Let the memory of Mary be with us forever
  • 94 years old
  • Born on August 6, 1917 .
  • Passed away on January 3, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mary Fetter 94 years old , born on August 6, 1917 and passed away on January 3, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Dave Fetter on 6th August 2018
Happy Birthday, Mom! We've been telling stories about you, recently. Do you remember the time....? Of course you do! In fact, you remember it more accurately than the rest of us. So, rather than bore you and embarrass myself, I'll leave it at that. Love you lot's! ;-)
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 6th August 2018
Happy Birthday Mom; always missing you.
Posted by Dave Fetter on 3rd January 2018
"The years go by so fast!" Mom said that when she was our age. Only recently, have I come to really understand that feeling she must have had, 30+ years ago. Six years ago, it was hard to think that we would be noting mom's 100th birthday last August and now, 6 years gone... already. They tell me it doesn't slow down. So, I'm working on a bucket list, with a little more focus. Miss you Mom! Love you more!
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 6th August 2017
Happy Birthday Mom........100 years....... thank you for sharing these years with us. ❤️
Posted by Dave Fetter on 6th August 2017
I have uploaded 2 videos, celebrating her 94th and last birthday with Jeff and Annie. Click on videos under the Gallery tab above.
Posted by Dave Fetter on 6th August 2017
100 Years ago, Mary Agnes Fink Fetter, was born in Rochester, NY. It seems incredible, since all 4 of her children believe we are still in our 30s (LOL - Although in our 30s, none of us knew the term "LOL" or what it could possibly mean). The world has changed a lot since Mom was growing up on Portland Avenue. We are all very grateful for having her with us for 94% of these 100 years. She is still with us, of course, in our hearts, in our stories about her, and especially that little voice that whispers in our ears, with a mothers counsel, when we need it. Love Ya, Mom! Happy Birthday!
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 3rd January 2017
Good morning Mom! Hard to believe-5 years has passed. Still think of you every day and realize so much of what I do and say reminds me of you
Posted by Dave Fetter on 3rd January 2017
Has it been 5 years, already? The older we get the faster, "Tempus Fugit", to repeat an expression often used by Mary Fetter. Much has happened Since my last installment. Probably the most notable is, Sara, graduated from USF, St. Petersburg, with a BS degree in Biology on December 11, 2016. Sara had professional pictures taken of her in cap & gown on campus. Included among those pictures taken are two special ones she made holding photographs of Her late mom and Grandfather, both of whom were her biggest cheerleaders when she started college. None would be more proud than Tammy and “Grandma Pops”, (Bill Banks) and especially Grandma Fetter on this special event in Sara's life. Needless to say, Mom is missed and loved more as the years go by. Pat, Bill, Jeff and I all stay in touch and talk of her and Dad often. keeping them with us, still.
Posted by Dave Fetter on 6th August 2016
Couldn't have said better than Pat in her tribute, this date. All I can add is "Don't worry, Mom!". We'll all be fine..and we are all looking out for each other. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 6th August 2016
Hi Mom, I know you'll never admit it, still say you're 49, but Happy 99th Birthday. You raised quite a great family and I hope you're proud of us all. I still talk to you every day.❤️
Posted by Jeff Fetter on 6th August 2016
99 years. Just doesn't seem possible. I still remember her chasing me around the house with a yard stick - never caught me (I don't think she intended to). Still miss her every day.
Posted by Bill Fetter on 3rd January 2016
We'll always keep this beautiful Mother in our thoughts and prayers, Love, Bill
Posted by Dave Fetter on 3rd January 2016
Hey, Mom! Love you. Miss you and your warm, self-deprecating sense of humor.
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 2nd January 2016
Four years......it seems like yesterday Mom. Still think of you every day and remember so many wonderful things.
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 6th August 2015
Happy Birthday Mom; you are still missed every day. XOXO
Posted by Jeff Fetter on 6th August 2015
Happy Birthday Mom
Posted by Dave Fetter on 10th May 2015
Mother's Day 2015. Mom would be 97 years old, this year. Feedback I'm getting on her "progeny" tells me she would would be most proud of her descendants. So, Mom, you don't have to worry, like I always told you. The next generation is carrying on.
Posted by Dave Fuller on 19th January 2015
I never knew Mary Fetter but judging by her son, Dave Fetter, she had to be one swell lady! Rest in peace.
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 3rd January 2015
Mom, It's amazing just how much you are a part of my daily life wondering what you would do or say about so many things. You've left each of us with such a special gift; miss you Mom!
Posted by Dave Fetter on 3rd January 2015
Jeff Said it well. Especially that we talk often, just as I do with Dad. The difference is that I don't have to listen his long lectures any longer. Mom just refers me to Dad...when she thinks I need a lecture. Really do miss them both. Great memories!
Posted by Jeff Fetter on 3rd January 2015
Three years since she's gone - - still hurts. But, we still talk quite often and I know she's helped out quite a few different times. And, we still have a few "Mary Fetter" laughs here and there.
Posted by Bill Fetter on 10th August 2014
Remembering Mom on her birthday, still a very special day for those who knew and loved her.
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 11th May 2014
Happy Mother's Day Mom! It's your day for sure. Miss you a lot. XO
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 4th January 2014
Sorry The boys beat me....lost my password and couldn't get in to write. ( now really, you wouldn't expect that of "mois" would you?). More likely that would be Bill! So just want to say that I think about you all the time and often find myself wondering: "what would Mom do, or say?" Funny how life plays out. Miss you MomXOXO
Posted by Dave Fetter on 3rd January 2014
Hey, Mom! Bill said it all. We love you and miss you a lot. But talking about you a lot to each other has kept you close. It's snowing and bitter cold up north and more to come. I am reminded, for some reason, when we were kids, of the Bridge tournament you and some friends were at, out of town. Apparently you played all day, oblivious a blinding snowstorm that had been accumulating all the while, preventing you all from coming home that night. One of us still has the newspaper article clipping and photo of Dad holding up the sign he made reading "Welcome home Brigettes!" for your ultimate arrival. Love ya. See you soon on Bill's Facebook page...
Posted by Bill Fetter on 3rd January 2014
Hi Mom, I hope St. Peter has got your Face Book account straightened out and your caught up on Earth News. You know about the "baby boom" in your family alone. The number of your great grandchildren is about to double in April). Everyone is doing well ( with the exception of a few votes for Republicans). Oh,forgot the big news.... Annie got an iPhone. I know, it's amazing. But the old news is "We Love Ya Mom" xxxxooooo
Posted by Rick Fetter on 6th August 2013
I am quite proud to be one of Mary Fetter’s grandsons. I am equally proud to have her descendants in my bloodline. The family she created speaks volumes as a testament to her. Fondly remembering her on her birthday. Love to all, Rick Fetter
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 6th August 2013
94 wonderful years Mom. Even now you are such an inspiration to each of us. As a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother you have touched all of us. Happy Birthday Mom. Love you, Pat
Posted by Dave Fetter on 5th August 2013
Happy Birthday, Mom! Think of you often, especially on your birthday. Still listen to those pearls of wisdom you gave at times they were needed most. Only hope I can so wise for my kids, when they need it. Love you
Posted by Bill Fetter on 12th May 2013
Happy Mother's Day, Mom... Love, Bill ( And how smart of you to have a daughter to remind us of your day... Thank you, Pat)
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 11th May 2013
Happy Mother's Day Mom. You will NEVER be forgotten. Miss you every day and think about you even more, especially on this Day.
Posted by Bernadette Collins on 6th January 2013
What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. She was a beautiful women and was always kind to us when we were at Notre Dame. Thank you for shareing this site with me.
Posted by Kris Rust on 5th January 2013
Bill, the circle of life thrives in you and in all whom you touch. You honor your mother just by being you! Much love, Kris
Posted by Bucky Green on 4th January 2013
Hey Bill, I hope the good memories of your mom get you through the anniversary of her death. She must have been an amazing person. Hope you and your family are well.
Posted by Ricardo Cortes on 4th January 2013
Thinking of you and your family at this time. It seems that many of us are getting to an age when we are loosing our parents. I always remember you talking about your many trips home to see your Mom which I think is a reflection of the type of mother that she was having had a dedicated son like you.
Posted by Dan Fetter on 4th January 2013
Courage, class, and beauty. Love you Grandma
Posted by Hubert Josien #2 on 3rd January 2013
Bill, her wit, sense of humor and charm obviously survive in you. Warm thoughts to all of you.
Posted by Jordan Karp2 on 3rd January 2013
Warm thoughts to Bill and his family during their remembrance of what sounds to have been a wonderful and much-loved woman.
Posted by Doug Root on 3rd January 2013
Bill and family, Just got the note about the loss of your mom. What a strong and glorious run this woman had! And what a beautiful legacy she is leaving in all of you. Know that you will celebrate her beautiul life as much as you grieve in the loss of it. Doug
Posted by Kem Malone 2 on 3rd January 2013
Thinking of the Fetter Family today on the first anniversary of your Mother's "going home." Though I did not know her well I do remember her welcoming presence, her down to earth nature, and her sense of humor and laughter. Clearly she was a strong and loving woman who is dearly missed by all of you. This site is a wonderful tribute to her.
Posted by Dick DeRisio on 3rd January 2013
To Bill and family: In the early '70s, Marion and I learned to play bridge in adult ed classes taught by your Mom. It was noteworthy that your Mom was able to demystify this intricate card game, but more important was the charm, grace and humor that she brought to the classes. Seeing your Mom was a delight; her legacy lives on in your personality and loving spirit. My deepest sympathy.
Posted by Jim Mockler on 3rd January 2013
How she put up with a gaggle of mud-tracking, snow-dripping inconsiderates, I'll never know, but not a word of complaint escaped her lips. “Ma Fink”, as we affectionately called her, provided a warm haven to us waiting for the Mekos bus on those cold winter school mornings. She always had an open door, a friendly smile and a twinkle in her eye. Αἰωνία ἡ μνήμη - May her memory be eternal
Posted by Janet Arrigo on 3rd January 2013
Dr. Fetter, Our thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. Credentialing Team, Community Care
Posted by Jeff Fetter on 3rd January 2013
One of the most meaningful messages sent after Mom was gone said "Your mother teaches you everything in life except how to lose your mother". Although her past several years were not what she would have wished for, we're so glad she had so many moments of happiness when she would flash that smile and most importantly, that she was comfortable throughout. Love Jeff, Annie and all of us.
Posted by Pat Fetter(latest) on 3rd January 2013
My incredible Role Model, my Friend, my Mother. You were that special angel given to us to show us the way. I pray that you were as proud of us as we are of you. Sleep peacefully Mom.
Posted by Rick Fetter on 3rd January 2013
Everyone has nice things to say about their grandmother, after her life has passed, but this was truly an extraordinary woman. She was paradoxically worldly, witty, talented, loving, shrewd, intelligent, naïve, innocent, playful, disciplined, strong, and frail. Just a few hours with her would reveal all of these things. Those of us who knew her are truly blessed for the experience.
Posted by Dave Fetter on 3rd January 2013
Her wit, her charm, her intelligence, her self-deprecating sense of humor, her love of life, her love of all people, her love for us all, made up one of the most pleasant personalities God ever created. I know she's now, tactfully, teaching the angels that "irregardless" (among others) is NOT a word.
Posted by Bill Fetter on 3rd January 2013
From your grateful and loving children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren,friends,neighbors, pets and over 300 plants. Remembering your love and care as well as your contagious zest for life, lessons on doing the right thing and playing a mean piano (heard in the background, Moonlight Sonata which she often played).

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