In Memory of Mary (Cooper) Wilson

Shared by Wanda Wade on May 18, 2010

I am sure this life is only lent,

Our Mary, a gift, that was heaven sent.

In Oshawa General, Doris first heard your cry.

Then many years of sickness and tears to dry.


The war being over, Dad gets his release,

Thank God for the Allies, their lives given for our Peace.

And now as each passes from this scene,

We are reminded of what could have been.


Back up to Haliburton, each said let's go,

Beautiful lakes and a bit more snow.

For her classmates Mary loved to sing and step dance

Every time she had a chance.


Three summers at Joy Bible Camp we could afford,

During that time, Mary trusted the Lord.

Two more sisters,  four years apart, we span

Then two more in the Cooper clan.


At her nursing graduation, many stories were told,

Each one seemed a bit more bold.

They remember good times and their pranks,

The enema given to the wrong patient and they both say thanks.


Nursing in Calgary where it was cold,

But can change rapidly, we are told.

Port Hope was calling, and Ken Wilson was there,

Soon they were married, a life for to share.


Now Shelley and John in Florida where they live,

Come home often, their help to give.

Steven and Tara will live near  home,

Dean, now Alicia, not far did roam.


Mary taken to a brand new place,

For all Eternity to view God's face.

Christ Jesus came, God Emanuel, so pure.

Can be yours by trusting Him, making sure.


James B. Cooper - 2000



Mom Lived Her Life For Love Of Friends And Family

Shared by Wanda Wade on May 18, 2010

Mom lived her life for love of friends and family,

Neither asking for not wanting a return.

Her days became a sunlit homily.

With others' joy her joy and main concern.

When we were ill, she also became sick;

When we were cut, she, too, began to bleed.

Of our oil lamp, she was the wick,

Drawing her bright flame from our need.

Some say that such behaviour's out of date:

That self-fulfillment is the way to grace.

But mom, without much choice then chose her fate,

Finding greater truth in an embrace.

She lives on in the sparkle of our eyes:

Laughing, quiet, gentle, loving and wise.




My Sister

Shared by Wanda Wade on May 14, 2010

She came to me many years ago.

Filling my life with heavenly glow.

She watched over me, not saying a word

Her spirit flying high as a bird.

She taught me how to run and play

Never wanting anything but love throughout the day.

She was the one that taught me right from wrong.

With her I always knew I belonged.

Without her I wonder where I would be today.

I may not have ever learned how to love or pray.

I will always miss and love her til we meet in the place,

Where she told me she will be.


Mary's Eulogy

Shared by Wanda Wade on May 14, 2010


My name is Wanda; I am Mary’s youngest sister. Today I have the honour of reading to you the reflections of my sisters - Lynda, Terry, Judy and myself.
                                                       MEMORIES FROM LYNDA
Being the first born and a natural leader, Mary was always the first to test the waters on behalf of the Cooper girls. She would take me with her when she was learning to drive. Once we went to Eagle Lake to pick up butter tarts and, unfortunately, ran into the side of the bridge. Another time when the car just didn't stop, we ran into the side of a neighbour's house. Deciding together, how we would explain this to Dad.
Through the years, raising our families, our jobs, planning family events, Mary was always there to help me make decisions.
The most special time for me was our annual summer camping weekends.....sharing our birthdays, friends, laughter, and the two of us talking late into the night around the campfire.
                                                       MEMORIES FROM TERRY
In August 1999, Terry wrote a love letter to our sister Mary. These are some of the words she shared.
Mary, time passes us by quickly and before we know it our families are raised and the joy of grandchildren is ours. We reflect on the times past, some filled with joy, some with uncertainty, some with doubt, some with fear and not knowing sometimes our Father in heavens hand has always been reaching out to us, to take it. Mary I want to share from my heart how special you have always been in my life. As a young girl growing up I admired you and was always proud to say you were my sister. Thank you for making my childhood memories special. 
You shared your teenage years by taking time for me. You designed a skating outfit for me; you even allowed me to tag along on dates with your boyfriends to hockey games. You gave me a brand new dress you had never worn, to wear on a special date. You asked me to be in your bridal party on your wedding day. The time you allowed me to stay with you before my wedding day, a home that spoke of your love, kindness and generosity to others. Mary you really did play a major role in my life, you not only taught me many everyday life skills but most of all you opened up your heart and always gave freely to me.
                                                        MEMORIES FROM JUDY
You were with me in the beginning: It was you who wrote my baby book.
You were with me as a young girl: It was you who told me it was time to help out more so you taught me how to make my bed.
You were with me as a young woman: I asked you how I would know whom to marry and you said, You will just know in your heart.
You were with me on my wedding day. Standing proudly beside mom, my second mother.
You were with me in my first house: By day you sanded my floors and by night you cared for my children - Kirstyn and Travis.
And you were with me to the end: As if I were the dying one and you were well, in a strong voice that belied your feeble body, the last words you said to me were “Take care of yourself, dear”.


                                                      MEMORIES FROM WANDA
Someone said to me in the last few days, “Mary always had a warmth about her”. How true! She always encompassed everyone in her love.
I was only four when she graduated as a nurse; boy was I proud! When I was six I had the honour of being the flower girl in their wedding. She made me clothes and later knit clothes for my Barbies.
I got to know her better when I moved to Port Hope over twenty years ago. Mary and Ken provided me with a place to live - a home - more than once. When I lived with Mary & Ken my favourite part of the day was after dinner - we sat at the kitchen table and talked - about everything. Eventually I had to move on - but her beacon of light drew me back again and we bought a house a couple of blocks away; easy walking distance to that warmth we have all felt.
When I brought three new people into my life - Dan, and his daughters Sarah & Danielle, she instantly opened her heart to them. Dan and Mary exchanged recipes and collaborated on our shared vegetable gardens; she willing shared her perennials and her knowledge. Sarah & Danielle gained a new aunt - fondly known as “Auntie M”. She made them feel special - she knit them sweaters and vests and made them clothes too. She opened her heart and her arms to my new family.
Her loving touch is felt both inside and outside of our home - that we will always cherish.
Five girls all woven together by a common thread, Mary.
Mary was our leader, she braved all storms first. It was never very hard to handle something new or scary because Mary had already been there. And true to form, Mary is our leader once again, showing us it can be done, bravely leading the way down a new and strange path, the
path of departure.   Someday soon our glorious Jesus is coming back to take us His children home, we will always be together as a family, our children will know Him, our grandchildren will know Him. The days will pass quickly and we will walk and talk with our Saviour, we will see His glorious face. Together lets take His hand in ours for the joy of the Lord is our strength and He will see us through.
God gives us treasures on this earth, they are few and far between, but they are everlasting. The joy of having you as our sister is one of those few treasures we have on this earth. 
We thank God for our sister Mary.

Mary's Memorial

Shared by Wanda Wade on May 4, 2010

WILSON, Mary (Nee Cooper)

July 24, 1941 - May 3, 2000

We little knew that morning that

God was going to call your name.

In life we loved you dearly,

in death we do the same.

It broke our hearts to lose you,

but you did not go alone.

For part of us went with you,

the day God called you home.

You left us peaceful memories,

your love is still our guide.

And though we cannot see you,

you are always by our side.

Our family chain is broken

and nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us one by one,

the chain will link again.

Ken, Shelley & John, Dean, Steven & Tara

Doris, Lynda & Jack, Teresa & Garry,

Judy & Neil, Wanda & Dan,

Sherri & Alicia, Richard, & Victoria


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