyday. I see you setting in your chair and know that your presence is here. Thank you for that but I know you have a new home so if you want or need to you can go there. I will be lonesome but fine. I love you with all my heart. You had some hard times when you were here and you took alot of them too your grave. But God will help youl Love forever. Edith
Posted by Christine Moon on 30th November 2013
Well it is the holidays and you always disliked this time of year.I can still hear your bah humbugs. It makes me laugh!! Alex and I are on our own and I could use a hug from my dad to know all will be well. Take care and keep the snow to a minimum for me!!! Love you always
Posted by Sarah Vandeberg on 29th November 2013
Marvin, the great-grandchildren Mielikki and Aly talk about you more and more everyday. They ask why did great grandpa have to die? I tell them God had a new plan for you in life then to let you have suffer with pain. I try to let them know that you are with them everyday and that they can talk to you whenever they wish too. Aly misses your cuddles and Mielikki misses you hugs and teasing him. We all miss you everyday and hour but we know you are resting and watching the Packers and watching over all of us each day. Everytime Edith comes the always ask or say I wish great-grandpa was here! Love and miss you love your daughter in law and great grand children aly and mielikki akers /?
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 24th November 2013
Marvin it is not your kind of weather it is cold outside. I swear you are visiting us in the form of a red cardinal . That was your favorite bird. It comes and knocks on our windows. Especially when the grandkids are here or if I am having a bad day. Thank you for that. You know I miss you and will always love you. Hope you aren't hurting anymore. The way I feel I don't think it is going to be long before I join you. I am sure getting slower and looking older everyday. Deer season is open. Our son Tom is hunting but the rest aren't hunting. Michael would love to go but he hasn't had a chance to do so. Tom stopped by for breakfast this a.m. Ken didn't hunt as he is working all wk.end. They remember the good times they had when you were here and they all hunted together. Also wanted to let you know that Homer Ware passed away this wk. so you will prob. be having a visitor. God be with you with all my love.
Posted by Mike Vandeberg on 22nd November 2013
"Native American Prayer" I give you this one thought to keep - I am with you still - I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the sweet uplifting rush, of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft starts that shine at night. Do not think of me as gone - I am with you still in each new dawn. Author: Native American Prayer
Posted by Mike Vandeberg on 6th October 2013
"Well dad it is Sunday and the packers are playing today I remember you hardly ever missed a packer game. I hope you got one of the best seats to watch them for eternity. You are missed by all of us here and grandkids talk about you always and have fond memories of time spent with them so love and hugs from all of us"
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 4th October 2013
Well Marvin it is fall the leaves are starting to fall. Your favorite time of yr. to take a ride along the Mississippi. Wish you were here to do that today. We had a good rain last night. You don't know how much I miss you. Sometimes when I am not at home I have a question and I think well I will ask Marv when I get home. Then I think no he's gone. God Bless you. Please know you're missed
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 4th May 2013
On the 30th of April 2013 Marvin was dead for 9 mo. already. It seems like an eternity. I still miss him. I see him setting in his chair and watching tv, Our dog Molly misses him alot. She has made Ken & Corey her replacements. When they come she is all excited and will eat her dog food but won't touch it when I am here alone. The cardinal is back and it pecks on the window.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 4th May 2013
Marvin has been gone 9 mo.on apr.30th 2013. We had a cardinal that pecked on the window when my mom and dad passed. It is now back. It sets on the ledge and looks in and sings. It will do it until it is dark.Molly Marv's buddy is very lonesome.She won't eat until Ken comes home from work.We see tears in her eyes at times.The grandkids always go in and hug the box his ashes are in.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 9th April 2013
Marvin was a father of 6 children. Michael, Carla,Carlene, Kenneth, Christine & Thomas. He also had 13 grandchildren & 13 gr. grandchildren. He called all the boys Buddy. He loved to visit when he felt good. I am glad we got to do traveling when we did.. His love of gardening and mowing our big lawn was his favorite thing to do. God Bless everyone that helped at the time of his death.
Posted by Edith Vandeberg on 9th April 2013
Marvin will be forever missed by his family.He wanted his body to go to help others so his body went to Gift of Hope. We got a letter back saying his eyes were used and his skin and other parts. God Bless whomever got them that is what he would have wanted.Must not forget his best friend Molly a golden retriever.She was always at his side.We will be buried togeher when I die in Orngvle Cem

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