Wishing her peace.
  • 62 years old
  • Born on May 2, 1951 .
  • Passed away on November 17, 2013 in Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mary Pruszenski, 62, born on May 2, 1951 and passed away on November 17, 2013. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Jane Cairl on 17th November 2018
Hard to believe Mary's been gone for 5 yrs. I still wake up Sunday mornings with the thought of our Sunday calls....what a shame to have lost her way so soon. Love you Mary...hope you're having one hell of a great time!
Posted by Claudia Katz on 17th November 2018
I love you,Mary.I miss your outstanding qualities and look forward to seeing you when it’s my time.Hug Kim and bunnies for me.
Posted by Noreen Berkland on 2nd May 2018
Happy Birthday Babe, miss our talks
Posted by Claudia Katz on 2nd May 2018
I miss you so and all of your outstanding qualities!Enjoy all of my bunnies up there
Posted by Claudia Katz on 2nd May 2018
I miss you soo and all of your outstanding qualities!Enjoy my bunnies up there.I have your baby bunny here❤️
Posted by Jane Cairl on 2nd May 2018
I realized this morning it was Mary's birthday...I miss all the good & the bad...Mary was a truly unique person...she would have been 67 today...she just burned a little too brightly!
Posted by Claudia Katz on 17th November 2017
We love and miss you forever.You were a beacon of light for so many.Thank you for being you.Love forever,Claudia xo
Posted by Jane Cairl on 17th November 2017
Still miss our Sunday morning phone talks...sometimes I just know you're going to call...but that's not ever going to happen. So sorry for the way everything turned out for you...miss you...
Posted by Claudia Katz on 2nd May 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday,Mary.We miss and love you!You bring smiles with every thought of you for the wonderful loving,giving person you were.Love forever,Claud xoxoxo
Posted by Jane Cairl on 3rd May 2016
I just can't believe Mary's gone...what a sad time instead of a birthday celebration. I bet you're a force in the afterlife...just as in life. Miss you!
Posted by Claudia Katz on 2nd May 2016
Happy Birthday in heaven dear younger sister!We have wonderful memories to comfort us here on earth.Give hugs to all our loved ones where you are.
Posted by Linda Grahm on 17th November 2015
years have passed still miss all those wonderful chats and laughs. Never will be another Mary
Posted by Noreen Berkland on 17th November 2015
Thinking of you today.
Posted by Jane Cairl on 17th November 2015
You never realize how much you cared about someone until they are no longer alive. I still think the phone's going to ring on Sunday morning to hear Mary say...Wassup? I still have a voice message from her on my machine that I am careful not to erase...she had such a great voice. This message though was full of sorrow. She didn't deserve to go out the way she did. She is missed greatly...she was such a deep soul...with so many demons...but with a big heart. Love you Mary...I hope you're giving Tony shit in Heaven...but I forgot...he's probably not there! Karma is a powerful thing!
Posted by Jane Cairl on 2nd May 2015
Happy Birthday Y-ram...where ever you are floating around at! We all miss you terribly...think about you every day. We had great times & sometimes even greater bad times...but I never thought we'd run out of time together so soon...xoxoxo
Posted by Claudia Katz on 23rd November 2014
We love and miss you SO MUCH! You were the best and gave your all to everyone.Love,Claud xoxo
Posted by Jane Cairl on 17th November 2014
It has been one year since we lost Mary and it is hard to believe she's gone since she was such a vibrant person with a huge personality. There's rarely a day that passes without something reminding me of her or an event she was in as part of my life. Hopefully she's out there having a great adventure. .. miss you Mary.
Posted by Claudia Katz on 23rd October 2014
Almost one year dear sister.Miss you every day.Love forever,Claud
Posted by Amy Shiffer on 2nd May 2014
Happy Birthday Aunt Worm! This was a joke going back to my childhood. I have been thinking about you all day, and I so miss talking to you. I know you are in a better place, and I cannot wait to reunite with you someday. Peace and Love.
Posted by Noreen Berkland on 2nd May 2014
Happy Birthday, miss ya
Posted by Claudia Katz on 2nd May 2014
Happy Birthday dear Mary!Love,Your Sister Claudia xoxo
Posted by Jane Cairl on 2nd May 2014
Happy Birthday Bayba! You are truly missed by your family & friends. As her youngest sister, Mary & I had some of the funnest times of our lives together (one was based on a little black & white china horse that we laughed about always)...and as all who have siblings, we also had tough times...but somehow over the years & with my loss of Yram (yes that's Mary backwards!) those don't matter compared to the hole that has been created in my life since she has left this world (and frankly, I'm sure for a better one). She's up there somewhere with the rest of our family & all her friends having a great time! Love you Mary & Rock On!!!!
Posted by Tony Pruszenski on 21st March 2014
To whomever has been impersonating the Pruszenski's. Stop leaving messages that are not from us. We are happy Mary is no longer suffering. --Tony and Susan Pruszenski.
Posted by Linda Grahm on 15th January 2014
Dear funny,crazy,kind,giving and wonderful Mary. I will surely miss your laugh and free spirit.I am so very thankful for all the fun times I shared with Mary being at the Grog, or her restaurant on Fedral st there were certainly many laughs to be had.To those who know Mary its easy to attest to the fact there will never be another .Kisses to you my friend
Posted by Jane Cairl on 28th December 2013
On Nov 17th, 2013 I lost one of the most complex people I have ever known...my sister Mary who lived in Mass. She had a brilliant (but often dangerous) wit...she had a tremendous amount of friends...but could become difficult at the drop of a hat. She rescued many animals...sometimes to the detriment of her personal life. She had been sick & unhappy for a long time, with many struggles she was trying to overcome. She was my sister, my friend, my enemy, my foil, smart & a smart ass, a pain in the butt, needy but always ready to give the last of what she had to someone in need. A lover of animals, with a huge heart...but a troubled soul who exacted a toll from every life she came in contact with. I'll miss her funny phone calls & that gravelly voice that could make me laugh or cry in an instant. She is now free & I hope she is at peace without the heartache she has been experiencing for a long time. I will truly miss her. Rock on Mary Elizabeth Heltebrake Walker Babich Pruszenski..I hope you find what you are looking for out there somewhere...like we always talked about! Love you!!!
Posted by Claudia Katz on 25th December 2013
Merry Christmas Mary.Today your brother and sisters are sharing you at "heart."
Posted by Tracy Gagnon on 6th December 2013
Mary sold us our first house in West Newbury and another 7 years later in Amesbury...she was funny, generous and always full of life. I will always remember Christmas time at her house in Georgetown...good food and lots of laughs. Her love of animals was evident in the horses she rescued and the pets she owned. I will miss you Mary....rest in peace.
Posted by Cheryl Hawkes on 1st December 2013
Mary was a woman who was always there with a generous spirit who would do all she could and a little bit more to help someone or something needing some help. Her generosity and loving heart saved many an animal. Im sure she is walking among many two and four legged angels. I will miss her spirit but also know she is walking with our friend Claire. Always in my heart dear friend.
Posted by Elizabeth De Veer on 25th November 2013
Mary was our neighbor, and though we didn't know her all that well, from our few interactions we knew that she was a unique, nifty woman filled with kindness, generosity, humanity, humor and great, great spirit. We were so sad to hear about all that had happened, but we were glad we got to know her, if only a little. Rest in peace, Mary. We miss you.
Posted by Lesa Morrissey on 25th November 2013
Oh...I will miss the laughter and snappy quips from this lovely lady! She always made my day lighter. She gave me great advice on Men!!! haha....I hope they open the Gates wide for her...and the Laughter will spill out. miss you..
Posted by Kathleen Martin on 24th November 2013
I met Mary in 2000 when she sold me my first home in Newburyport. We became fast friends and shared both good and difficult times for many years. I never knew anyone as generous as Mary. She had so many wonderful qualities and those are what I will remember most. There is a movie with Meryl Streep called "One True Thing", where Streep goes all out for every holiday with decorating and celebrating and her daughter tells her "Less is more"...Streep looks at her and says "No, more is more". That always reminds me of Mary. I wish her peace and send my condolences to Tony and her children I am sure with her passing we are all thinking about the best times with Mary and I'm sure we have all experienced many of those. Rest in peace.
Posted by Claudia Katz on 24th November 2013
Although GOD has called Mary home early,Mary LIVES in the hearts of MANY!
Posted by Jerelyn Anderson on 23rd November 2013
I met Mary over 20 years ago at the "Accidental Cafe," a little restaurant she owned in Newburyport. We worked and laughed together as realtors for many years after that. I'll never forget the day about 10 years ago that Mary called and said "we bought a house in Georgetown and its on your street!" Mary was the most generous person, especially to strangers,or anybody that needed a hand. She could make me laugh to tears with her many descriptive detailed stories. She was the most creative decorator, especially at Halloween! She loved a good yard sale or flea market! The last couple years we grew apart and I am saddened by that, I will always remember the friend she was, Mary touched a lot of lives, she was one of a kind and she will be missed. I hope you found peace my friend,Love J
Posted by Amy Shiffer on 21st November 2013
I miss my Aunt Mary so much, but I know she is now free and happy. As a child, and adult, she could ALWAYS make me laugh--she had such a great sense of humor. Three years ago, I was going through a very rough patch, and she was there for me, and was very supportive. Rest in peace, Aunt Mary
Posted by Kim Millman on 21st November 2013
Mary was our neighbor for almost 10 years. She was always very kind and generous with us. She was so thoughtful with our children, always dropping by special treats and having Santa leave presents at her house for them. She always made them feel so special and she also gave them a great appreciation of animals. Her cat, Sophia, and the adopted turkey would watch over the kids for hours as they played outside. I'm sure it is because Sophia and the turkey knew that Mary cared a lot about the kids. We will miss Mary very much. We wish her the eternal peace that she so deserves.

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