"Safe in the arms of Jesus" Mary is surely safe!
  • 87 years old
  • Born on March 25, 1929 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on April 15, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

In loving memory of Mary Gean Pegors ( nee: Evans ) who entered her eternal Joy and Rest on April 15, 2016 at her home in North Minneapolis. She is truly "Safe in the arms of Jesus." (a Hymn by Fanny Crosby – 1868). She was the eldest of six children of Harvey and Ethel Evans, and was born on March 25, 1929 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated from South High School in 1947. She trained to be a nurse at Hamline University. Mary married Paul E. Pegors on August 31, 1951. They had four children, Timothy, Susan, Barbara, and Mark. January, 1957, they sailed to West Pakistan, reaching Karachi in late February. There they served for 36 years. They retired in 1993. She is survived by her husband, Paul, her children and 13 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.

A service of Celebration will be held at the Oak Grove Church, Golden Valley, MN on April 23, 2016. Doors will open at 10am and the service will begin at 11am.  There will be a luncheon after the service in the gym with an open mic for others to share stories.  

To honor Mary's life, in lieu of flowers there is special project to send Ethopian missionaries to South Asia.   Please send gifts to World Venture at 1501 West Mineral Ave. Littleton, CO 80120 or https://www.worldventure.com where they will be forwarded to the "Ethopian Partnership".

Posted by Bettie Addleton on 15th April 2019
Paul, thinking of you and the family as you remember Mary. Also, I think of her often along with other colleagues who have joined the heavenly hosts, singing praises to our Lord of Lords. "One by one we'll gain the portals, there to dwell with the immortals; when they ring those golden bells for you and me." What a joyful reunion it will be when we all meet again. Until then we will go on singing His praises.
Posted by Paul Pegors on 15th April 2019
THree Years . . . "There Time shall be no more ...." When you consider God's eternal Plan/Ways/Outlook it is easier to try to live with "time". I continue, daily {I have some outstanding pictures, well-placed, that help me know she is with her savior. PRAISE GOD. In His Glad Service, Paul April 15, 2019
Posted by Paul Pegors on 15th April 2018
Today was a "stay at home day". Snow . . . About 12 inches so far in Minneapolis , MN.!! But .. .. I heard from my loved ones . . . Thoughtful calls . . . From London . . .Brazil . . .and locally. GOD IS SO GOOD!! More later .. Paul
Posted by Paul Pegors on 15th April 2017
A Word of PRAISE: 1. to GOD: All Praise is due to GOD. I "try" .... not always successfully. I will keep on trying to PRAISE HIM at all times!! 2. to my immediate FAMILY! (you know who you are ! ! )/ In SO MANY WAYS . . . . I cannot count them all . . . . you have BLESSED ME!! I will with this simple statement PRAISE YOU ALL ! ! ! YOU HAVE BLESSED ME . . . THANK YOU! In Him, Paul [April 15, 2017]
Posted by Bettie Addleton on 15th April 2017
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this? She said to Him, 'Yes Lord I believe...." John 11:25, 26, 27a
Posted by Paul Pegors on 27th March 2017
Dear Bettie and Hu: Thank You!! Kind and thoughtful. My heart is still trusting in God. I had a very happy and ( Family-filled day ) lovely day. A large, beautiful floral vase-filled display . . . GOD IS GOOD! Paul
Posted by Bettie Addleton on 26th March 2017
Thinking of all of you as you remember Mary on her birthday. She had some happy ones in her lifetime. And we also remember her. God bless you, each one.
Posted by Paul Pegors on 6th June 2016
Note of explanation: When reading Dr. Mary Wilder's note .... there is a statement of . . . "Gee, Memsahib" ..... those not familiar with Pakistan and the Urdu Language will perhaps wonder? The Urdu Word "Gee" .... is actually a simple statment of agreement. "YES ... Memsahib" and: Memsahib is a word of designation .... Respected Woman . . . might be a way to explain it. SO .... Dr. Wilder is just stating the Agreement of all to what ever order or instruction they may have heard from Mary. F. Y. I. Paul
Posted by Mary Wilder on 22nd April 2016
Dear, dear Mary Pegors! She was such a friend, mentor, nurse, a force not to be denied! Such a grand sense of humor. Our hospital in Shikarpur never ran so well as the time Mary was Administrator. She enjoyed the respect of and agreement with and cooperation of the entire staff, be it Pakistani or missionary! "Gee, Memsahib!" was our reply! I have such fond memories of her. She and Paul were a strong help, a shelter in the times of storm. What a release for her, to be safe HOME!! May God give strength and comfort to the friends and family who loved her so well and will miss her so much! That includes all her colleagues from Pakistan days.
Posted by Joy Tiggemann on 20th April 2016
What a pleasure it was to be around Mary. She was the first person to ever invite me to participate in anything at Oak Grove. She saw me sitting praying and came right up to me and invited me to come to the Monday evening prayer group. God certainly blessed me when he brought her into my life.
Posted by Paul Pegors on 20th April 2016
Posted by Bettie Addleton on 20th April 2016
Mary was a lot of fun and I enjoyed her fun side. In those early years in Pakistan we all were innovative. We missed cold cuts and that kind of food so readily available in the US. Mary was innovative and clever. She prepared a delicacy: spiced tongue. She served it in different ways and talked about how delicious it was. I had made the remark that I would never eat tongue! Well, once Mary invited us to share food with her. And we enjoyed the delicious meal. Afterwards as we bragged on the food, she shared a secret. Yes, she had served us spiced tongue and I had enjoyed it. Mary was a competent nurse. She assisted in taking care of me when one of our children was born at home. We could ask and get good medical advice from her. There was a lot of musical talent among our colleagues. Mary had a beautiful voice and blessed us with hers. Mary loved the Pakistani dress and she wore it with elegance and style. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" and Mary is now with the Lord she loved and served faithfully. May God bless the family as each of you learn to cope without her presence here. Our hope is in the Lord. Thanks be to God.
Posted by Jocelyn Williams on 20th April 2016
A Huge Bouquet of beautiful, fragrant flowers would not be sufficient to express the wonderful memories I have of dear Mary, in Pakistan - efficient, fun, encouraging - how much I/we all owe to her mentoring and friendship. I thank you, and our dear Lord for all of that; with my love - and into His, jocelyn - in Kiwi Land.
Posted by Paul Pegors on 19th April 2016
GOD IS SO GOOD ! ! . This is a note to record my awareness { 'renewed' – 'extended' – 'visited' – or whatever }: of: God's great grace, goodness, provision, love, and more. Today is November 7th, 2014. Yesterday I spent some time on the phone seeking guidance from the local “social” workers, who can give help in understanding how “home-care” may be secured. Mary and I will be needing it {if, in fact, we don't need it right now!!} soon, so, not only have our kids urged consideration of some “changes”, but we have both talked some about our “situation”. Thus, during the phone interviews, one of the helpers asked, among many other things, “how long have you been married?” …. I responded, 63 years. She remarked, How wonderful [or words to have effect] …. I replied, {as I often do when I give out that information about our marriage} …. God is Good. Because I later sat and considered what I said . . . God is Good . . . . I came to “awareness” ….. of just HOW GOOD!! ___________________________ _______________ --___ , It was approximately, 54 years ago in Shikarpur, Sindh Pakistan, we were having our Annual Conference ….. Some of you will remember, no doubt. Mary at that moment was in the Sukkur Mission Hospital . . . she had gone into a coma. Hepatitis {no one knew in those days if it was: “a” “b” or “whatever” degree} . LATER: when we got to the U of M here, they found it had given her “cirrochis of the liver” …. anyhow – - - - GOD GAVE HER BACK TO US. Remember … Mark had been born : Dec. 13, 1957 …. this was Nov. 1960 After that: . . . I had Hepatitis . . . not nearly as severe as Mary . . . and we left for the USA [on Doctor's orders] about January 03, 1961 . . and stayed there until . . . About::: May/June of 1962 . . . and returned to the HILLS OF MURREE . . another story!! TODAY IS: DECEMBER 14, 2014 … One day after Mark's Birthday!!! He's now 57 ! ! Please understand that this document is “a work in progress” [More will be added from time to time.] BUT: TODAY Praise God. Rejoice with us! Give THANKS!!! Sincerely, In His Glad Service, Paul, for Mary {who by the way is having a “tough” day}! . . {Today is: January 03, 2015! Please give me a “break” --- and for some: This is really a “recollection” aimed at our Colleagues from Pakistan.}. – -. {this is March 22, Sunday: Most unlikely we will get to church. Have done lots of “information gathering” over the past months. Still uncertain about the best path.} . . {{ now: April 17: Many things have transpired: Still seeking God's leading. }} . . AND NOW: JULY 21 - - - MORNING: {note: “We don't do 'mornings'” . . . except when we “must”} The last two months have been very “loaded” - - - we have MOVED!! From South to North Minneapolis. {If you have a valid reason to know our address, I will give it to you upon your request - - Privacy is a Value} David and Susan are the new owners of a duplex. We have the first floor. We are BLESSED! ! ! Much more - - later. < ======= > LATER : : : { DECEMBER 12, 2015 ...} Update: on December 14, 2015: On December 12, 2015 Mary Pegors had Tear-duct Surgery at -- Methodist Hospital sameday Surgery. Arrived about 8 AM. Prep. Etc: Surgeons … about 9:30 … Done about 10:30 AM we left for home about 1 PM. Medications secured. Nite of: 12-13 Dec..very tough. But next night – 13-14 . gave a tylenolPM …both P. and Mary. SLEEP – Beautiful SLEEP!! today: so far {now 2 PM} very reasonable!! > PEP for MGP GOD IS SO O O O O GOOD !!! {AGAIN ----- HE IS GOOD} January 11, 2016 YESTERDAY [Jan. 11] – Again visit to surgeon . . Average/natural progression of healing. RETURN VISIT: July this year !!! . . . . . April 15, 2016 At about 5:30 AM this morning, Mary was received into HEAVEN. She is now truly: SAFE IN THE ARMS OF JESUS . . . What has happened since then would require a 'book'. Just say: : : G O D I S S O O O G O O D ! [Personal Note: a webpage to visit: for Mary's Visitors: {Do leave a memory} .. mary-gean-pegors.forevermissed.com] LEFT AT 9:45 AM April 19, 2016 PEP
Posted by Brad Little on 19th April 2016
What a hole in our lives to lose such a wonderful child of God and saint. Mary you will be so missed in your extended family but we live with great confidence that Christ is your sole salvation and hope before the Father. You have left a profound and eternal legacy as you have been a wonderful model of denying self, taking up your cross and following the Lord Jesus. You were diligent to make certain His choosing and calling in your life every single day. I am unreservedly confident that your entrance into the eternal kingdom will be abundantly supplied (2 Peter 1:10-11). I do pray that your whole family will take great courage in honoring your life as many of us will also do and find great comfort that we can completely trust in Him and not ourselves, especially in moments like these. Welcome home!
Posted by Ronald Powell on 19th April 2016
What a joy it was to have Mary in the Adult Bible Fellowship at Oak Grove Church. Her Bible knowledge was prodigious and both her life experiences and good humor enriched the fellowship. I would tease her occasionally by asking her the tough questions. I could always depend on Mary to be both genuine and truthful in her responses.

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