Posted by Janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2022
Happy Birthday in heaven Mary. Our beautiful baby arrived January 5th 1965 on a cold winter day. Our lived were always special in your growing up years. When you got married they were even more special. You gave us 2 beautiful children, Samantha Ann and Nicholas Dean they continue to bring us much joy and love. Our journey has been hard without you but faith, family and friends have walked it with us. Have a special day and we will too, remembering specisl you. Love yout Mom and Dad!!❤
Posted by Laura Vock on January 1, 2022
I had a dream with you in it the other day. I think I was needing a friend and missing our talks. So many years have passed and things have changed. Our kids are adults creating their own lives. Elizabeth got married in October to a nice young man, Chris. They seem very compatible and happy. Nick and Sami and their loves joined us in celebrating their beautiful wedding. It was so good to have them share in our joy, a little bit of you with us. We were happy to have their wedding despite Covid restrictions. Covid has made life troubling for everyone. Difficult to see people, worrying that you might infect others even if you are vaccinated. We have been very fortunate and avoided the illness. Although mom dad and Dave had it and it was scary. I so often wonder what life with would be like if you were here with us. I am certain that my life would be enriched greatly having you to share in my joys and sorrows. I am forever grateful that God put you in my life. A true treasure and friend. Love you and miss you ❤️
Posted by Janis Butterbaugh on January 1, 2022
Happy 2022 Mary. Another year has gone by without you. Missing you will always be a part of our lives. All the beautiful memories will also be forever with us. In the stars we see your beautiful smile and know you will always be with us,letting us know you are fine and it's okay. Love Mom and Dad!!❤
Posted by Janis Butterbaugh on December 27, 2021
My dearMary, I just finished reading all the tributes written to you since 2011 from Dad and I, Deanna, Laura, Nancy Cline and Aunt Donna. They were all beautiful and spirit filled. Your legacy was great in your short life as daughter, grand daughter, sister, wife,mother, niece and friend. I want to share again the beautiful poem Deanna shared in 2011from Barb's sister. "In sickness and dying it is never too late. Living I teach; Dying I teach. It is never too late- Some word of mine, some touch, some caress, some gesture may play a role. Beyond the last movement of my head and hand." Rabbi Schulueis. This so beautiful and so you Mary. We all love and miss you and treasure what you have taught and shared with us. Love from your Mom
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on December 25, 2021
Merry Christmas Mary. You always made Christmas so special so we miss those great times with you. But your children Sam and Nick still make our Christmases so special. They have grown in to caring and loving adults. Our time with them always great. Sam's special significant other has become a part of our family. His dog Sasha also special and loves to come to Bee Happy Acres and run around. John keeps us in stitches during his visits. Nick has a new girlfriend and she is a sweety. She spent Christmas with us and that was special. Nick is liking his job and keeps getting promotions. He is thinking of moving in with the friends, so that will be a new journey for him. Sam is still enjoying physical therapy job and helping people to feel better. John is a teacher and water polo coach and working on getting his Masters degree. Nick's Emily will graduate in May with a nursing degree. So they all have good careers. Dad and I are still busy as bees at BeeHappyAcres but know that some day we will have to slow down more. Right now we are content to keep busy , We are in good health for our age. Now that Deanna is retired she and Barb can come and visit us more and stay longer, so we are thankful for that. We still volunteer at Leydig, do Meals on Wheels and help at church where needed. We were sad when Uncle Dean passed away in September and Uncle Dwight and Aunt Marquita the year before. Also Aunt Donna is now living at Pinecrest and so is Aunt Darlene. As we get older we know there will changes in our lives. So many of our loved ones are in heaven with you, give them all a hug. Not a day goes by that I don't think of something special about you and Dave and thankful for the time we had with you. Miss and love you. Mom and Dad.
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2021
Had to add something to my memories. I made lasagna today however it was not as good as yours but still made a nice supper for Dad and I. We remember all the special lasagna dinners you cooked for us with the famous Marconi sauce that you and Dino made. You had a way of making all our celebrations special. Hugs Mom!!
Posted by Deanna Butterbaugh on January 5, 2021
Happy Birthday Sis. Thinking of you and missing you today. I added a few more photos. One is of you with your birthday cake out at grandpa and grandma Hayenga's farmhouse when you were seven (if I counted the candles right). We sure had many fun birthday celebrations out there as kids. Another photo is a cute one of you and your beautiful, silly, awesome kids Sam & Nick at Christmas one year. They are awesome adults now - as noted by many in recent tributes. I saw them in August at Bee Happy Acres and face-timed with them at Christmas. I also added another photo of me and you in your dorm at Western Illinois University. Laura will probably recognize the things on your wall and that will bring back some more memories for her of all your fun at college. I cherish all the good memories I had with you Mary - my dear, loving sister. Miss you and Love you, Deanna
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2021
Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter. It is always a sad day for me but also one to rejoice in remembering all the joy you brought to earth while you were with us. The day of your visitation 13 yrs. ago was just overwhelming to see all the friends and families that came to show their love for you and us. Time does heal and our strong faith has helped us all to move on with our lives. You will always be remembered for your caring and kind ways that you instilled in your children. Sam and Nick are beautiful adults now and bring us much joy just like you did. Give everyone in heaven a special hug from us. Love and miss you. Mom and Dad
Posted by Laura Vock on January 5, 2021
Happy Birthday in heaven Mary. Miss you, but I know that Jesus, all your Grandparents, Dave, your Aunts and Uncles and all those who love you in heaven are giving you those hugs and kisses we wish we could give you! We have experienced a crazy year, causing everyone to be cautiously together or apart. We spent our Christmas and New Years with Jim’s Mom after she had a fall and spent some time at Pinecrest. She needed some help at home. So we FaceTimed the kids on Christmas Day. It was different but such blessing to see my kids loving their time together. We are so excited that Elizabeth has found a nice you man, Chris. They will be getting married in October. Planning their wedding takes me back to when you and I were planning our weddings. It was such a happy time. We have FaceTime Sami and Nick, but not for while. When I get home I hope we can FaceTime. Sami’s friend John seems very nice. We hope we can meet him in person before too long. I was also happy to hear that Nick has found a job after graduating. I have been going through old slides from my parents and Grandparents. I have found some oldies of us together. So many wonderful times together. Miss you and love you, ❤️❤️
Posted by donna lehman on January 5, 2021
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mary.
We love you. We miss you.
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on December 31, 2020
Thinking a lot about you today. 12 years ago you started your new journey in heaven. We feel your presence in our lives knowing you are watching over all of us. As Aunt Donna said in her thoughts this year was an unusual one for all of us. Still we know that we all have much to be thankful for. The Butterbaugh Dinner is always a sad happy time for us. It was the last time 12 years ago that we said good-bye to you. The last year you were with us was a growing year for us in our faith walk. You taught us much you were always the teacher. We remember how much your little ones at St. Pauls loved you. Time does have a way of healing and leading us in new directions for that we are thankful. Your beautiful children Samantha and Nicholas (Sam & Nick) bring us so much joy. You taught them how to be loving, caring and kind. Thank you for always inspiring us and aspiring to do better. We love and miss you Mom and Dad.
Posted by donna lehman on December 31, 2020
Mary: Can't believe it has been 12 years since you left us. So much has happened over the years. This was the first year for many, many years that the Butterbaughs were not able to get together at Christmas time. We all really missed not seeing each other and catching up. I did have a nice telephone chat with Samantha when she and John and Nick were visiting your folks around Christmas time. She has a very good job, says she really likes it. She worked long and hard with her schooling so deserves a good career. Nick has a good job, as well. You would be very proud of them. We miss you.
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on December 25, 2020
Merry Christmas Mary. Thinking of all the special Christmases we had with you and your family. Miss so much those loving times. Christmas was different for us this year because of the Covid virus. Nick, Sam and her boyfriend John and dog Sasha were able to come. We just put on our masks and sat at opposite ends for dinner while taking off our masks eat, then back on for gifts and visiting. It was still a special time for all of us. We had to be extra careful because your Dad had hip replacement surgery in November and he was still recovering. It went really well and he as done great with therapy and his exercises at home. I had to be his nurse and drive him around but that went good too. Deanna and Barb didn't feel it was safe to fly so we are having our Christmas to day on the 25th, taking pictures well at least Deanna is , I am still not so good with the tech stuff. We will talk later after we open our gifts. Mary, Missy and the kids came out the day before Sam and Nick and that went well too. The kids are all growing up and Lauren will graduate in the Spring and is looking at colleges. Nick and Sam both have good jobs and are very independent. You would be so proud of them. Dino and Sue are looking to retire in 2021 and Deanna retired in August and came for a two week visit to BeeHappyAcres it was a very special time for all of us. Just feels good sharing a little about what is happening in our lives. Miss you but the memories of the time you were with are are special. Love and Hugs Mom and Dad too!!
Posted by Janis Butterbaugh on September 10, 2020
Hi Mary Just thinking about you so much today. It is a rainy gloomy day and thinking of you brings sunshine to my heart. We are having the Butterbaugh picnic Sunday and Sam, John and Nick are coming out for it. They have missed very few. The last 6 months have been crazy with the coronavirus. We are all being careful and are staying healthy. Deanna is retired now and came out to BHAs for a 2 week visit iy was a special time for Dad and I. She misses you too. So many memories and 2 beautiful caring and loving children you left us with. I see your twinkly eyes in the stars at night. Love you Mom. Say hi to everyone in heaven with you!!❤
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2020
Happy Birthday Mary. 55 years ago I have birth to you. Dad and I were blessed to have 44 years with you. You brought us much joy and 2 beautiful grandchildren. Sam and Nick are now adults and you would be so proud of them. Sam has a great job home car and now a boyfriend. We met him on Christmas Day and enjoyed our time with him. Nick will be graduating in May and looking for a job. We also met his girlfriend on Christmas day at Sam's. She is a sweety. Deanna was there too. You always made Christmas special for us. Thanks. It is 2020 and a New Year is ahead for all of us. Know you are enjoying everyone in heaven. In the stars I see your smiles. Love and miss you Mom
Posted by Laura Vock on January 1, 2020
New Year's Day is always a day filled with such emotion. Remembering you and Grandpa, but also looking forward with hope and joy for the future of our kids. As your Aunt Donna shared Sami and Nick are doing great things, such a wonderful reflection of you and Dino. I am sure you are looking down on them with pride and joy. I am so very grateful for our time together on this earth and I look forward to meeting you again someday in your heavenly home. Love you!
Posted by donna lehman on December 31, 2019
Missing you, Mary. On Dec. 22, at our Family Christmas Dinner, Nick and Samantha were there helping your Mom and Dad host the meal. You have some great kids, Mary. Sam has worked hard at her career and she has a good job and now is independent in her own town house. Nick will be graduating from NIU. Your children are doing great and accomplishing their goals. You gave them a good start!
Posted by Deanna Butterbaugh on January 5, 2019
from Mom & Dad
Happy 54th Birthday to our beautiful daughter. Mary we wish you were here to make a wish, blow out your candles, eat a piece of cake and open your presents. You so enjoyed your parties and also giving them for Sam n Nick. We have so many memories and fun times with you. Our hearts still ache but know you are with your family in heaven and celebrating. 
Love and hugs, Mom & Dad
Posted by donna lehman on January 5, 2019
Happy Birthday, in heaven, Mary. We miss you in our family gatherings. I can't believe it has been ten years since you left us. We were just together at our Christmas family gathering that you mom and dad hosted. They had good help from Sam and Nick. It is always good to be with them and to see what wonderful young people they are. You can be proud of the great start you gave them in their early years. Love you, Miss you, Mary.
Posted by Laura Vock on January 2, 2019
It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since we saw your beautiful face! But we continue to see you in Sami and Nick. The kids are visiting us on Saturday, your birthday! What a gift to be able to see them again. It has been a long time! Sami has graduated and is a Dr. now and I can't wait to hear about her job. I haven't seen Nick since he started at Northern. I Will be excited to hear about his college experience. My kids are doing fine. Patrick is working 2 jobs and taking a few classes. He hopes to get into ISU soon. Beth is still at the daycare and taking care of infants. She and Patrick both have their own apartments and seem happy. Sarah went to Southeast Missouri State this past fall. She decided to come home and go to Heartland. She did great in her classes but didn't connect socially, felt too far from home and still was undecided about a major. I am sorry I wasn't able to be at Grandma's funeral. She was such a sweet lady! Your family was on my mind that whole day. Remembering our fun at the farm and visions of her reuniting with you, Dave, Brad, Roger and Grandpa. What a beautiful picture! You are forever in my heart. Love you, my dear friend!
Posted by Deanna Butterbaugh on December 31, 2018
Tribute from Mom (Janis Butterbaugh):
Happy 10th Anniversary in Heaven Mary. Now Grama Great is there too with all her family. Christmas is always a Happy sad time for me. It was great having Sam and Nick with us. You would be so proud of them. Dad and I are so blessed by them as we were also for all the years we had with Grama Great. It is a joy to have such a loving family. Miss you. 
Love, Mom
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on May 30, 2018
To my beautiful daughter Mary. Your beautiful daughter Samantha Ann(Sam) graduated from St. Louis University on May 19th with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. It was a special time for all of us. We spent 4 days in a condo with Deanna and Barb and Sam was with us a lot. It was a catching up time for all of us. Now Sam will be studying for her boards and looking for a job. She is a beautiful mature young lady and brings much joy to all of us. Nick completed his Jr. Year at Northern with 4 a's and a b. He is very handsome and grown up too and has a special girl friend Renee who is a real sweety. You gave your children good strong roots and they have developed into very special adults. Dad and I miss you so much and so wish you could have been there in person for Sam but know you were there in spirit. Love Mom
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2018
Happy Birthday Mary. This is your 10th year in heaven. So much has happened since your leaving. Sam and Nick are beautiful responsible adults. Dino and Sue have done a great job raising them. They have given your Dad and I so much happiness. It is always a joy to be with them. They have so many of your beautiful ways. GramaGreat will soon be 101 and is now in assisted living at Liberty Court. She is an inspiration to me and her family. She misses you and talks of you often. Take care of all our dear ones up there with you. You are that bright star in the sky keeping watch over us. All my love Mom
Posted by Laura Vock on January 1, 2018
Always thinking of you with such beautiful memories, but especially this time of year near your passing and birthday! We didn’t see the kids this year, but I have been in touch via text. They both seem to be doing very well in school. We are so happy for them! JIm, the kids and I are at the lake for some family time. The last time we were up here during the holidays was when you became ill. It is so hard to believe it has been 10 years! I am still teaching preschool and wish you were around to chat with about the changes in teaching and families today. As the years have passed so many others have passed. I like to believe that you have reconnected with all those you love as well as those that you knew, including Jim’s dad and Cindy Bonvellier. She passed this past year in Bloomington. I hope that you are basking in th love, joy and peace of Heaven.
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 1, 2018
Thinking of you Mary and missing you so much. Had a wonderful Christmas with Sam and Nick and his girlfriend Renee. You would be so proud of the beautiful adults they have become. Sam will be graduating soon with her Physical Therapy Doctorate and Nick will continue his education classes at NIU. We had the joy of having Sam live with us this summer for 10 weeks while she did one of her clinicals at VanMatre in Rockford. It was like having you here. I know that you are walking and talking with Jesus everyday and looking down on all of us with your love and caring. Deanna was here for a week too and we had a special time. Christmas is always so hard for me but remember how you and David loved Christmas so I keep all the traditions you both enjoyed. My faith, family and friends keep me going. All my love Mom
Posted by Laura Vock on January 7, 2017
Another year with out you Mary, but you are forever in our hearts. We all have had so many wonderful events in our lives this year! Your family had such a beautiful gathering this summer at Bee Happy Acres to celebrate Deanna and Barb! So many friends and family were there to show their love and support of their union! It was such a beautiful gift to all be together! i try to keep up with Sami and Nick by texting.They are wonderful young adults, continuing their education. I know that you are very proud of them! I love you and miss growing old with you!
Posted by Laura Vock on January 7, 2017
Another year with out you Mary, but you are forever in our hearts. We all have had so many wonderful events in our lives this year! Your family had such a beautiful gathering this summer at Bee Happy Acres to celebrate Deanna and Barb! So many friends and family were there to show their love and support of their union! It was such a beautiful gift to all be together! i try to keep up with Sami and Nick by texting.They are wonderful young adults, continuing their education. I know that you are very proud of them! I love you and miss growing old with you!
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2017
Happy 52nd Birthday Mary. It was a beautiful winter day when you were born and when we finally got home there was an ice storm and we were housebound for awhile. Then David and Deanna got the chicken poxes and we were house bound somemore but it was a good time to bond with you. Finally we got out and got to meet some people and for the next 44 years you were a special part of our family. Miss you every day but know you are only a heart beat away. 2016 was a great year. Samantha graduated from SLU with a 4 yr degree and is now working hard on her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and she is going to live with us for 3 months this summer doing her practical training in Rockford at a Rehab Center. Nick had a good year at JJC and is planning to go to a 4 yrs. college next year. Barb and Deanna got married after 19yrs. GramGreat is settled in at Liberty Court and getting good care. Dad and I are still enjoyin BeeHappyAcres. Your Mary Garden brings us joy every year. We have been blessed this year and are looking forward to 2017 with hope, peace and joy. Love Mom
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on December 23, 2016
It has been 9 years since I heard your voice, felt your hugs and shared laughter with you. I miss you so much but am so thankful you were the beautiful person you were. We are so proud of Sam and Nick they are both doing well in college. Sam will soon be a physical therapist helping people to get well. Nick is not sure what direction he will be taking but know he will excel in what ever it is. We had an early Christmas this year and had a great time. Always remember how you loved Christmas oh and I did find some elves to replace the one you had when you were little. GramaGreat is now in assisted living and doing well but we did miss having Christmas at her house this year. She will be 100 in May WOW!! Dad and I are fine and still loving Bee Happy Acres. So do Barb and Deanna and Sam and Nick. We miss you and Dave and all the good times we had together but we have learned to go on and our faith is still strong. All for now will write again on your Birthday. Love always Mom
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 6, 2016
8 years ago your family and friends gather at your funeral to say good-bye. It was a beautiful service and a snowy day. At your burial under the big oak tree Kathy led us in singing Amazing Graze for an amazing child of God. And now an amazing God gets us thru each day and on our journey without you. Our journey still has much for us to do. Sharing times with Sam and Nick are so very special. You instilled caring and compassion in both of them. Till we meet again, peace and love. Mom
Posted by Laura Vock on January 5, 2016
Happy Birthday Mary! It is hard to believe that you have been gone from this earth for 8 years. So much has happened, but I know you have seen it all! I saw Nick quite a bit this summer. He had several tournaments in the area. He is a cutie and so sweet, at least to me! Sami is busy with school but I try to keep in touch by texting. I can tell she takes her school work very seriously and will be such a blessing to those she cares for when she completes her degree. Elizabeth is working at a non for profit agency in their child care center. She is working with 3 year olds, a bit like you and me! Patrick is taking a break from school and working at SAM's club. I think he is good with people. Hopefully he will return to school and find a degree to satisfy his social personality! Sarah has her permit! She has grown into a sweet, but strong young lady. She plays the flute,does flags in marching band and is a cheerleader. I wish she could have known you better. I am still working with 4 year olds, 4 mornings a week. I have an awesome new assistant. She makes me laugh and not take things too seriously. There isn't a day that goes by that i don't think of you. I have the poem you gave me and our picture up in my bedroom. I see your smiling face everyday and I am reminded of our precious friendship! Thank you for being my friend. I know that you are experiencing the best that God has to offer of a life in Heaven! I look forward to the day when we can meet again, laughing, crying and loving each other!
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2016
Happy 51st Birthday to a special, beautiful and caring daughter. You brought much joy to all your family, friends and little pre-schoolers. You are forever in our hearts and memories. Love Mom and Dad.
Posted by donna lehman on December 31, 2015
Thinking and remembering Mary today. Missing Mary and especially whenever all the family gets together, but always so grateful to have Sam and Nick there. They were with us when our family was together on December 20. Your children are growing up and maturing into young adults that you would be proud of.
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on December 31, 2015
Another year without you but always in our hearts. It has been a busy year. Sam got her white coat and entered the Doctor program for Physical Therapy at St. Louis University. She is doing very well all of her classes are now at the Medical Center. Nick has 1 semester down at JJC and did very well continues to be on the ball team and still pitching. Deanna has been busy being executor for Jane's estate, her death is still hard for her. Know you, Jane and Dave are watching over her and giving her strength. Aunt Helen is with you now too and finally free and made whole. Aunt Win will be joining you soon too but Grandma Great is still with us and doing great. We stop everyday to see her and take care of her needs. These are special times for us. Dad and I still are busy as ever with Church, Leydig and BeeHappyAcres. We do take time to rest now and then. The past 7 years have seen many changes but our strong faith and awesome God has seen us thru them. I just closed Barb's cookie room today but will leave my Christmas decorations up for a while. You know how I love Christmas and decorating. We will be in Cedar Rapids, IA tonite for a wedding. Will always remember that 7 yrs. ago you flew up to heavin on angel wings and you walk and talk with Jesus everyday and keep telling us not to worry about you but we miss you so much. Love Mom
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on December 25, 2015
Another Christmas without you in body but your spirit is always with us.Sam and Nick came out last weekend and we had our Christmas on Sunday the 20th. Deanna, Barb & Susan were with us also as well as Mary Ellen, Missy, Lauren, Carter, Madison Jaron and GramaGreat. We opened our gifts year by Birthday months and you were the first one followed by Lauren and Dad was last but not the least. I gave a donation to Children's Miracle Network in honor of our family and in memory of you and Dave. Your beautiful daughter works hard all year raising money and planning events to help many different children. We are so proud of her. College is going great for her and Nick is doing great at JJC and of course made the baseball team. So wish you were her to see all of their accomplishments. They brighten our lives and bring us much joy. GramaGreat is still going strong at 98 and we had another family Christmas at her house and we all watched her open all of her gifts before we dug into ours. Dad and I had Christmas dinner with her and started putting another puzzle together which is a great pastime with her. We had no snow for Christmas this year but that made traveling easier. I remember some of the snow storms you drove in to get to Grandmas house in Ashton. Such wonderful memories we have of those time. My heart still aches for you and Dave you both loved Christmas so much, so it always a happy sad time for me. Love and miss you but know you are watching over us each day with your beautiful smile and caring ways. Mom and Dad too!!
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 6, 2015
It is hard to believe 6 yrs. have gone by since your beautiful celebration of life at St. Paul's Church. The church was packed with all your family, friends and parents of your pre-schoolers. Father Greg did a beautiful life presenting your life to us and your words at the end. It's okay it will be alright. Your children have grown into caring, giving and kind young adults. You would be proud of them and the way that Dino has let them choose their own paths. Your special friend Laura wrote a beautiful tribute, she is so good about putting into words who you were and what you have meant to so many. She has been a source of joy and comfort when ever we get to see her. It is a cold winter night but it warms my heart to remember the special daughter you were. Love, Mom
Posted by Laura Vock on January 6, 2015
It is amazing that you have been my friend for 50 years! Your children are making sure that our friendship continues in your absence! What a blessing they are to all of us! Of course seeing them isn't the same as having your here to visit. I am so thankful that they want to see us. It is harder with their schedules. They are beautiful, kind and easy going. I believe that we are a blessing to them as well. We love them and thank you for showing them our devotion to one another. Life is busy but I think of you everyday, wondering what advice you might give me for my classroom, ideas we could share and just share life! It is amazing how we have gone on without you, thinking we couldn't but we know you would want us to be happy. I miss your unassuming nature, lack of anger, simplicity and contentment! I will always love you and keep your memory alive in my words and my heart! Your forever friend, Laura
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2015
50 yrs. ago we welcomed you into our family. You were named Mary Ann by your Daddy. As you grew older you wanted to be called Mary, Dino fondly called you Mar and last you were Mrs. Marconi to all your precious pre-schoolers.Dad and I will always remember being at your last Christmas program in 2007. You were like a mother-hen to all your little ones. You brought so much joy to our family and we still miss you at all the family get-togethers. Sam should be getting home from her work project in Nicaragua soon and we are anxious to hear all about it. Nick is starting his last semester of H.S. and baseball workouts will be starting too. We so enjoy going to his games and fondly remember all the little league games at Whiteford with you. You were so loved by everyone. Remember Lynn Wolz sitting in the shade reading Harry Potter. Well she has become one of our special friends because of you.She has helped us so much on our grief journey. Deanna is recovering from back surgery and we are thankful that is going to be ok. We were with her and Barb for 2 wks. in Dec. Susan has moved to Florida and loving it. She has finally healed from Dave's death. We miss him everyday too. But remember all the good times and how he could make us all laugh. Grama-great will be 98 in May and as you said in David's eulogy she is an amazing women. Still independent as ever. As we enter 2015 we pray for good health and faith, family and friends to help us with our journey. Miss you, Love and Hugs Mom
Posted by donna lehman on January 5, 2015
Remembering you, Mary, on your birthday. We miss you, and other family members who are no longer with us, when all our family gets together. It is always special to have Sam and Nick with us. They are growing up so quickly and into really great young people. You got them off to a great start. You would be so proud of them. 
Aunt Donna
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 1, 2015
2015 a new year for all of us. It has been 8 yrs since we have heard your laugh seen your smile or listened to your advice. The year that you were in your coma I know that you knew we always there for you. We so wanted you to come back to us, but that was not to be and we had to release for your next journey that would be in heaven. Mom
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on December 31, 2014
Happy New Year in heaven Mary. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. We have such good times with your children Sam and Nick.They bring us such joy. Sam is off to a work project in Nicargua, she is always wanting to help others have a better life so reminds me of you. 6 years ago we had Christmas with you and then you went to spend the new year in heaven. Love Mom
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on September 15, 2013
Thinking of you Mary Deanna's message was so special and she and Barb so enjoyed Sam and Nick's visit this summer. As Deanna said they are mature leveled headed kids. Sam is doing well in college know this would have been a special time for you. Nick is driving himself all over and is soooo tall and good looking. Haven't heard anything about a girlfriend as yet. DadiswatchnBears.Mom
Posted by Deanna Butterbaugh on August 31, 2013
Just thinking about and missing you today Mary. Your two beautiful children came to visit us for a week in August and we had a wonderful time together. Hiking at Red Rocks, Mount Evans, Estes & Cabrini Shrine, bowling, mini golf, Rockies game and more - lots of laughter and good times. They are young adults now and remind me so much of you - each in their own special ways. Miss you sis!
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on July 11, 2013
Mary your flowers garden is beautiful there are 3 different day lilies blooming and 4 more to open soon. On the outside edge I planted red salvia, purple ageratum and small yellow zinnias so it should look good the rest of the summer and fall. The rest of BeeHappyAcres is just beautil with all the flowers blooming. Your Purple clamatis was geogeouus and loaded. love Mom
Posted by Nancy Cline on January 5, 2013
Happy birthday dear Mary. You were such a loving sweet person. We saw your kids at thanksgiving time. How wonderful for your parents to have them in their lives.
Posted by Deanna Butterbaugh on January 5, 2013
Memories of you are with me always and especially on your birthday Mary. Barb and I spent a wonderful Christmas at mom and dad's and had great times with everyone, including your two beautiful children Sam and Nick. They are awesome young adults and such a great reflection of you. Thinking of your loving ways today. Miss you - your big sister
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 5, 2013
48 years ago I gave birth to you. You gave us 44 years of blessings and joys. The last 4 years have been ones of memories, missings and making new normals in our lives. The journey has not been without tears and saddness but slowy joy is coming back into our lives. So Happy Birthday on this special day. Love Mom
Posted by Laura Vock on January 2, 2013
Memories of you are always in my mind and my love for you in my heart. There is much happiness in my memories, but ever sadness that more memories with you will not be made. You blessed us with your beautiful children that want to continue to make memories with me and my family. Thank you for your loving chilren! I love them and I am so thankful for their devotion to our relationship.
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on January 1, 2013
Happy 4th year in heaven. We miss you are thankful for our many special times together. Love you Mom and Dad
Posted by janis Butterbaugh on August 12, 2012
Mary, its been a while since I wrote about you. You are forever in my thoughts and heart. I miss you so much but am learning that life must go on without your caring ways. Sam and Nick were here this weekend and as usual we had a great time. They are such beautiful kind and caring young adults. Sam is getting ready for college at St. Louis University.Nick is a soph and getting tall.
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