her Life

Mary or Ginger to you but always Mom to me

laughter laughter laughter....oh my goodness laughter!!!

she loved to laugh i think the most....or sing....she loved to talk to people, to learn about there adventures to see them smile...to interact.

a true people person at heart

she was not afraid to try something if it only meant that she would be embarrassed, not that she wanted to be (like any of us) but if she thought she could help a perfect stranger by just a smile...a hug..or a kind word then she put herself second.

i think she was a much stronger woman then she ever gave herself credit for, caring and compasionate.

she never tried to be something she was not, even if that meant she might not be accepted by some. if you knew her...then you would know...she was a wierdo! hee hee in a good way..but aren't we all...its what makes life so fun!!

she was taken much earlier then we were ready for...but was saved from so much pain and discomfort that was to come from the cancer that had taken over her body, she feared that the most, she was a devout christian and knew that the Lord had a place for her in Heaven.

we loved her very much and will miss all her quirks, her laugh, her voice through song and conversation her love and much more but also will remember all of these wonderful things.

thank you for taking the time to visit this wonderful site, to read the stories and hopefully add some of your own and please if you have some pictures :)

we love you all...and miss you Mom


Charlie Brown