Heaven's Newest Ambassador

Shared by Carol Atkinson on September 5, 2011

When I met Mary some years ago in Jefferson, Georgia there was something immediately apparent about her, a quality for which I couldn’t find a name; something indefinable that created an atmosphere that made people comfortable and at ease in her presence.  It was a “Maryness” that was a gift solely her own.


Our Tuesday bridge group met weekly and we played a lot of bridge over the years and solved many of the world’s problems during those afternoons, as well. The group spent happy hours sharing our childhood memories, and Mary told us about the hospital and her fellow nurses, the doctors, and patients, and warm reminiscent tales of her family when her children were small, then growing up, and then married with families of their own, all of whom she cherished.


Mary earned the respect of everyone who knew her, and was modest about a long list of truly amazing accomplishments in a world that had yet to fully embrace the potential of women.  In her short time here on earth, a mere 86 years, she touched the lives of countless people, and left them better off to have met and shared time with her.  


When Mary left Atlanta for the state of Washington to embark on yet another phase of her remarkable and accomplished life, she left behind a host of friends.  We missed her.  We will continue to miss her, but we know that she is now free of earthly cares and constraints and we know that she will be greeting new friends and old with her radiant smile as heaven’s newest ambassador today.


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