Shared by tammy darby on February 25, 2011

my mom was the most beautiful person u would ever what  come in connect with she was a loving mother and a loving wife she made sure her kids was took care and had what we need she so someone very special i all the ways she was your sun shine she had the most beautiful smile but boy when u mad her made it was on she didnt like people hurting her children that my her blood boil if u wanted a fight just say something about her kids that all it took and she love her grandbaby just like she did her kids they got just about everthing they wanted she was your life mom we miss u so much i wish u could have stay a little while longer but god need u to sing in the angel band so he took u home so u would not be sick any more but my mom was the best mom any one could ask for mom i miss u ever day i mom your where the best but i know u are in a lot better place now i sure miss u  happy annvisary in heaven mom and dad love always your daughter tammy bryant bj

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