Posted by mya pouncey on November 16, 2014
Hi Lil man this is your big sis u know your b-day is soon u r going to be the big 4 u know that everyone misses u your ant Toni died but we all have our heads held high well I love u p.s your mamma is awesome your brother and your 2 sisters mite go to Ohio love u bye sweet dreams
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on March 7, 2012
Hello son i wanted to tell you how much i miss u i have been thinking about you everyday . Our computer broke so now i have to us papa's for now but i wanted to let you know how much we think about you everyday and how much we love you until next time so i promise i will arite more later love you very much son
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on February 7, 2012
i love you lil man just got out of the hospital but i definately know you were with me aunt jan sent you a baby blanket for your birthday i keep it close good nignt and i love you
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on February 3, 2012
son im getting ready to lay down i just wanted to drop in and say hello before i layed down i love you baby.I will have sweet dreams about you tonight.Krystyna says hi and she loves you everytime i come to your page she says mommy thats my baby brother she definately knows her baby brother and she too dreams about you often and talks about you all the time. I love you baby and good night
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on January 31, 2012
hello my beautiful angel in heaven mommy wants to tell you happy birthday and i miss you so very much. I will continue to stay strong for u and always keep you in my heart you will never know how i feel nor never now how missed you are i know nana and papa are taking care of you right now and throwing you the best first birthday party you could ever have!
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on January 31, 2012
i know you are now walking with jesus and looking down on us i want you to know that even though you are not here you have taught mommy alot about life to cherish life and grasp onto each end every moment that god gives us i know that life and each day that goes by will get easier i love you son HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE MOMMY!!!!!!!!
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on November 11, 2011
good night lil man love sissy mya
Posted by Jacqueline Thomson Blackw... on October 31, 2011
RIP little angel x
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on October 31, 2011
hello honey mommy wanted to tell you happy HW i love you and miss you dont worry your brothers and sisters got lots of candy !!!!!!!i love u and miss you ill write u again soon. love mommy
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on October 30, 2011
hello son mommy was thinking about you so i thought i would let you know my thought's.i have been thinking alot about you what you would be doing right now how beautiful your smile is and how sweet i know you would have been if you were still here with me i know you are up there with your sister nana and papa and our heavenly father just wanted to say i love you son your always remembered
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on October 30, 2011
Little Marvin, just want to let you know that i miss and love you very much! You are always in my heart and I will never forget about you. You were such a beautiful little boy and there is not a day that goes by that i dont think about you. You were so precious and I loved so much being around you! I will write again soon! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! AUNT/GOD MAMA COURTNEY
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on October 16, 2011
to our beautiful son from mommy, daddy krystyna, jada,mya,brandon and j.c we have never known the sound of your cry since you passed and we will never get a chance to know who you would have become but that will never change the fact that you will never be forgotten and we love u
Posted by VIRGINIA&JAMES POUNCEY on October 16, 2011
daddy knows you are in heavin with our loving father jesus abd you sister courtney playing and looking over us daddy loves both of u and misses u both very much so much you would never know

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