Let the memory of Mary be with us forever
  • 82 years old
  • Born on January 17, 1929 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on December 21, 2011 in Pomona, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory our mother,
Mary Louise-Nuñez Wilcox, 83, born on January 17, 1929 and passed away on December 21, 2011. We will remember Mama always. . .so until we meet again ~


Posted by Monica Barksdale on 21st December 2018
Mama, you were the sweetest mom in the world! I know where you are, with Jesus In heaven. Now Miriam has joined you also and my heart feels lonelier than before. She left too soon, I was not ready for that. I will love you forever, my sweet Mamacita. I cannot wait till we are reunited in eternity. Until then, I pray for God's strength for me and the family everyday. We all miss you so much! I see your face everywhere, in the Birds of Paradise (plant), in red Begonias, Hibiscus flowers and other plants that you liked. I even see you in me. Thank you Mama for all the unconditional love you gave me throughout my life, and all the funny memories of hanging out together. You will be forever beautiful and always in my heart and mind. I will love you forever!!!! Sing a song to Jesus with Miriam, Ralph and Marcus! I praise Him for keeping your soul secure with Him. I will see you one day according to God's perfect will. I love you my little Mama!
Posted by Viviana Eileen-Nuñez For... on 19th January 2018
Mother, you're always in my thoughts, prayers and I miss you dearly. When you are resurrected by Jesus Christ, we will have a large gathering of family reunions. I'll forever remember you and love you. Love, Vivian
Posted by Miriam Parker on 18th December 2017
It's almost 2018 now, and I remember that you went into the hospital the same day Daddy died: December 19th, but he died in 1986. You died a few days later, but I find it coincidental (?) that you and Daddy both died near Christmas. I just pray that you AND Daddy both greet me with open arms when we see each other in eternity. Hallelujah! I praise Jehovah & Jesus for all the do for us-- and will do forevermore. I love you always with all my heart, Mama. <3
Posted by Viviana Eileen-Nuñez For... on 19th January 2017
In Mama's memory . . .
Posted by Miriam Parker on 18th January 2017
It's already 2017 and you would be 88 if you were still alive. Still, we are missing you so much, Mama! <3 Looking forward to seeing your smiling face-- Daddy's, Marcus', and Ralph's, too! For now, rest in peace, Mama. May Jehovah-God keep your spirit safe until the appointed time. In Jesus' name, Amen!
Posted by Miriam Parker on 22nd December 2016
Another year gone, another year without you, Mama. Every year that passes makes me miss you more! I am looking forward to meeting up with you, Daddy, Marcus, Ralph and Darlene! For now, my dear Mama, rest in peace in Jehovah's protective arms as we await the Resurrection and Jesus' eternal reign. I love you, Mama! <3
Posted by Miriam Parker on 24th November 2016
Mama: Each day that passes brings me closer to you. I can't wait until we meet again under Jesus' righteous reign! We will sing praises and laugh so much -- and you will be able to talk again. I miss your beautiful voice, Mama. I also miss your silliness and love of life! Jehovah keeps all His promises, and we will live forever one day real soon. I love you, Mama! <3
Posted by Viviana Eileen-Nuñez For... on 24th November 2016
I will forever have you in my thoughts, Mama mia! More so, in my heart is where I cherish all of our outstanding memories!! Not a day passes that I don't think about you and feel special emotions towards you. Why? Because you were the best mother anyone could've ever had! You taught me practically everything. . . tu hija,
Posted by Miriam Parker on 30th April 2016
Hi, Mamacita. Wow, even after all this time, I MISS YOU SO MUCH! You're in my heart, blood, soul, and mind-- I love you so much, The world's not the same without you, yet you are probably better off where you are now-- at peace. No troubles, worries, nor pain. Until we meet again in eternity, Mama. <3
Posted by Miriam Parker on 18th January 2016
Yesterday was your birthday, so I have been thinking about you more than usual. You are always in my deepest thoughts, Mama, and my deepest memories, too. Now I am 56 years old and that reminds me of your '56 T-Bird -- the red one with the portholes and continental kit. Rest in Peace with Daddy, Marcus & Ralph. Soon we will all be together! I love you, Mama!
Posted by Viviana Eileen-Nuñez For... on 27th December 2015
Mama, It's not fair you are no longer with us. My heart yearns to see you, so I'm waiting patiently. We ALL miss you so much. Jehovah keeps me calm, and he is helping me through this long journey. Ralph is safe in God's Memory. We will see you, Marcus, Ralph, and Daddy real soon....we'll be together. We will live our lives without harm. All you will do is open your eyes. I love you! Kisses...with all my love, Vivian
Posted by Miriam Parker on 22nd December 2015
Wow, it's already been 3 long years since I last saw you. I love you FOREVERMORE, Mama! Looking forward to see you again under Jesus' reign! Hallelujah! Jehovah always keeps His promises! <3
Posted by Miriam Parker on 21st January 2015
Mama: I miss you so much! I think about you all the time, and I know we will be together for eternity with Daddy, Marcus, and Ralph, too. I can't wait! I remember the Elephant Scream you used to make, and I tried to do it recently, but couldn't get that sound right! I miss your love, your silly humor, and your beautiful smile. For now, Rest in Peace, Mama... Until we meet again. You have my love forevermore, Mama. <3
Posted by Viviana Eileen-Nuñez For... on 17th January 2015
We miss you, Mama ~ we know you are not in any pain. As Jesus promised, he will call you at the appointed time to revive you back to life here on earth. I miss you every single day, moments and moments untold. Thank you for your love and showing me how to live life. Vivian

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