Let the memory of Mary be with us forever
She's in the arms of the angels may she find some comfort there.
  • 32 years old
  • Born on November 11, 1980 in Utah, United States.
  • Passed away on November 21, 2012 in Clearfield, Utah, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mary Killough 32 years old , born on November 11, 1980 and passed away on November 21, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Misty Grimstead on 15th November 2017
Mary I miss you so much people always say that with time it will get better or easier, but I call bullshit cuz it is not any better or easier it is exactly 6 day to the 5 year anniversary of your death and I still feel the loss and pain as if it was the actual day. I cant explain how much loosing you has changed our hole family. Mary I know you are still her with us on a daily bases and you show us signs of that all the time. I know I see and hear you alot per my gift but its not the same and it is still so so hard to function with out you... I cant image how mom feels if I am having this hard of a time please MarBear be with mom feel her heart with your love let her know your there with her she misses you so much it breaks my heart ... sissy I need your strength as well so please help me get through this as best you can ... I wish you were here to see all I've accomplished MarBear , we always talked about having a paranormal team and I now have one which I know youve been part of .... I am in the process of writing a book and have a few other book ideas as well I've followed my dreams and moved to washington its so beautiful here, Mary loosing you has taught me that life is very short and you never know how long you have so that you have to live your life and not be afraid of doing so love the people who love you and ignore the people full of hate cuz its not worth the little time we have to deal with negativity ... MarBear I miss you every second of everyday and part of my heart and soul is with you but I know you are leading me so I am following I love you soooooooo much sissy forever and always. Love you big sister Misty
Posted by Misty Grimstead on 12th November 2016
I sure do miss you sissy this is the hardest time of year for me ... We all went and listened to music and sang happy birthday to you at your grave yesterday... Your kids are getting so big and tycoda is very handsome and the girls are amazingly beautiful just like you ..... Michelle and I both have grand kids now and I wish so much you were here to meet your great nephew and niece ....brees about to have a baby boy and erics got a baby on the way to Mary all this is happening and as great as it is I still feel I'm in a horrible dream and I just want you to come home ..... I dont understand why you had to go so early we still need you I still need you I love you sissy so much
Posted by Michelle Fullmer on 30th August 2016
Mary guess what David is a daddy to a little boy I think you may have help to send him to us he adorable. I miss you more then any words can express I love you so much baby sister your kids are getting so big they miss you so much I'm doing my best to support them and help them through the loss of their beautiful mother fly high with the angels sissy give baby Triston a kiss from his auntie until we meet again XOXOXOXO
Posted by Ty Christensen on 17th June 2016
I missed you then i miss you now and forever i will miss you and i hope you know that you were my world i am trying to be happy but it is hard to do i have found love and she makes me feel better and she reminds me some what of you and she loves me fore me but nothing will ever replace you the only thing that has stoped my from comiting suisde is that the family needs me and that now that you are gone i am the glue that our family togerther and that hopefuly i might see you again
Posted by Misty Grimstead on 20th March 2016
It's a beautiful day today I hear the birds singing and the sun is shining and i really wish you were here so we could go to the reservoir and swim or go fishing or to play in the mountain or even have a camp fire and bbq I miss you sissy so much and beautiful days make me think of you even more I still have a hard time believing your no longer here to do these things with me ... I feel you all around me in spirit I just miss your hugs .... I hope you are having a beautiful day in heaven sissy I love you
Posted by Misty Grimstead on 19th March 2016
Mary I decided that we all needed a place to come remember how amazing you were and how beyond spectacular you voice was ...I love you baby sissy and life has been so out of wack with out you her my life is boring I have no one to go karaoke with and no one to fight with either you were my best friend and I'm seriously still lost even going on 4 years of you being gone .... I know for a fact your still here in spirit form and that's awesome but not the same either I can't wait till we can all be together again I love you sissy forever
Posted by Michelle Fullmer on 19th March 2016
I love and miss you mary
Posted by Robyn Lewis on 19th March 2016
Mary, I know we have never met but heard so much about you and wish we would of had the chance to meet. We are cousins now since Kirk and I have married. I know your family misses you very much and loves you dearly. One day we will get the opportunity to finally meet. I love you cousin Mary even though we have not met yet.
Posted by Katrina Vigil on 19th March 2016
I miss hanging out with her she was and always will be my best freind

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