Red hair

Shared by Nicole Ritchie on May 6, 2018

IIt's not a story, but rather a reminder of you everyday. I wish I would have had the pleasure of meeting you and getting to know my grandfather. I think the sense of humor we all inhabit, stems from you. I have heard nothing but great things about you and I am proud to call you my grandfather! Now the red hair....we all have it...some just hints of red and some full red but I just wanted to say that each time I look at your great granddaughter and I see the red in her hair, it warms my heart knowing exactly where that came from. I may not have gotten to meet you but that doesn't mean I can't miss you. Give gram a great big hug and tell her that I love her too and miss her more than I ever thought was even possible. Ur our roots, the puzzle piece and glue of this family...u will NEVER be forgotten...not for 1 day...not for 1 minute...not for 1 second. I love you both. Please watch over us all and give your great grandchildren kisses while they sleep...until we get to you, know that we love u dearly!


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