This tribute was added by April Melvin on June 9, 2016
Mom, its been so long . :( My heart hurts because y'all are gone. Y'all was supposed to stay. Never was supposed to live me. Yesterday I thought your grandson Matthew was gone. I went off on people. To know but also to even think of loosing your child hurts more than anything. I was shacking. I couldn't even hold nothing down.
I've made mistakes but many have used me and still are using me.. I keep getting told different things and not the truth.. Watching to pass away in the hospital was hurtful and I lost the only mom I've ever had who ever cared. I was pregnant with Matthew and all I could say was to please not take you away I begged and begged when we all saw them take you. I've done nothing but go backwards since you have been gone.. More ruse when papa moved away.. I love y'all so much.. I will see you again one day. Your always missed but never forgotten...

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