Love and memories last forever...
  • 56 years old
  • Born on November 22, 1960 .
  • Passed away on June 4, 2017 .

Mary Dileo Howard
56 years


Surrounded by her devoted family, Mary passed away on June 4th, 2017.
She leaves behind her husband of 15 years, Harvey, constant in his love and devotion. Her children were her joy and motivation always: Mary Kate Sutter, Laura Sutter, Jason Howard (Rose), Curtis Howard, and Luke Howard. Grateful for the support and love of her siblings and parents, Joseph and Dorothy Dileo, Anne Marie Robbins, Margaret Hurley (Gary), Anthony (Frances), Maura Lowles (Pete Fiore), Angela DiLeo, Alicia DiLeo (Brett Palmer), many nieces and nephews, and wonderful friends.

Visitation Fri. June 16th 6-8 pm.  Sat. 17th 9:30-11, funeral service 11 am. St. Matthews Lutheran Church, 318 Chester Ave, Moorestown, NJ 08057

Posted by Kerry Spieker on January 1, 2018
I just recently found out about Mary's passing.  I worked with her many years ago in the ICU at JFK. I am sorry for your loss, Mary was a wonderful, caring and exceptionally kind nurse and friend. I am very glad I had the privilege of working with her and will cherish my memories of our time together
Posted by Debbie Richman Feldman on July 4, 2017
For every tear, there are many smiles because a beautiful loving soul as Mary has lived and is living within our hearts. How she dealt with life, and all those whose paths she crossed and those lucky enough to have her as a regular part of their lives, is truly amazing. She was an incredible gift to others and helped to create in others through her children, husband, family, friends, coworkers, and patients their ability to gift the world. You are sorely missed, Mary, but I know never really far away. With love and blessings.
Posted by Lori Merk on June 14, 2017
My heart is so saddened by the loss of my dear friend, Mary. I will miss her terribly. I will miss her smile, her laugh, her ease with which she made one feel, so comfortable and so loved! She handled life with such grace and inner strength. She accepted life's ups and downs with amazing gratitude for each and every moment that God gave her. Rest in peace, Mary! You will be gone form my sight but you will never be gone from my heart.
Dear Harvey, Mary Kate, Laura, Jason, Curtis, & Luke-I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking and praying for your comfort, peace, and strength.
Posted by Georgean Pichalski on June 14, 2017
Mary, a warm, smiling, wife, daughter,mother, nurse, friend----too
young to go. So sorry for your loss. Mary brought a special joy, gift, devotion to her family .
Lord bless her. let joyful memories of Mary fill your world.
Remember her hugs that cared, wisdom that guided, her kindness & understanding. SHE WILL BE WITH YOU.
May God keep her in the palm of his hand until we meet her again
Posted by Barbara Greendyk on June 14, 2017
There are no words to express the emptiness and grief I feel with the loss of our dear Mary. As I read the tributes in which others have so poignantly expressed their thoughts it is clear that we all felt Mary's joy and her love for family and friends. We all saw her courage, strength, grace and dignity. And it is clear that we all feel that Mary is and will always remain truly special.
My sincere sympathy to Harvey and all her beloved family
Posted by Mike Marett on June 12, 2017
Dear Harvey and Family

Those who can face their mortality with quiet courage, grace and dignity are part of a very special and exclusive club in heaven. That club just got a new member in Mary. She will live on the the joyful memories of all who were touched by her gentle soul.
Posted by Eileen Lloret on June 11, 2017
Mary was a light to all who had the privilege of coming in contact with her. Kindness, joy, compassion, love were the foundation of her character. There is now a gaping whole of sorrow without her in our lives, but every time I think of her I see her smile and hear her voice.

So grateful that you are no longer suffering Mary.
So grateful for the 15 years of love and devotion you and Harvey had together.
So grateful for the loving family you both created for Mary Kate, Jason, Laura, Curtis, and Luke.
So grateful for your sisters and parents who loved you so much.
So grateful for the many patients you comforted with your kindness.

Well done good and faithful servant. Enter your eternal joy ...
and remember us until we meet again.
Posted by Marguerite Adams on June 11, 2017
There are no words to lessen our heartache. I will miss my dear Mary who has been my freind,confidante and great advisor for 23 years which has not been nearly enough time. May you find some comfort in knowing that Mary was such a wonderful Mom, wife ,sister,aunt and freind. She will definitely be forever missed !
Posted by Jocelynn Tice on June 10, 2017
Each day is such a gift, but she was way too young to go. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts.
Posted by Thomas Heffernan on June 10, 2017
Rest In Peace Mary, you have fought the good fight. God bless you and your entire family.
May God always hold you and your family in the palm of his hand and the wind at your backs.
You are missed!!!
Thomas and Elizabeth Heffernan
Posted by Jim Mulligan on June 9, 2017
Mary was truly, literally a gift from God to the world. Her kind heart, her joyful smile that positively radiated from within, her selfless concern for everyone - it's almost impossible to explain the essence of her beauty. No-one competed with her, but instead just tried to be grateful for the opportunity to be around her. She left this world in better shape than it was in when she got here. I thank God for allowing our two paths to cross! To Mary, I hope we meet again one day! To Mary's family, may you have a smile every single day of your lives for a happy thought of this wonderful woman! I'm sure she's smiling on you!
Posted by Nancy Folsom on June 8, 2017
We all share in the loss of this beautiful person and we're blessed to have known her . Mary was a wonderful mother, a devoted nurse, and a good friend .

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