Posted by Had fb Roistacher on May 28, 2021
Mary Jo Moore was born in Bay City Michigan on July 13, 1954 , Mary was a
daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother , grandmother to 5 grandsons. Mary was very fond of the military, To prove how much she believed in the military she became a driver for DAV!  Mary Jo Moore was born and raised in Michigan and then went on to live in Virginia, Puerto Rico, Florida, Hawaii and California, Mary loved to travel especially with the military ! Mary Jo Moore knew how to live life to the fullest! Mary will be missed by many! Mary came from a father that helped build the Mackinaw Bridge and a colonel from Michigan who earned many medals , 21 gun salute and many medals all over the world . Mary’s brother was Airforce captain who went to Vietnam twice and got a Purple Heart ! and a mother that loved to play the piano and her spirit was quite beautiful! Oh how she danced Into the day and the night creating many memories with many ! Her spirit was quite high and she embraced life! Her journey was difficult battling three types of cancer and yet she would hold on as long as she could! Mary had two open heart surgeries and survived! One was a very risky open heart surgery that took place in San Francisco at 26 years old Mary was diagnosed with atrial septic defect with a click murmur and she went on to have A 4 way bypass at 63 and yet she survived as well! ! Mary had a heart and she loved many ! Now her journey is complete at 66! Mary fought the battle With her health ! Mary never recovered from her stroke ! Mary had 2 children that were nearly killed Her son at only 27 fell of a cliff in Lapaz Mexico and his body was mangled by a car , Her brothers credit due to the Airforce airlifted her son out of the country, Her dedication to the military was always founded ! Mary’s daughter was hit by a Chevrolet Tahoe in a crosswalk in a city called Azusa and was nearly killed in a tragic car accident that happened May 16 2018 ! Mary Jo Moore had determination and expectations! Mary Jo Moore was hit by a car in Riverside California on June 13, 1986 while attending Riverside California being a college student at Riverside Community College, Mary was badly injured and nearly died , Mary was the Woman of the Year which Is a huge honor , Mary’s daughter graduated valedictorian in Riverside California before the accidents occurred! Mary was always determined to overcome her circumstances and she did ! Mary was simply a everlasting joy to be around! A fascinating woman who had many stories to tell and share! Mary loved to ride motorcycles with the wind in her hair! A woman that loved adventure and always looked for it! Now her journey is complete at only 66!

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