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Beloved Cousin

November 1, 2021
My heart is full with memories that always bring a smile when I think of Mary. Growing up as children, sharing Thanksgiving family dinners at Aunt Dorothy's house, and matching dresses that someone in the family made for us.  I'll have to ask Regina and Theresa about that one.  As children, Mary made me smile and laugh and was enormously entertaining.  Mary was loving and fierce and courageous and had a presence you could feel as soon as she entered a room.  I admired and respected her deeply....still do.  And she still makes me smile.  I will hold a space in my heart for those memories always.  

October 31, 2021
My little sister My love and chief competitor always. MY favorite stories have to be told in person. Just let me say that I loved to torture her by telling people we met that I was the younger and boy did she get hot! Mary  I will love you always and miss you until the day that I join you.

Second Mom Growing Up!!

October 30, 2021
I’ve know (Mom) Mary since freshman year of high school. She would always TRY and keep Kristie and I in line. She had a great of gold and never changed. She will be missed. Sending prayers to family!! Love you!!!

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