Five Minutes

Shared by mya pouncey on November 16, 2014

Once upon a time gods were still here on planet earth and a little boy named Marvin pouncey came from 2 wonderful parents well one day we all went to bed the dad

 sleeped in the living room and the kids and mother sleeped in the little bedroom the family was humble they did not have vary much gold to spare for there kids but one they went to bed and the little baby boy was not breathing so my mom took him out in the living room and did CPR but he started turnig blue and purple few minutes later he past the next day DCF came  ands took the 4 inasint kids into custody but the reason why the boy died is because of sids 1year later we were back with r family but when my little brother died the gods died to god bless the end


Shared by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on October 16, 2011

From the first time we saw you the love we had for you was  for you was unconditional though we never thought in a million years we would never beable to watch you take your first steps or hear your first word or even get too see your first step we all know you are in heavin with your big sister courtney ,grandma and papa.we all feel god took you to soon but we know he neede you maybe more than we did god has a plan for everyone and we all know you are looking down on us.

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